Maybe the league will go to arora to steal a Poké mon egg from Vulpix?

Qiuyuan is not very happy about this. It would be nice to reward Vulpix Poké mon eggs then.
It’s not that Vulpix, a ready-made eugene, is not good, but there is always a big difference between hatching Poké mon by others and hatching it by yourself, as can be seen from the difficulty of establishing the fetters.
Besides, it’s Vulpix, a Poké mon with excellent emotional ability. They can already remember human breath when they are still in Poké mon egg state.
It sounds mysterious, but that’s the truth.
You can hatch the Poké mon eggs by yourself.
There are three criteria for the selection of the Alliance Doctoral Dissertation Competition. The first point is to look at the number of essays praised by the contestants. The second point is to look at the number of votes. The third and most important point is the joint evaluation score of doctors.
Just like the new college entrance examination, there is also a set of formulas for the calculation of this thing. The least proportion is actually the number of votes, while the joint evaluation score of doctors is directly included in the original score.
If the total score is 100, the number of praises can be divided into the highest score, that is, 15 points, the number of votes is 5 points, and the doctors score 6 points.
Every alliance account must have real-name registration system in real-name registration system before it can be commented and praised. Everyone can praise every paper once.
Voting is more difficult, because you have to spend money to buy a recommended vote once …
Ten dollars a ticket is a lot to talk about. After all, there are quite a few people.
Everyone can also vote for a paper, thus putting an end to the brush-off.
According to the average population of 10 thousand in each major area, the population of six areas is 70 thousand
The registered number of doctor forum has reached 580 thousand, while the online time is about 30 thousand for two hours every day
The highest number of praises and votes in the three papers in autumn and Yuan Dynasties is the article "The Power of Elements lies in Argumentation", and the lowest is "The Hidden Factors of Ibrahimovic’s Evolution"
But even so, the number of praises for the paper Ibrahimovic has reached as high as 30,000, and the highest number of praises for "Elements in Argumentation" has reached 440,000, and the number of votes has reached an astonishing 840,000!
You know, it was 7: 20 a.m. when Qiuyuan’s background information was approved, but now it’s only over an hour after the successful publication of the paper!
More than an hour! Qiu Yuan’s first paper has squeezed into the top ten of the data of the participating papers, which is still in the situation that most of them have not yet logged into the forum.
Predictably, at the peak of the forum at six o’clock tonight, Qiu Yuan’s paper is expected to hit the top three data!
There is still one week before the registration of the doctoral thesis contest will be closed, and the reference data collection will also be terminated. Let’s see how far Qiu Yuan’s thesis can reach!
It is also worth saying that the Mid-Autumn Festival Yuan can be divided into 50% of the voting income.
According to the current data, the total number of votes for the three papers is 180,000, which means that Qiu Yuan earned 90,000 yuan in an hour? !
Psst …
Thought of here, Qiu Yuan suddenly flashed his eyes and couldn’t wait to write his hundreds of papers in his room.
However, in order to get so many votes, the most important thing is the quality of the paper. How can a subversive topic like this be accomplished?
Even from the perspective of outsiders in the autumn and Yuan Dynasties, the world is full of it, full of unsolved mysteries.
Qiu Yuan happily closed the doctor’s forum and looked forward to how many votes there would be in the evening, while browsing the funny things about Poké mon life of sand sculpture netizens in the alliance forum, laughing like a 200-ton fat in the room.
I forgot what I was going to do when I came back to the tree house …
It was only when Serena knocked on the door and asked him to host the competition that Qiuyuan came to her senses.
Yeah! Aren’t I here to make a mind exercise plan for riding goats? ! ? !
Wuhu forgot!
But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t stop Qiuyuan from walking out of the room with a smile on her face and making Serena look confused.
"Let’s go, let’s go, why stay?"
"Are you in a good mood?"
"Of course."
"Nothing go. How about you come to Dangdang as a referee today? Test your combat analysis ability. "
Hearing this, Serena suddenly turned into a bitter gourd face.
"ah? ——”
"Ah, what? The only way to become a qualified trainer is to learn to analyze the battle!"
Autumn moon patted her head a kind of teaching tone and said
"Learn to learn, why pat people’s heads …" Serena wronged Baba.
Follow Qiu Yuan, a proud face, to the competition venue. Jigglypuff are cheering for her around Chanel.
On the other hand, the axe-toothed dragon looks like a light cloud.
Obviously, I know that I am definitely going to lose this war. I am too nervous to be nervous.
The only way for Dragon Poké mon to win against goblins or ice Poké mon is close combat, but there is no condition for this method to be put into use when facing Poké mon who is faster than himself.
It’s hard to hit the chardonnay when you come. Can she still fly?
So what’s the game …
At the beginning, the third-level Xanadu was able to fight unilaterally with the axe tooth dragon, and now the level gap between the two sides has been further narrowed. In Qiu Yuan’s and Axtooth Dragon’s view, there is no fighting at all.
It can be said that the final result of this game was confirmed when Axodon fought with the mount goat.
Then let Serena analyze a battle. Anyway, Axodon can’t just give up and fight. It’s worse for a good-faced Axodon to give up like this than to kill him.
Chapter 173 trapped title
Qiuyuan looked at Serena while thinking about something and found that she was still sitting in a chair in a daze, so she gently stabbed her with her elbow.
Serena’s little face was puzzled. "What’s the matter?"
"Host the game. Now you are the referee."
"Ah, ah? Good! "
Serena leng a then even should way
But then she looked at Chou-won awkwardly …
"That … how to host?"
"…" Qiu Yuan language turned supercilious look "really thank you, don’t you watch the league? Just come like that. "
"But there are trainers in the league."
How to say it seems to be the same thing. Oh … No, what does this have to do with having a trainer?