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Airport and roller coaster men will choose the latter with their eyes closed. Okay!

Although this elegant ceremony of Phyl complements her image and temperament, it can also be regarded as a lovable girl, just like a jasmine flower in bud, which is as delicate as a red rose.
The curve barely squeezed out of the chest is better than that if the designer hadn’t specially made folds in the chest position of the ceremony and matched it with lace, it would be a completely flat-chested girl.
See Sue orange smiling without words and pursed mouth.
When the two men walked to the front with other actors, the camera noticed that Phyl was busy, holding her chest and abdomen and smiling, walking more reserved and light.
Sue’s orange boyfriend is much easier, and she doesn’t care if she will be photographed.
To her surprise, king suddenly introduced himself to the onlookers when she walked to the front desk.
"This is the young hero player, and it was real and impromptu after the fight. He is a talented boy with great acting talent! Please take more photos and give us more shots. I promise you will be amazed by his superb performance after watching this film later! "
There was a flash of flash, and there was a faint light in front of Su Orange.
On such an important occasion, king unexpectedly introduced a walk-on to everyone!
As everyone knows in the circle, king is a very strict director, even if he is famous for his acting skills, Mi Xianer has never had such high praise, which shows that he is very optimistic about this newcomer!
The reporter is the best at capturing news hotspots. After listening to king’s introduction, the camera department turned around and took precautions against Su Orange.
Then ask after a struggle.
"Will this newcomer be the key training target of the company?"
"Will she play some important roles?"
"What is the origin of her life?"
King smiled calmly and charmingly. "I’ll let you know when he has a new role to perform after these temporary secrets."
Phyl is holding Sue Orange’s arm. Facing so many cameras for the first time, her body trembled slightly with excitement and whispered in Sue Orange’s ear.
"God, so many photographers are filming us, I feel a little dizzy."
Sue orange did feel that Phyl was a little unstable, afraid that she would be too excited to faint, so she stretched out her arm around her waist to support her weak body.
Phyl took a grateful look at Sue Orange, which was just caught by the camera.
The reporter was excited. "This couple looks very good in image and temperament. It’s so beautiful and sweet to keep a posture like this. Let’s take a few more pictures."
After the appearance of the cast, it was king and Lena who spoke.
The camera finally let Sue Orange and Phyl go.
Sue orange is calm, and Phyl is already in tears, pulling Sue orange’s hand tightly, but trying to calm her down.
"God, we will definitely show up in the entertainment section. After we have the opportunity to show up, we may receive more plays. I am so grateful thanks to you, Su Chenjun!"
Su Orange smiled faintly. "You are excellent."
After the speech, I walked on the stage, followed by the film tidbits. Phyl looked at the big screen and held her hands tightly on her chest, nervous and excited.
Su orange didn’t expect that the cut lens would match other scenes. It seems really cool and handsome to watch his fighting scene for the first time!
Chapter 12 This girl is definitely a man!
After the film tidbits are played, there is a feast.
In order to avoid being paid more attention and questioned by the media, Su Orange greeted Spark, saying that the school still had something to stay and planned to leave early.
Fireworks and Su Orange touched a glass of wine. "Don’t you stay and watch this high-profile film after the reception?" You know, this opportunity is rare. "
"No need. I’ll go back to the cinema when I have a chance."
See Sue orange stay spark good nods "all right! Wait until the official screening, I’ll send you some movie tickets, and you can go with your friends to watch what you said about the martial arts body double. I’ll talk to K in detail later-I’ll give it to you if there is a suitable opportunity. "