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The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter sixty-one Tang sleeve

Mu Zhe’s death didn’t cause too many waves in Ye Shuang’s heart. He soon left Sioux City and then went to Hangzhou City to assassinate a master of Sun Moon Shinto!
Ye Shuang shot four times in Jiangnan for nearly half a year and successfully assassinated the target.
However, he also feels that these people are much worse than those he killed before. Although the killer hall has not killed those big elite brothers on a large scale, among these people, Muzhe is the only one who is pregnant with Juexue, but Ye Shuang can imagine that when he is pregnant with these big sects, he will definitely not be as easy as it is now!
After Jiangnan Ye Shuang began to go to Shu, this time his goal was Tang Men Tang Sleeve!
According to the information of the Killer Hall, this Tang Sleeve is also an ordinary Tang Clan’s martial arts, and it seems that it has just arrived at birth. It is not long before this person is keen on the hidden weapons system and often studies hidden weapons day and night alone.
Intelligence finally showed Ye Shuang that he should pay special attention to Tang Sleeve hidden weapons Killer Hall. Three killers have been planted in Tang Sleeve, all of whom died in his hidden weapons, but there is not much martial arts for him!
Tang Clan is recognized by Jianghu as a sect that is difficult to provoke. hidden weapons’s Poison Lightness Skill is always such a headache. Ye Shuang, the younger brother of Tang Clan, naturally dare not be careless. The main reason is to be afraid of Tang Clan’s hidden weapons and poison.
During the killer training, he also went in and out to study some hidden weapons and poison. After all, it was relatively short when he started, and he didn’t like to make hidden weapons and poison. Later, he devoted himself to practicing his martial arts and completely released poison and hidden weapons!
Ye Shuang got a good news before going to Shu. He was finally promoted from a bronze killer to a silver killer in the past year. Since then, he has to complete a certain amount of killers every year, so he will no longer restrict his actions. This is definitely good news for Ye Shuang!
Just three days after coming to the vicinity of Tangmen, Tang Sleeve went out of Tangmen Ye Shuang because of the need to buy a batch of hidden weapons-made materials, and soon secretly followed him!
Tang sleeve seemed to deliberately create opportunities for Ye Shuang and soon led him to a remote place!
"Come out. It’s deserted here. I think it’s a good place!" Tang sleeve looked at Ye Shuang hiding place face is permeated with a smile and said
Ye Shuang frowned and looked at Tang Sleeves. Tang Sleeves looked like a sunny boy. He was very shy when he smiled. His skin and clothes were clean in vain, but it was messy.
"Your tracking skills are really bad. Although I haven’t learned our Tangmen tracking skills yet, I’m still a little better than you!" Tang sleeve looked at Ye Shuang tone very easygoing and said
Ye Shuang took two steps towards Tang Sleeve and suddenly stopped. Tang Sleeve gave him a very dangerous feeling. He killed a lot more people. Ye Shuang believed that he felt that he could not go wrong. Tang Sleeve should be more threatening to him than he killed everyone!
At this time, he can’t help but hesitate to continue or turn around and leave.
Supposedly, a killer should never hesitate at this time. Hesitation is fatal to the killer, but Ye Shuang thinks that he is not a qualified killer. Besides, at first, he became more and more disdainful of sneak attack and assassination!
Seeing Ye Shuang standing still, Tang Xiu’s delicate eyebrows raised a little surprised. Looking at Ye Shuang, he said, "Why don’t you start work on me?"
When I heard Tang Sleeve, Ye Shuang was dumbfounded and even more vigilant. His left hand had touched his waist. soft sword hilt said for the first time, "I’m not sure I can kill you!"
When Tang Xiu heard Ye Shuang’s words, he nodded, "Of course you can’t kill me. I brought you here to test my own hidden weapons. I can better understand the advantages and disadvantages of my own hidden weapons!"
