When I got to the restaurant, I sat down and asked Xu Susu to order.

Xu Susu said, "I don’t know which one is delicious. Please have some."
"You can order whatever you want when you see it, regardless of whether it’s delicious or not."
"All right, then."
Xu Susu carefully looked at the menu sample, and smiled and shook his head. He took out his mobile phone and prepared to return a message. He just accompanied Xu Susu and didn’t come back to work.
When he returned the message, he casually clicked on his circle of friends and drew two strokes, which was meaningless.
He has too many WeChat friends and friends circle, and only occasionally will he take a look. His finger has scratched two screens and turned quickly.
Suddenly, his expression changed and he slowly rowed again and found the one that made him care.
He squinted and clicked on the first photo.
The three dishes look good.
He turned back to see Yu Xin’s photo.
Shen Chuyan looked at the photos carefully, as if no one looked good yet.
But it’s a nice smile. I haven’t laughed much in front of him
"At the beginning of the elder brother what are you looking at? So serious. "
When Xu Susu finished ordering, she saw that Shen Chuyan had been looking at it doubtfully with her head down.
Shen Chu nervously looked up and immediately pressed the screen of the mobile phone out.
Xu Susu glanced at it and didn’t see it at all, but Shen Chuyan’s reaction was so strange that she immediately sensed something was wrong.
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
"At the beginning, my brother seems to have something on his mind." Xu Susu pursed her lips and was a little unhappy.
Shen Chu said "no"
Xu Susu didn’t believe that she suspected that Shen Chuyan had something to hide from herself.
"Really?" Xu Susu looked at his eyes seriously.
Shen Chuyan seldom lied to Xu Susu, even worse, in front of him, but he was calm and calm, smiled and shook his head. "Of course, is it true that Susu doesn’t believe me?"
Xu Susu pursed her lips. "All right, then."
Shen Chuyan said, "Don’t think too much, eat first."
Xu Susu smiled sweetly and said "yes"
She picked up chopsticks and put a piece of sushi in her mouth. Because she ate it in one bite, her mouth became bulging. As she ate, her eyes narrowed into a crescent shape. She held chopsticks in one hand and fists in the other, which was childish but also cute.
Shen Chuyan always felt that watching Xu Susu eat was a very happy thing.
She can bring joy and energy to people.
This is also what Shen Chuyan likes very much.
He remembers that when he first realized that he liked Xu Susu, he found that every time he saw her eating, his expression would be very happy and decompression, as if nothing mattered.
In his eyes, Xu Susu is his angel who can heal his wounds and soothe his worries.
Xu Susu finally swallowed sushi and looked at Shen Chuyan with satisfaction. "Brother Chuyan is so delicious and happy!"
Shen Chu said, "That’s good. Eat more."
After Shen Chuyan never looked at his mobile phone again.
After dinner, they took a walk in the European garden in the castle and talked about Xu Susu’s affairs abroad.
They chatted happily, and before they knew it, it was very late.
"Brother Chuyan, I should go home, or my brother will definitely talk about me when I go back," Xu Susu said with difficulty.
Shen Chuyan has long been accustomed to Xu Xinghan’s overbearing control over Xu Susu and said with a smile, "Okay, I’ll send you back."
"Uh-huh, my brother is the best at the beginning."
Shen Chuyan touched her head and said with a smile, "I am more than one year older than you. So far, you have been calling me Chuyan Brother. Why don’t you change your name?"
Xu Susu blinked and said doubtfully, "Isn’t it good to call Chuyan’s brother? I am used to it. "
"No, it’s just …" Shen Chuyan looked at the ignorant Xu Susu and didn’t know how to say it. "Well, it’s good that you are happy."
"Uh-huh" Xu Susu nodded with joy in the corner of her eye.
"Brother Chuyan, will you give me your mobile phone? I want to see the photos you took for me just now."
Shen Chuyan didn’t doubt directly handed her the phone.
Xu Susu took the mobile phone, opened the photo, looked through it carefully and handed it to Shen Chuyan to see, "Is Chuyan’s brother nice?"
Shen Chuyan looked at it and laughed. "Very cute."
Xu Susu "Hee Hee"
As they were approaching the exit, Xu Susu suddenly said, "Brother Chuyan, I want to wash my hands."
Shen Chu said, "Well, you go ahead. I’ll wait for you here."
"Okay, I’ll take my phone. I haven’t finished reading it yet. I’ll send the photos to my phone by the way."
Shen Chuyan leng smiled "ok"