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"You don’t want me anymore!"

Xie cong, who has raised his hand, is about to hit Xie hengyan’s face and suddenly lean out with one hand to hold the two fingers at the end of the wooden crutch firmly. Xie cong is surprised to have to apply force to get back the seal, but he is the first to stick two pieces of paper at the end of the wooden crutch one after another, then draw a spell with one hand and then draw out the last big charm in the sleeve with one hand. He said that he would buckle Xie cong’s forehead!
The move was sudden before Xie Hengyan failed to make any response. When it was time to stop it, the whole face of the big paper was swish, which happened to be in the center of Xie Xie’s forehead, and then it took effect immediately. Suddenly, a chain of imprisonment was generated from his head and neck, and then the seal poured out his hand and grabbed it back. Like hunting livestock, Xie Xie was forced to pull forward for several feet.
Xie Hengyan turned blue in an instant. "Don’t mess around!"
Yin Yan coldly raised his wrist. "Whoever defiles the idol, no matter who it is, must not be lightly spared!"
"Who told you it was my dad!" Xie Hengyan hurriedly grabbed his skirt. "Untie the paper quickly. How can you buckle people indiscriminately!"
Yin Yan looked at him askance. "I think you are blind … recognize the thief father!" "
Xie Hengyan’s throat almost didn’t make him angry enough to vomit blood. "What did you say?"
Just at this time, Xie Xie, the operator paper, suddenly looked up and rounded his eyes like blood, and suddenly turned to the side face that was slightly cold again.
Immediately after printing and pouring, the throat seemed to be gripped violently by people-Xie Xie didn’t raise one hand, but at the moment when their eyes met again, it seemed that the whole heart was held in his hand by Xie Xie, and there was a sharp line of life and death!
"Say it again."
Xie Yuyang raised his jaw and looked so interested that it seemed as if a knife was gouging out over and over again, "What am I?"
Yinzhu was not afraid at all, and almost every word clearly said, "Stealing and destroying the gods and secretly attacking the townspeople … what is it if it is not a thief?"
"Stop printing!" Xie Hengyan lost drink a way
It happened that Xie Xie’s pale slender arm suddenly rose through the wooden turn and two pieces of paper were blocked by layers, but it turned out to be a straight-forward twist and seal!
Then I heard a bone dislocation and abnormal sound, and I was forced to turn my eyes, and then I greeted Xie Hao’s scarlet and ferocious almond eyes.
This time, it was really like being tied up in a cage. He felt that his hands and feet suddenly lost all his strength. When he tried to resist and struggle, his ears suddenly shook. He heard Xie Yun faint again and reached the instruction. "Why don’t you say it?"
Printing is hard to speak, but I just find myself making a sound.
Xie Xie said more and more wantonly, "Go on!"
India poured grim-faced and tried several times in succession, but there was no room for cracking after all.
Xie Xie added, "Who is the thief? Is it you-or your little master? "
-in that short moment, I suddenly realized that I probably learned something from it.
Xie Xie has the same ability as a puppet … mind control.
And it is stronger and more direct than ordinary puppets.
But Xie Hengyan said that his father is a living person … If the living can be so strong and terrible, a kind of spiritual method will be useless even if there is a "forbidden demon order" to return to the Jianghu the day after tomorrow.
I don’t want to think much about the sleeves, but I suddenly burst into a wet greasy.
One drop and two drops.
Chapter 8 Drinking Days
Near sunset, dusk was once quiet and peaceful, but it is still a messy scene surrounded by a flock of birds.
However, it has been a long time since the Tao was first opened, and the surrounding towns have gradually turned into extreme fear from the beginning of quarreling and quarreling in recent hours, so we can curb the anxiety.
Until then, there was a sharp and long whistle on the peak of Yufuze.
Trapped in the world, everyone looked up, and they saw a blackbird that was more magnificent and fierce than ordinary puppet birds. Its wings suddenly cut through the clouds. Then it held its head high and its extra loud voice rang out again.
"What’s that? Is it calling for more companions?" Kang Wen has been exhausted and now he has been alerted in vain. He can’t help but collapse a little. "These birds will come again. We are afraid that we will die here before the government comes to rescue us!"
