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"Nara cross-country, it seems that we don’t need to continue to fight, because the follow-up fight is meaningless."

"Surely you should know that Uzumaki Kushina can still last for a few days?"
"So Nara cross-country when we really win or lose is when Uzumaki Kushina gives birth in a few days!"
"In this waste …"
A cold hum cross-country suddenly felt that the "masked man" eyes were filled with cold murder.
When you didn’t give a cross-country response for a second!
The ruthless "masked man" turned out to be indifferent to the Jade Bird’s life and death, and threw the Jade Bird out directly with a swing of his arm.
At that moment, the cross-country suspect wanted to verify the life and death of the Jade Bird. After all, the Japanese people are still staring at the Jade Bird!
Since the "masked man" tried to seize the day and look down on the world, he has seized an important clue to know what the hidden behind the fog is really about!
Do you want a dirty look?
Yes, actually, I just want to look down!
The first generation of Huoying launched a peak battle and took away a trace of the power of the first generation of Huoying, and Master Ban woke up.
Now, if you want to seize the sun, you will lose your eyes. In cross-country, it is very likely that you will use the power of white eyes to further enhance your strength!
So what, even though Mr. Ban is in Nagato’s place?
If you can analyze the white eyes, you will be sure to further enhance the strength of the eye circle after "resurrection"
Unfortunately, before the secret of supercilious look was solved, Master Ban’s plan failed in cross-country hands.
Behind the "Mask Man" and the "Mask Man", it seems that there is no need to care about things after the plan fails
And just a second before the cross-country attention, it was still placed when the "masked man" flew out of the fog and endured the bluebird.
A shadow suddenly appeared behind the "masked man"!
Then, when the cross-country was preparing to make the shadow escape, the "mask man" disappeared in front of the cross-country with the help of opening up the virtual shadow!
"Is that Shi Ninjutsu?"
"It is Uchiha Obito who takes away the" masked man "!"
"Master Ban controls Uchiha Obito!"
Seeing the "masked man" disappear there, he couldn’t help but gasp in air.
Mastering the cross-country of the spiral pill is tantamount to mastering the secret of the endurance technique, but now there is no time for deep cultivation
However, with the breath of Shi Ninjutsu and the spiritual energy, we can still know that the technique that took away the shadow of the "masked man" is the most mysterious and amazing Shi Ninjutsu in the world!
As a result, that shadow identity is vividly portrayed.
That shadow must be Uchiha Obito!
Uchiha Obito has been "blackened" by Master Ban!
Thinking about the identity is still somewhat doubtful. "Mask Man" is probably because she thought that Uchiha Obito might have been "blackened". She took a deep breath and didn’t think that "blackened" Uchiha Obito didn’t kill herself, so she quickly rushed from this battlefield to the hiding place in Uzumaki Kushina.
"The Kyubi no Youko War is still avoidable."
"There is no need to be so reluctant to track Uchiha Obito’s whereabouts now that he is injured."
"Didn’t the" masked man "say that?"
"Naruto Uzumaki was born when the decisive battle began."
"Then let’s wipe our eyes before the decisive battle begins!"
"Mr. Ban, don’t look at you as the BOSS in the original plot, but this Kyubi no Youko war confrontation must be my Nara cross-country victory!"
Corners of the mouth once again raised self-confidence and laughed off-road, and soon returned to Uzumaki Kushina’s hiding place. After returning, he sat quietly and healed, and was ready to surprise Master Ban again in the war in Kyubi no Youko.
But after the "masked man" left the cross-country one after another, was the bluebird with white eyes and fog really dead?
He is still not dead!
If the cross-country or "mask man" knows that the vitality of the Jade Bird is so tenacious, not only has it not really died in the sharp gun stream, but the terrorist power is still stimulating the body with the sharp gun stream. It is already possible to make the white eyes fit smoothly. If it is cross-country or directly give up the fog, the Jade Bird "mask man" will be surprised!
However, the vitality of the Jade Bird is tenacious, and it is also a chance to master the white eyes in the cross-country "Mask Man" World War I.
But how long can you live alone with a mouthful of aerosol on the outskirts of Muye Village?
In particular, the "masked man" directly threw the Jade Bird out of the fog, which made the Jade Bird suffer heavy losses.
Lying unconscious outside Muye Village, the only thought in the mind of the Jade Bird is …
"Shui Ying’s adult you … you want to abandon me?"
In the eyes of the enemy "Shui Ying", the mind is full of worship "Shui Ying" suddenly gave up on himself, which directly made the Jade Bird lose its will to live.
Vaguely lying in the middle of nowhere, the bluebird doesn’t even mean to survive.
Because "Mask Man" gave him up, his faith completely collapsed.
At this time, outside Muye Village, the Jade Bird wanted to get an answer before she died!
He wanted to personally ask "Shui Ying" why he gave up!
But it may be that the fog endures the jade bird’s fate, or it may be that the fog endures the jade bird’s chance.
Just when the Jade Bird lost her belief in life, suddenly a girl was pacing from a distance to where the Jade Bird was located.
Looking at the misty jade bird, she finally fixed her eyes on its supercilious face.
Staring at the supercilious girl’s face raised a bright smile.
right after
Just as the mist endured the jade bird god’s eyes and the girl’s bright eyes collided together, the girl was silent for a moment, and the smile on her mouth suddenly became more intense!
"Since I can meet you here, it’s our fate."
"You must be the mysterious army that Lord Shui Ying ordered. Your code name should start with" Qing ",right?"
"So now that Shui Ying has given up on you, let me give you a new life!"
"Your freshman must have a new name."
"Then always remember your shame your name …"
"Just change it to" green "!"
Chapter 33 Grumpy Kyubi no Youko
A person’s life is full of variables, and cross-country walkers can’t predict their own life or others’ life.
Just like Jade Bird, who didn’t die in the end at the hands of the cross-country "masked man", it is impossible to judge that his new life started from his own "masked man"