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"Want a double room?" Before I finished, I felt Xiu Xiu pulling her clothes at the back. Looking back, I knew that Xiu Xiu was red and bogen was shy. I didn’t know that she misunderstood her words. I don’t know that Chai Mi is expensive now. It’s a little bit less. The two rooms are too rough. Then I explained to her that I picked up the key and dragged Xiu Xiu upstairs to stay with the old woman. Another small dark scold was wasted there.

Knocking on the door, Zena walked in and saw that it was not bad. It looked neat. Looking back, I found that Xiu Xiu…

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"You!" Yang Shan has been furious. Since she became sensible, except for being incognito by her father when she went to an ordinary school, she was coldly scolded by the psychopath squad leader for being so big that outsiders who saw her were respectful. Now she knows that those who bowed and kowtowed to her really have another side.

Miss Uniform Xin tasted otherwise. If Yang Ye hadn’t taken her out today, I’m afraid she wouldn’t have imagined that people who have no…

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"I worked my ass off in the factory class in our town to get more than one thousand pieces a month. How many pieces do you need to buy a dress? Do you know what my parents’ day is? No wonder you disappeared as soon as you came out. It turns out that you forgot my parents when you got rich outside. "

Liu Xiaolei turned his head. He’s a robot. Where are his parents? It’s a real injustice to be blamed like this. More to 149…

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