These two problems have become the most difficult ones when the troops are stationed in the nether world and say that there are problems.

"It’s reported that the head of the third regiment of the division commander has recruited a player. It is said that this player’s cultivation is the innate top achievement method. The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair has the ability to tame monster beasts … I’ll bring it to you to see if I can collect the mount of the ghost dead wolf warrior!"
The guard at the door came in to report that the voice had just fallen. Mr. Pang’s eyes were sharp and he said, "Let them in quickly!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five The monster beast demon nuclear
Somewhere in the valley base in the nether world.
Mr. Pang looked at two people coming in from the outside with a face of excitement. One of them was Chu Yun, the head of the third regiment, and the other was a strange player.
"Chu Yun, the head of the Third Regiment of Teachers, reports to you that a player around me is called Wang Fan, and he has a congenital top-level skill, The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair, which is of great help to us in taming the dead wolves in the nether world."
Chu Yun, the head of the third regiment, introduced to Mr. Pang that a player around him had obviously never seen the world and knew that this officer was actually an army commander who was a little nervous and speechless.
"well! Colonel Chu, you did a good job. Come on … Wang Fan! Please sit down and we’ll talk about it in detail … "
Mr Pang restrained his excitement and pointed to the stool next to his desk to let Wang Fanxian sit down.
"This ….. how dare this? That … Mr Pang, I’d better try to talk! "
Wang Fan some timid glanced at next to Chu Yun Chu Yun nodded toward him and gently said "teachers let you sit you sit bai! Nothing! "
Wang Fan see pang teachers see he also smiled and nodded to himself that sat down safely.
"Wang Fan Yuanying’s post-repair should be very good among the players outside now. Can you tell me about your body skill" The Secret Book of Animal Repair "?
Pang teachers also sit quietly facing Wang Fan and sit in the shape of the stalwart body and terrible extraordinary temperament gave Wang Fan a lot of pressure.
"Teacher, it was an accidental opportunity for me to learn the Secret Book of Veterinary Repair. At first, I practiced it myself, but later I found that I could collect some beasts after practicing this skill, and then I was able to collect monster beasts with my cultivation."
This rhetoric is that Wang Fan had long thought about it in the past. In fact, his "The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair" was learned by accident, but this opportunity was in the Shang tribe in southern Qin. At the beginning, Qinnan put the "The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair" as a racial achievement method in the tribal safe. If you join the tribe, players can go to learn.
At that time, Qin Na handed over the village to Dai Fengtian to take care of Dai Fengtian. By selling this qualification to practice the Secret Book of Veterinary Repair, Qin Na earned the first large sum of money, but Wang Fan also spent tens of thousands of yuan to learn it at that time.
However, at that time, there were at least 10,000 players who knew this skill. It was not only Wang Fancai of the Wang Fan Club who dared not tell the truth about where he learned "The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair". Otherwise, it would be even less valuable for this teacher to follow this condition to find other players who knew this skill.
When Wang Fan came, he was told by the head of Chu Yun that if his "The Secret Code of Veterinary Repair" can really help the army solve this problem, it will not only be rewarded with more money, but also in reality, he can enter the special establishment of the army, give ranks and award military merits.
With these benefits, Wang Fan deliberately concealed the specific details of his "The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair". Don’t take it to prevent others from sharing this piece of cake.
But then again, although there were a lot of players practicing the Secret Book of Veterinary Repair at that time, in the end, due to the Lich War and Gonggong Zhu Rong War, natural and man-made disasters continued in the middle of the flood, and many players hung up and were reborn. Now they are not dead, and there will be no more than one hundred players practicing the Secret Book of Veterinary Repair at a time.
"oh? This is indeed a magical achievement that can actually collect monsters. Usually, when we catch monsters, we have to go through long-term domestication and detention until the monster beast no longer resists and gradually stabilizes. Moreover, collecting monsters in this way not only reduces the fighting capacity, but also does not guarantee that it may hurt our own soldiers at any time. "
With a sigh, Mr. Pang continued, "If your skill of" The Secret Book of Veterinary Repair "is so magical that it can help our soldiers to collect the dead wolves, I will personally decide to give you the rank of major and enjoy the treatment of national cadres. This is a reality! And how about asking the army to give you a first-class merit award of RMB 1 million? "
In one breath, Mr. Pang listed all the rewards he could give. This is a naked temptation. It is impossible for Wang Fan to refuse.
