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"Brother!" I flew to Sesshomaru and cried happily, "You’re back! I miss you so much! "

Sesshomaru fondly touched my head and put it in my ear. After seeing that the dog general’s attention was not here, he said a little, "Didn’t you always want to see someone?" Can I take you there tonight? Don’t let father and mother know oh ~ ~ "
"hmm!" I nodded excitedly.
Sesshomaru sneaked out of the West with me in her arms at night.
I lie prone on Sesshomaru’s head and look around excitedly, whispering "Woo-woo-woo!"
"Ha ha!" Sesshomaru laughed and patted me on the head. "Now it’s late. Who can have?"! And this is a forest, and there is no one here all night! "
"Woo ~ ~ ~ ~" I drooped my head in frustration.
Sesshomaru held me in your arms and nodded my nose. "Why do you want to find someone, little girl? What’s good about people? Weak and weak! Hey! "
"Blare ~ blare ~ ~" I recognized Sesshomaru’s words, which made me feel uncomfortable and spoiled.
"It’s okay! I know! " Sesshomaru immediately laughed again. "How can my brother be angry with the moon?"
"meowed! Whoops ~ ~ "I please licked Sesshomaru cheek.
"All right!" Sesshomaru, hold my clothes tightly and hold me. "Don’t catch cold at night!"
"Oooo ~ ~ ~ ~" I replied with a smile.
After walking in the forest for a long time, I also met some inexplicable things, each of which made me very excited, but after playing for a long time, I would be tired and hungry, and I would have no strength to play.
"You stay here and don’t run around, okay?" Sesshomaru put me in an extremely hidden grass and set a boundary and repeatedly told me "Remember! You must not run out, you know? "
"Blare ~ ~" I nodded my head should way.
"Don’t come out! I’ll help you find something to eat and I’ll be back soon, okay? " Sesshomaru thought he still wanted to take me with him, but he was afraid that meeting monsters on the road would hurt me, so he told me again and again.
I nodded desperately, but I just raised my paw and swore to God.
I squinted at the figure of Sesshomaru’s rapid departure. Every brother of mine is super kind to me! I am so happy!
Moonlight is soft and soft
I suddenly opened my eyes and closed them. This feeling is …
Suddenly, there was a sound of cable moving to my side. I immediately became alert and looked at the stereo unblinkingly. After waiting for a while, the other party finally showed its true colors.
"Is it a dog demon?" It’s a person, but judging from his dress, he should be a yin and yang teacher!
Master Yin and Yang reached out and tried to get me out, but I was blocked by Sesshomaru.
"hmm? It is protected! It seems that you are very favored! " The teacher of Yin and Yang said simply, "But I don’t care about this kind of boundary!"
"pa!" Sesshomaru was broken by Yin and Yang, and I was arrested.
"blare! Whoops ~ ~ "I waved my limbs damn it! Let me do it!
"I mean no harm!" Yin and Yang teacher hugged me and said
Nonsense! I didn’t do it because I felt you didn’t mean any harm, otherwise it would have been a poisonous claw! I rolled my eyes.
Teacher Yin and Yang touched my head and said, "I can feel that there is a strong force in your body. Can you please help me?" Help the people in the city spend the night? "
No wonder there are few people tonight! It turns out that today is a night of ghosts! Physical strength. Strong strength? Do you mean the demon power of the dog general? If I think about it,
The teacher of yin and yang turned around and left. "If you don’t talk, I will take you as a promise!"
Hmm? Hey, hey! I can’t talk, okay? You are so mean! I struggled crazily.
"It’s going to fall!" Master Yin and Yang quickly hugged me and said nervously, "Don’t be disobedient!"
You’re not my brother. Why should I listen to you? Where are you taking me? I have to wait here for Sesshomaru! And and … That feeling is getting stronger and stronger! Don’t make decisions for me casually! I struggled desperately.
If I was still brought into the city.
"Lord Macang!" A bodyguard dressed up salutes after seeing Yin and Yang.
Makura? Is it a good adult? No way! Good adults have second sight, how can you not know what I’m thinking? I set my eyes on the sky outside the city. What a grand night walk!
"Please!" Master Yin and Yang put me in the tower.
Is that how you look at me? I looked at it doubtfully, and the teacher of Yin and Yang shook his tail. Founder should always come! Let it be!
Thinking of me like this, I quickly rushed to the ghosts with demon power.
Whoa, whoa! Is that the hundred-eyed monster with many eyes? How ugly! I thought that the demon power began to expand and immediately turned into a huge white dog, and a silver blooming lotus was shining in my forehead, and ghosts were fighting around.
After a while, I began to feel that the demon power was not enough. Damn it! In any case, we must kill the hundred-eyed monster with the last bit of demon power. Only by killing it will we count this night!
I made a feint to avoid the attack, and the ghost rushed directly to avoid the eyes of the snake and began to look for its weaknesses. After reading so many cartoons and novels, my experience told me that the weakness of the snake was in its forehead and eyes!
Yes! Standing proudly in the middle, I looked around and began to escape from all the ghosts because of the dissipation of the hundred-eyed demon. The corners of my mouth rose slightly and the demon fell from it in an instant.
Wow! I’m exhausted! I’m lying next to a pit and resting. It’s over! Brother must have felt my magic just now! Whoops ~ ~ I’m sure I’ll be criticized when I get back! And father and mother, help! ! ! ! !
At this time, it has begun to turn white.
"Hey! Will it be okay? "