How can they be dissatisfied with Love Micro’s decision, but they still accept it without any doubt, just like they all want to come and stay with Love Micro now.

But just because they are in love with each other, they can not follow them, so they can look at it and stop.
"Really love micro you got them anyway cone born also won’t object to have a cone born but can’t stop you.
! "
Love micro feel very embarrassed at this time? Does leisure really regard her as a queen? Now also urged his harem and "who told?
V. You have one? "
"aye? !” Hiou Shizuka was surprised and then the truth came out. "Love micro, do you already have a harem?"
I don’t know at this time, an equation appeared in love micro’s mind, virtual night palace = his harem, and then love micro was embarrassed by his own thoughts.
Chaos, although their men are a little more than others, although listening to Sebas, the virtual night palace is the place where they stay the longest, but they are also
You can’t have this kind of embarrassing idea. You must have just been induced by leisure to have such a shocking fantasy. You must have!
No matter how embarrassing Love Micro is now, Hiou Shizuka is eager to start digging the secret history of Love Micro. "Love Micro is about you."
Who are there in the harem? How many are there? Handsome or not? Is it awesome? "
Therefore, it can be seen that if women have a kind of "hexagrams" regardless of their age and personality, they have a reason.
Sakura leisure is this representative.
Love micro some correction at this time has become a curious girl Hiou Shizuka who said this person is cold, melancholy and mysterious? Just one.
What a divination machine! Or is it because I was in the Senate for a long time and my head was a little deviated?
Hmm … Lively!
In the end, Lian Wei can also say, "You can see them when you get there. What kind of people are they? Is it good to see them?"
Is it? "
Hiou Shizuka wanted to think about it, but she still believed in it.
The writer said that she believes that the unique attraction of love micro will love micro, and it will definitely not be an ordinary person. You should know that love micro is around you.
It is not because of the subjective factors of love, but because it can resist the blow of love, and it will not be ordinary to persist in the end
This is the result of objective conditions!
"What is the world that loves you?" How can the world cultivate such "unique" people as Lian Wei?
"That world ….." Love micro wanted to mean to say "peace is more chaotic than peace here, and when you get there, you will.
Got it. "
Hiou Shizuka, what you said doesn’t mean you didn’t say it? Isn’t every world like this? There is not a trace of blood in a peaceful place.
The most common thing in chaotic places is blood, and more people are others!
But after looking at the love micro-expression, I also know that you can’t get anything from love micro-mouth today. If you have information, Hiou Shizuka won’t do anything.
When the saliva is done, simply retreat to the corner to find a wisp that has not officially appeared.
In a hidden corner of the banquet, the black master Yuji looked at the micro-face with a sneer, and Shen Lianwei was distorted by jealousy.
Today, I will let you die a natural death, Kuran Yuki.
Love micro frowning at the hall is too noisy! Boys and girls talk and laugh, Yan Yan is not flashy, but also with youth fear
The girl’s eyes are shy and timid, and the boy’s eyes are ready to move. It’s all too far away from him. Think about yourself and it’s really never happened before.
Ah, I really don’t like this kind of occasion. It seems that I am really old …
Leaving with you in a blink of an eye, I have arrived outside the hall. The courtyard is separated by a door, but outside the door, there are already two world halls.
Outside the hall, however, there is narcissism. Leng Yue enjoys breathing, and the wind is wet at night, and she forgets that she will suddenly disappear.
Let those men panic
Perhaps because of the pivot, these blood families are in love with each other in this forest, and they have never heard birds singing and insects singing except the wind blowing through the leaves.
Low-order creatures who can’t hear other sounds outside the sound will always be afraid of higher-order creatures than themselves, but their blood clan is everywhere.
At the top of the pyramid of the world!
In the silent night, the love of white dress and white dress is slightly quiet. In the silver moonlight, it is quiet and indifferent, and the attire is fluttering with something far away.