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Cheng Yuling grabbed his arm. "There are still senior brothers here, and they will come back to save us!"
On hearing this, Kang Wen’s question was a bit more difficult. "Yes, my brother is still in the mountain, and I don’t know how he is now … Is something wrong?"
At that time, he was interrupted by a cold speech. "What is shaking like! You can be afraid of being like this even if you know how to do it. How can other people in the town live? "
Kang Wenwen looked out for a week and found that most of the people crowded around him were equally tired. So he closed his mouth at the right time and was uneasy. He didn’t forget to mutter, "I’m … a little worried."
"There is nothing to worry about. I’m afraid you will die before me if the sky falls with your master’s support!"
Cheng Yuling’s eyes turned red and hurriedly called out, "Dad!"
Kang Wen also choked his throat slightly. When he turned back, he stared at the Tao and met his eyes, but he still settled himself in the same place. His old but extra powerful palms silently supported the huge world over his head.
It turned out that his master had gone to many places before he knew it, and he was always guarding their whole town with his strong and stable ability as he did in his first memory.
And stubborn and fierce appearance is a way for him to express his love.
Suddenly Kang asked, turning his head and muffled his voice, almost word for word, "I’m sorry, Master."
Cheng Daofeng didn’t give an answer. He was focusing on maintaining the boundary.
Cheng Yuling is incredibly authentic. "What do you suddenly apologize for?"
"Before, I was always naughty and always noisy," Kang asked slowly. "If we can survive the disaster this time, I will concentrate on practicing and strive to do better than my senior brother."
When you look down at his eyes, there are some indescribable complex emotions.
Kang asked, taking a deep breath, "Master, I …"
"Master, look over there!" The topic was suddenly interrupted by Huo Shitang. "The situation has changed!"
The spirit of "what?"
"It’s birds … it seems to be breaking up," someone in the crowd said excitedly. "No … it’s not as if they are really breaking up!"
Kang Wen-cheng looked up at the same time and saw that a small group of puppet birds had gathered around the place where the big birds were singing. They began to spread out in all directions at a very fast speed, just like the ebb of the sea. Some large pieces disappeared from people’s eyes, and some of them had disappeared when they failed to leave, so a wisp of black smoke dissipated in the middle of the night as if they had never been here at first.
"What’s going on? Aren’t they going to eat us?"
"Everything’s gone … is the adult master technique effective?"
"Well … look at those big monsters lying on the roof!"
It’s surprising to find that even Li Haishuang and the 25 puppets she domesticated followed the disappearance track of the puppet birds and slowly retreated away from the corner of the town.
It’s like being influenced by some instructions and eager to evacuate from the scene.
Kang Wen simply felt incredible. "Oh, my God … why did they just leave? Were they scared away by Master?"
Cheng Daofeng shook his head and said, "Not me."
"It’s the bigger puppet bird." Huoshitang reached out and pointed at it. "It just called in the sky for a long time. I’m afraid someone behind it reached an order to force them to leave."
Kang Wen-cheng looked up again and saw that the huge blackbird was still hovering in the crowd. It was a deep haze, and it seemed to be constantly monitoring every move in the crowd
Kang Wen couldn’t help but swallow saliva. "Who is so powerful that he can raise such a group of terrible monsters?"
"Who else? Most of the fish scraps that were not cleaned up in those years are just looking for a chance to make a comeback today. "The Taoist priest called Huo Shitang with a sneer." Butler, get my bow and arrow! "
Huo Shitang took a long bow from his carry-on box without saying a word, and every time he caught it, he put a steady arrow on it, and the tip of the arrow was like a tiger whistling and a dragon singing, which penetrated the powerful back of a big bird in an instant!
Chapter 83 More than fear
In fact, it stands to reason that the two families, Fu Bi Yu Fu, have been in a lukewarm, friendly and secretly embarrassing situation for decades.
….. and then this floor, was completely messed up by sudden death.
On the same day, I returned to the town after reporting the letter, drinking the body just gave people a lift soon-at the same time, it was not a person who came out with me, but he never left his baby sword.