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Behind the words didn’t say it, probably best original zhuo also feel say it is not good.

But Shanyangping can see from his face that it says,’ Why are you angry about this?’
He took a deep breath in his heart and looked at the man who was chatting with Matsuda Jinpei with his fists clenched.
What? should not
Intuition tells me that he is Zhuo Ye.
But this … What’s this?
"Matsuda Jun, I want to rest with you for one night tonight."
Best of the original zhuo also discuss with Matsuda Jinpei with a smile.
"ha? Stay with me? "
Matsuda Jinpei staring at this smiling guy suddenly got goose bumps.
Has this person taken the wrong medicine recently? How to see one thing at a time?
Although Matsuda Jinpei knows that it is probably because there is another person present, there is such a look.
But I still feel uncomfortable.
"You have no place to live?"
"I don’t want to rest with Xiao Hong for one night?"
Matsuda Jinpei directly said, "Then you can just take people back."
Best of the original zhuo also don’t worry not slow explained, "but small best of the day to learn I’m afraid to send him back"
Matsuda Jinpei "…"
What kind of reasons are these?
But looking at him like this, I have made up my mind to stay here.
What can he do? Matsuda Jinpei also can hold your nose to recognize.
"Hum, suit yourself."
Hagiwara Kenji touched Shanyangping. "Officer Sugiyama, are you okay?"
Sugiyama Yohei’s eyes at his brother are really uncomfortable.
Although I know that this person is a member of a criminal organization and undercover in the Metropolitan Police Department, I have always taken care of myself because of my brother except that medicine.
I think my brother is special to him now.
"I’m fine, Xiao Lu."
Hagiwara Kenji sound pulled the Chinese fir yohei back in becoming speechless. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his head, and then said to the best of the original Zhuo.
"Can this gentleman take up your business tonight? Can I talk to you about something?"
I just agreed with Matsuda Jinpei to live here and heard such a request.
Maehara Zhuo also wondered, "Officer Sugiyama … What do you mean?"
"This …"
Sugiyama Yohei also asked people to be interrupted by Takuhara Zhuo. "My name is Bai Tanyuan."
He paused, "Good Mr. Brown."
Hear this call best original zhuo also just nodded "you say".
Chapter 148 Shirley sisters last side (1)
Back home, best of the original zhuo also directly lying on the sofa so looking at the ceiling with your eyes open a wink, without saying a word.
Just finished taking a shower, Hagiwara Kenji looks back, lying on the sofa, my brother.
Then at the nearby Matsuda Jinpei, two people meet.
Matsuda Jinpei gave him a look and Hagiwara Kenji came to him.
"Brother, do you want to take a bath? It’s so late, let’s wash and sleep early. "
"ah? Oh, take a shower, yes, take a shower, I almost forgot. "
Best of the original zhuo also withdrew his thinking at the moment, "ok, I’ll go"