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Shura God smiled coldly. "I’m not sure, but I can still give it a try."

Feng Luo nodded. "I still like this kind of personality." His eyes are still awkward, but they contain complicated emotions, doubts, resentment and sadness.
———-please keep it.
Walking forward, suddenly a big snake "pa" dropped its feather from the top of the cave. When it reached out and touched the cold and greasy snake, she couldn’t help exclaiming "Ah snake …"
Ling Mo’s pupil reached out with a hand and immediately grabbed the serpent tightly, slightly forcing the snake’s spine to be cut off, and he ruthlessly threw the dead snake to the ground.
However, the screaming of Feather Huan must have alarmed the enemy Xiaoxi and Seven Nights, and they were very careful at once.
A gust of wind blew through the inlaid cave walls, and the torch suddenly burst into flames, making the whole cave as bright as day.
Everyone felt as if they were in another fantasy world, and there was a hole in it.
A feminine voice came through the air. "Welcome to my snake world. It really makes me proud!"
Everyone followed the sound and saw a huge soft collapse and a beautiful and enchanting beauty lying obliquely, as if da ji was reborn and praised the world
Unlike Yu Zhen and Qin Xin, who are pure and free from vulgarity, her beauty is like a enchanting poppy, and a sultry amorous feelings will come out from every pore when she moves a little.
This kind of beauty, this kind of amorous feelings is full of evil spirit, and the attractive smell of gold micro-motion is coming to my face, and the soft waist has unspeakable temptation
Feather Zhen feels ashamed, as if heaven and earth could give birth to such an attractive beauty.
The demon king sensitively smelled the dew of Man for seven nights and said coldly, "So you were the snake last night. I didn’t expect it to be a beautiful snake!"
Manlu, the snake lady, said with a soft and lazy body, "I’m flattered. Nice to meet you at the Magic Monastery. I’ve long wanted to meet the new generation of magic lords, but I haven’t had a chance to meet my body today. It’s a pleasure."
The demon king snorted seven nights. "Dare not dare the snake lady Manlu? It’s a pity that she always hangs out with The Hunger Fengluo to fight against all creatures. Do you know that you are aiding the abuse?"
Manlu, the snake lady, smiled so brilliantly that she said without fear, "What’s wrong with me if I love what I love and regret?" I’m just pursuing what I love and I love my lover. I don’t hesitate to sacrifice my life. How can I understand my mind if I haven’t loved anyone? "
The demon king clenched his hand for seven nights and his heart twitched. How do you know I don’t have a lover?
He said strongly, "People in the body demon world should obey my Lord’s seven-night command and hand over Princess Shura’s piano heart quickly, and I will spare you!" “
Manlu smiled enchanting. "When did the temple become one with the Shura of the underworld? Your orders will not be obeyed!" Although the sound is feminine, it shows no doubt that it is firm
The devil touched a soft nail for seven nights, and he was speechless. Xiaoxi couldn’t help it. He jumped over and shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense to this woman and hand over the piano heart, or don’t blame me for being rude to you!"
As he spoke, the black ribbon in his hand shook straight like a living snake and hit the snake lady Mann’s appearance door.
Manlu gently twisted her waist to avoid Xiaoxi’s attack. She turned around and her soft body actually wrapped around Xiaoxi. Manlu smiled seductively. "Little brother is very strong. Do you want to play with your sister?"
"Bah, shameless!" Xiaoxi’s little hand shook the black ribbon in his hand and set it in a circle. Once it wrapped around Manlu’s neck, he said with one hand, "Bitch, hand over the piano heart quickly!"
Manlu smiled. "Oh, I really underestimated my little brother. It turned out to be a hell shura!" " Her beautiful eyes blinked tenderly as if every head was smiling.
Instantaneous small west seems to be confused by this seductive smile. After a slight hesitation, Manlu spit out a purple poisonous smoke from his mouth and sprayed it directly on the small west face.
When Xiaoxi screamed, he felt a pain in his face. He couldn’t help but close his eyes and look at each other with his hands. It’s now or never to hit Xiaoxi with a palm. This palm is so powerful that Xiaoxi’s small body will fly.
While Xiaoxi bent down to breathe, the snake lady Manlu flashed to Xiaoxi’s side. The slender hand grabbed Xiaoxi’s neck like a devil’s claw, but before she caught the hand of Shura Shenjun, she reached a claw faster and grabbed Manlu’s hand, which was as thin as white jade. At the same time, Guanghua sparkling "Moon Shenhua" had built Manlu’s neck.
Mann dew frightened her dare not make a move, stick out your tongue and carefully licked your scars and rushed to Ling Mo’s pupil with a captivating smile. "Shura Shenjun really deserves her name. My body is really an eye."
Ling mo pupil cold hum a chock, dew neck hand didn’t relax his cold voice suddenly increased "The Hunger wind los I know you don’t want to save your old lover here? Do you want her to die? "
The crowd was silent for a moment and a half. She gently spat out a sigh of relief. "Do you think the wind can be threatened? Tell you, even if you tear me to pieces in front of him, he won’t frown. "She was both proud and sad when she said this.
Fix the emperor from the nose cold hum a silent still waiting.
Suddenly I heard a long smile and a tall figure appeared in the line of sight of all. The Hunger Fengluo’s mouth was smiling and firmly there. He looked at the demon king for seven nights, Ling Mo’s pupil, Xiaoxi and Yu Zhen, and his face was calm and his mood was choppy.
Ling Mo smiled faintly. "Feng Luo gave me my piano heart. I will give you your lover back. You won’t suffer, will you?"
Feng Luo smiled with evil spirit. "Are you sure you can leave after the exchange?"
Shura God smiled coldly. "I’m not sure, but I can still give it a try."
Feng Luo nodded. "I still like this kind of personality." His eyes are still awkward, but they contain complicated emotions, doubts, resentment and sadness.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two No longer the goddess of jade and ice?
———-please keep it.
Ling Mo turned his head and looked at Yu Zhen and Feng Luo, and said simply, "Feng Luo, you also saw Feng Pei, although this girl is not a natural girl, but she is an ordinary human girl."
Feng Luo laughed coldly. "I’m not a stupid human being. I’m too familiar with her body. I can recognize what she has become." He held out his hand to Feather.
However, Feather Pastor hid behind the Shura Emperor in fear, revealing an eye to look at the wind.
Wind los coldly looking at feather pastor eyes have a deep hate.