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The players around were also frightened by this sudden shock, and they went to the place where the sound was made. It seems that after seeing the form clearly, they stole the language one after another-

"Hey what situation? Blow a whistle here to die? The robbers over there are coming! "
"shh! ! The small robber has seen it! "
"Finished the two guys …"
As they said, the robbers of the Nine Stars Bandit naturally heard this sharp whistle, especially the robbers who guarded the high wall of the village were even more vigilant-blowing the whistle like this in the wild usually gave instructions! !
Not good. Is there an enemy attack?
"Get ready! Enemy attack! enemy attack! !”
"To the five-star adults leave abnormal! !”
"Body alert! Musketeers ready to longbow ready to throw stones … "
Nie Shuang didn’t expect that letting Caroline blow a whistle would cause such a chain reaction. He also had nine stars. This whistle is white. Now it seems-I’m afraid Cheryl is the only one who knows it!
Nie Shuang’s side is still wondering how to deal with the coming situation. There is a large group of people rushing out of the robber’s nest. All of them are nervous and bold, and they are coming to Nie Shuang to lead a 4-level five-star robber with a machete wrapped around his head and waist. He strode angrily …
This posture points to Nie Shuang as the enemy!
The robber’s head approached and pulled his face a lot. Nie Shuang said, "Who are you this fellow and what are you whistling here? Don’t you know that this is the site of nine stars? If you can’t tell a flower, you must be beheaded today! " Say "David Tang" to a waist broadsword blade rushed to NieShuang throw its weight around.
Nie Shuang paused slightly to tidy up a slightly surprised mood and then stepped forward and suddenly pulled him to drink a way: "What do you mean?" ! Want to die or what? Do you want me to throw you in the oil pan and fire you? Huh? ! Bastard! Are you blind to this adult around me, or what? She’s a lovely girl, and she doesn’t know her. !”
The robber wanted to show off his power and prestige and let the other party know that he was a fierce robber, but at this time, the other party spoke amazingly and the momentum was a little stronger than himself, and he also said the joke that "the adult next to him is Miss Cheryl’s heart"! Who’s next to him?
A gang of robbers followed each other’s expectation doubtfully-a beautiful woman is more beautiful than the nine-star bandit group! Wearing silver armor, holding a golden sickle with frost on his face …
Who is this?
The robbers looked at each other puzzled-no one recognized them!
The head of the five-star robber suddenly snorted. This fellow is cheating and showing the roots and nine stars. No, it’s just the other side’s plan!
The robber’s head was bright and his wit was deeply folded. He sneered at the previous step. "Hum idiot wants to deceive people without finding a good reason! Today, you are doomed not to leave the territory of these nine stars! Brothers, cut him! The woman robbed us! " Say hongxia broadsword a jilt is yin smiled and rushed at NieShuang and Caroline …
Cheryl has been back to the nine stars for some time. Since the first time dispatch troops went to the village of Western Sahara, she has never taken anyone to plunder the village. She has always been thoughtful and melancholy about flowers every day.
Her father, the robber king with nine stars, didn’t say anything, but he always wondered-what happened after my daughter came back from a trip to Western Sahara village? !
People don’t know Cheryl herself, but it is clear that she loves the handsome and brave "king" Caroline …
"How handsome …" Cheryl stroked the flowers and her eyes were blurred.
Although she gave a love lily a whistle to Caroline, she called her when she came to the Nine Stars Bandits, but it had been so long, Cheryl never heard the whistle, but she never doubted each other-
Caroline will definitely come to her!
Then … they can … they must find the best room, or in fact, this flower field is not bad. Oh, is it in the wild for the first time? Would that be crazy? Will she think that Cheryl is a very dang woman? Sure enough, why don’t you go to your room? If it weren’t for candles and whips? Caroline looks very strong and should like it … In that case, Caroline lashes herself with a whip …
Ah …
Cheryl, burying her face in her head, couldn’t stop thinking …
Suddenly there was a string of urgent sounds in my ear, and Cheryl suddenly woke up. Of course she knew what it was-it was a whistle of love lilies! !
Caroline’s here!
When Cheryl dressed up carefully and hurried to the outermost of the nine stars with her maid, she was immediately shocked by the scene before her-damn it, there was a five-star robber with a dozen younger brothers waving weapons and attacking Caroline. Listen to their dirty mouths and shouting "Women belong to them". Damn it, you can touch Caroline, too?
"Stop it! !”
The surprise of the flat ground immediately attracted everyone’s attention and made the robbers stop moving. Even those teams that were slowly marching towards the robber department stopped to stop together. Of course, there were players mixed in, but at this time they all looked puzzled-how did they stop? I’ve never heard that the refugee team will stop when they enter the Nine Stars Bandit. I’ve never heard of it! !
After a short period of doubt, they finally stopped and looked at the place where the sound appeared-a woman with a beautiful long skirt had the wind of a noble lady in the kingdom of Ska, and there were words on her head that players could see.
Nine stars bandit princess? Qilier
Damn it, robber princess!
The famous robber princess has a wild personality. She speaks like a thunderbolt and acts like a man. She is very famous in both the Nine Stars Department and the players! Meet her-
Hide! !
But at this time, the robber princess Cheryl appeared in front of everyone, but she was dressed in a different way. The light red dress mopped the floor, her hair was combed neatly and beautiful, and her face was decorated with beautiful flowers. It looked a little purplish with faint rouge.
She looked anxiously into the distance with her skirt lightly on both sides …
Where is it? This is!
Hey, hey, are you kidding me? Who is this? Princess Cheryl didn’t dress up like this in my memory. Shouldn’t she be wearing hot pants, wearing camouflage on her face, or wearing animal bones on her mud, wearing exquisite daggers and walking with her head in her hands?
This is … different! !
But Tong definitely won’t deceive people. There is no doubt that he will be called the Nine Stars Robber Group. There is one robber princess np, and that is Cheryl!