Ye Shuang said with a heavy heart, "So the first three people …"
"Of course, it took me a long time to make hidden weapons." Tang Sleeve gave Ye Shuang a really clever look and then said, "You killer hall assassinated a teacher younger brother of our Tangmen. I think your strength is not bad, so I will find your own bid to let you people come to assassinate me and test me, hidden weapons! Hey, hey, isn’t this a good method? It would be nice to be able to kill an innate master without being responsible for this method, but hidden weapons, I’m almost officially settled. After killing you, don’t look for me when you go back and tell your killer! "
After listening to Tang Sleeve, Ye Shuang couldn’t help smoking the corners of her mouth. This Tang Sleeve is so … Tai Chi!
Anyway, Ye Shuang won’t be willing to retreat until now if he doesn’t try it. If he can’t make a move, it will be a big blow to his later practice!
Now that I have decided to start work, Ye Shuang will no longer hesitate. soft sword’s drawn sword shadow is hazy and blurred towards Tang sleeve attack.
"You’re a good swordsman. Look at me, hidden weapons!" Tang sleeve is still unhurried at this time, saying that the long sleeves suddenly have a dark black square box in their hands, and all sides are covered with dense holes!
Ye Shuang soft sword was about to kill him when he simply didn’t look at the sword shadow and moved the box machine, and a handful of black shadows instantly enveloped Ye Shuang people, and he was very skilled in blocking most of Ye Shuang’s dodge positions!
Ye Shuang had to withdraw his sword to avoid it, or he would have to be stabbed into a hornet’s nest by hidden weapons to get out of this hidden weapons gap. Ye Shuang was just about to attack the second sword toward Tang sleeve, but Tang took the Chinese box by hand and suddenly burst out a dozen fine needles on the other side. The extremely fast direction was Ye Shuang’s direction!
Ye Shuang instantly turned white. The first shot of hidden weapons left a gap. It was a trap. The preparation for the second attack was at this time. Ye Shuang was a little late. The fine needle was almost in front of him. soft sword was the fastest to wave the weathertight fine needle and was hit by the fallen leaves. Frost broke out in a cold sweat!
Seeing Tang Sleeve turning the box again, Ye Shuang immediately turned around and fled without saying anything, but Tang Sleeve hurried after him and shouted, "Hey, what are you running for? All three of them died in the second wave. You haven’t been injured yet!"
Just ran a few steps Ye Shuang heard Tang Sleeve chasing him, stopped suddenly, and stabbed this third sword at him. If it flashed quickly, it obviously surprised Tang Sleeve!
Tang sleeve light if things go backwards Ye Shuang soft sword drew a blood stain on his chest and brought up a few blood flowers!
To react, Tang sleeve was extremely surprised and angry, and was afraid to move the box to shoot several different hidden weapons at Ye Shuang instantly, but it made Ye Shuang have a feeling that there was a place to escape. These hidden weapons just stopped Ye Shuang from really escaping!
"You are so treacherous and cunning that you almost killed you!" Tang Sleeve gave a sigh of relief and said, "Try my iron thistle!"
This time, Tang Sleeve didn’t use the hidden weapons box, but Tang Men hidden weapons made an iron thistle!
Ye Shuang was stopped by those hidden weapons, and the speed was slow. However, it was strange to come behind Ye Shuang to avoid Ye Shuang’s right back and instantly hit the iron thistle!
As soon as the thistle entered the body, it suddenly separated ten small iron pieces into the meat. The feeling of grasping the meat tightly made Ye Shuang cry out in pain but did not dare to stay and speed up his escape!
"I didn’t smear poison on this thistle, otherwise you can’t escape!" Ye Shuang came to Tang Sleeve laughing behind him!
Is this his mother or an ordinary brother of Tangmen? Ye Shuang cursed the killer hall information in his heart. Judging from the way Tang Sleeve finally hit the thistle, hidden weapons Tang Sleeve’s martial arts is definitely higher than him. At the very least, the technique is not slower than him!