Swallowed saliva Wang Fan calm a then uneasy a said "really can give so much? Are there any additional conditions? Do I have to join the army to give the rank of major? "
"Ha ha! This depends on your own wishes. If you want to join the army, we will arrange a deputy regiment level cadre for you. If you don’t want to join the army, you won’t be forced to hang a rank. How about that? Young man, that’s all I can give you, but you must sign a confidentiality agreement with us in reality to ensure that what you see and hear here will not be leaked out. If it is leaked out, you will be held accountable by a military court. "
See Wang Fan so enchanted pang teachers heart big call aside chu head asked, "have you ever let Wang Fan try to accept the ghost dead Wolf? Can you accept it? "
"This ….. he’s received a few yuan baby monster beast, but … the ghost dead wolf is Du Jie monster beast, and now he’s pruning the roots."
Chu Yun touched his head a little embarrassed and said, "But please rest assured that teachers will be able to successfully collect the ghost wolf after Wang Fan enters the Du Jie period."
Mr. Pang’s face softened a little, then nodded, took a sip of the table cup in his hand, and then seemed to be weighing and thinking about something. After a while, he put the cup on a table and said, "Good! That now will be the first high Wang Fan strength to Chu Yun, you take me to transfer to the warehouse and transfer a monster beast demon nuclear in Du Jie to Wang Fan to absorb energy and rise to the state and strive to reach Du Jie as soon as possible. Once Wang Fan reaches Du Jie, come and inform me immediately. "
"What? Take the demon core to Wang Fan? Ok! Yes! "
Chu head face after a surprise is a big pull a Wang Fanxiao urged "don’t you hurry to thank Mr Teachers"
"Thank you, Mr. Pang, for cultivating me. Wang Fan must have many troops, many parties and many countries to make contributions."
Wang Fan a listen to incredibly granted a Du Jie monster beast demon nuclear upgrade for yourself is also beaming, the in the mind also probably know the importance of his presence for immediate pang teachers troops to solve this problem, otherwise pang teachers will not be willing to give up to take out such a precious Du Jie monster beast demon nuclear.
In this nether world, the monster beast absorbs the aura of heaven and earth and the dead of the nether world, and there is a certain chance that it can condense a demon nucleus in the body. This demon nucleus not only contains a very large amount of energy, but also contains a little reincarnation force to help refine the demon nucleus to ascend.
It can be said that if a Yuan infant player gets such a Du Jie monster beast demon core, there is a 70% chance that he can break through the shackles and reach Du Jie for repair.
This monster beast demon core is very precious, not only because it can be improved, but also because it is scarce. There is not necessarily one monster beast with a demon core among the 100 monsters, and there are only a dozen in the whole HQ warehouse.
Xu Sheng, the company commander touched by Qin Nan, was a very lucky person. He was injured and almost died in the later period of Yuan Ying. After the monster beast in Du Jie killed the monster beast, he dug up the monster beast’s body and unexpectedly won a Du Jie monster beast demon nuclear institute to be lucky enough to be promoted to Du Jie for repair.
In this HQ warehouse, more than a dozen Du Jie monster beast demon cores are so precious that even the teacher Pang Qiyan is reluctant to refine one. According to his words, he wants to leave these rare demon cores to the soldiers who really need to make achievements. Personally, he doesn’t need that, but he can wait until later to upgrade.
It is precisely because of this that Pang Qiyan is now a teacher, but he is also a baby.
Out of the camp of Mr. Pang, Chu Yun patted Wang Fan on the shoulder and sighed, "It’s still your little luck. I didn’t slacken my training until I got to Du Jie. I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced life and death. I didn’t expect you to give you a word. The teacher is coming to Du Jie, and now I’m promoted to Du Jie, but I’m close."
"This also thanks to the introduction of Chu Colonel. If I succeed in my official career in Wang Fan in the future, I will never forget Chu Colonel’s hello."