"Get up!" Ningyichen doesn’t worry or slow. I don’t recognize any expression in the tunnel line.

Is Shu Lele aside to look at Liu Yingying thoroughly.
After a massive hemorrhage, she lost a lot of weight, and now she looks slimmer when she holds her waist, but the palm-sized face makeup is exquisite, but she can’t see the original color.
Her adoration of Xi Shi, a delicate and touching disease, made people feel pity from the bottom of their hearts.
If it weren’t for knowing her, Shu Lele would definitely ask her to order 120 praises, but now she has a pie mouth with disdain. "Is Mrs. Liu in good health?" If you are still sick, try not to go out of Xiaheyuan! "
Liu Yingying’s eyes glanced at her ferocity and determination, and she smiled softly with a low eyebrow. "Yingying also congratulated the princess on having a child. This is a double happiness!"
Hehehe, that’s very nice! Shu Lele smiled and his eyebrows bent. "It’s rare that Mrs. Liu still remembers me, so I’m welcome to receive your blessing!"
It will be the happiest thing to kick you out one day!
Calculate that Liu Xiaosan has also cultivated for twenty days. Is it that she came here today-
Shu Lele was alarmed and grasped Ning Yichen. "Your Majesty, I want to eat!"
"Okay, let’s go!" Ningyichen smiled meaningfully and never looked at Liu Yingying again. He quickly ordered people to prepare.
Then he took Shu Lele’s little hand and turned into the room.
Liu Yingying was dumbfounded. From the time they came out to the time they left, their hands were all held together.
And Ning Yichen’s past warmth and cherish for her are gone, just like treating strangers.
After two steps, she couldn’t help shouting "Wang Ye!"
"Is there anything else?" NingYi dust slightly but didn’t look back.
"I … Wang Yingying has something to say to Wang Ye."
"No, you haven’t kept your body well. Go back for illness. Let’s talk about it later." Ningyichen coldly threw a sentence and ignored her no longer.
Liu Yingying’s hope suddenly fell, and she couldn’t help secretly hating herself for taking such extreme measures to make a fake abortion and then not being pregnant. Is she still valuable in the eyes of the sovereign?
Master has given her up because of her incompetence. She is in a situation that no one likes and she doesn’t know how to follow.
Blame Shu Lele! She caused everything!
Liu Yingying gnashed her teeth and scolded the palm of her hand and clenched it quietly at the bottom of her sleeve.
It was a long time before she left disgruntled.
Ziziphus jujuba has been keeping a close eye on her whereabouts in the dark. It was a sigh of relief to meet her and finally leave.
When Ning Yichen was away, Ziziphus jujuba whispered, "Miss, I think there is something wrong with Liu Yingying’s eyes. Is she trying to figure out some tricks again?"
"Hum! You go to the kitchen and don’t let Xiaheyuan people near. Once someone goes, report immediately. "
"Miss is worried that she will be poisoned by food?" Ziziphus jujuba was surprised and his face changed.
Shu Lele "I can’t think of any way for her to get back at me except this, so we should be careful."
"Why not just kick her out?"
"Ah! Your majesty has his plans! Let’s listen to him for the time being. "
However, Ziziphus jujuba still didn’t trust Shu Leda’s order to open a small kitchen directly in the Winter Snow Garden, and then selected a few clever and clean cooks and maids to come in and wait on them.
Shu Lele also smiled and said nothing after learning that.
But in this way, there will be another uninvited guest in the Winter Snow Garden.
Jun Shaoyan sighed, "If only I could get pregnant!" while tasting the fruit and vegetable soup cooked in the kitchen.
"….." Shu Lele language if he can get pregnant-what is this wish?
Staring at the less and less soup in the bowl, she asked faintly, "Jun, if you can get pregnant, you must have a lot of snacks and eat your family poor!"
"No, even if you have a hundred snacks, you can’t eat the poor family!"
"Is your family that rich?"
Jun Shao Yan handed me a contemptuous little eye "Lele, what’s your eye?" Is my family so poor in your eyes? "
Well, if you’re not poor, you can just shoot for 1,200!