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Binhai TV suddenly announced that it had entered the final of the talent show, and Xu Keer, a popular player, unexpectedly withdrew from the competition for no reason, and never heard from it again. In the eyes of fanatical fans, it was simply irrefutable evidence that Binhai TV turned into everyone shouting at rats crossing the street. According to endless statistics, in the first hour after the news was announced, the TV station received over 100,000 abusive text messages.

"Miss Yin, please talk to Miss Xu and ask her to show her attitude! We can’t hold on any longer. "
It is also difficult for Yin Qianhui to withdraw from the competition. She can guess a little reason, which is why Yin Qianhui feels even more uncomfortable and has to refuse.
"I can convey your meaning. It’s hard to say if Keer refuses to come forward!"
"Please try to persuade Miss Xu, and everything will be all for you!"
At present, the tearful producer made Yin Qianhui very embarrassed. Finally, there was really no way to promise to try my best to help end the rehearsal of the day. Yin Qianhui sat next to Wei Ya in the co-pilot position and looked awkward. Wei Ya noticed her emotional changes and said with a smile.
"Why? Have something to tell me? "
Took a deep breath Yin Qianhui this just said
"The TV station wants to ask Chloe to explain to them. Otherwise, it is difficult for Fans to explain the past, but I don’t know how to say this."
Wei Ya hands loose steering wheel let "nine deep and remote magic spirit" autopilot turned away and said
"Chloe is not the kind of person who wants you to talk. She will definitely promise Qian Hui. I’m afraid you worry too much about it!"
Wei Ya to Jiong but eyes make Yin Qianhui feel a kind of mind was caught a glimpse of embarrassment murmured
"I know, but!"
"Forget it. You’ll cross the bridge when you come to it. Now it’s just scratching your boots. You two communicate with each other!"
"Television wants to invite me to show up in the past? No problem. I’ll go there one day. Is there anything else? "
Hearing Yin Qianhui’s advice, Xu Keer answered very readily and didn’t stick to superficial things. Xu Keer’s forthright temperament made Yin Qianhui feel more and more cautious and associated with some previous hints that her face could not help but look ugly.
"Sister Qian Hui, do you have something on your mind?"
When asked by Xu Keer, Yin Qianhui shook his head hard and said
"Not me"
Born in snow and ice, Xu Keer can’t see clearly where Yin Qianhui wants to hide her emotions and said bluntly
"It must be because I think I’m going to argue with you about someone, right?"
Yin Qianhui listened to Xu Kerr in a very strange tone, and then she looked up and tried to look straight at Xu Kerr with a little doubt and said
"well! Isn’t it? "
Naughtily made a face and laughed at Xu Kerr and said
"Hey, hey, how can people like which big guy?"
Yin Qianhui thought for a moment and shook his head and said
"I don’t believe it"
"all right! I admit I admire him a little, but not in the way you want. "
Ear heard Chloe repeatedly denied that Xu Wei Ya what men and women affair Yin Qianhui more confused and said.
"I don’t know what you mean."
Hands toying with a wisp of head Xu Kerr said with a smile.
"Well, let me ask you how long you can live in this world?"
It seems that the philosophical implication of this problem is much greater than the practical significance of life. Yin Qianhui pondered it carefully and said
"a hundred years of life"
Xu Chloe nodded immediately convergence smile and said
"Yes! Life is just a hundred years, like a big dream. All mortals think that it is enough to live wonderfully, but it is not mediocre. So how long can a fairy live? "
Smell speech Yin Qianhui one leng shook his head and said
"I don’t know this!"
Xu Chloe clap your hands with a smile and said
"Ha ha ha ha, in fact, I don’t know the total life expectancy should be many, many times more than ordinary people! Even if it’s eternal fear, what kind of feelings in this world will last forever and will stand the test of the seas running dry and the rocks crumbling? "
A long speech called Yin Qianhui heard dizzy and thought for a long time and then replied
"I still don’t know the answer to this question."
From the beginning to the end, Xu Chloe got up and took Yin Qianhui’s hand and said
"In the middle! No one knows the answer. The yogi is not willing to get involved in feelings. It is futile to waste energy. After asking, there is almost an end to the test of years. Even when faithfulness seems to be unbearable, it is said that years of love are the heart! "
To be honest, Yin Qianhui’s thinking is hard to keep up with Xu Keer’s leap-forward thinking and hesitate to say
"Then you still"
Xu Chloe suddenly primly said
"I am. Hello!"
Hearing these words, Yin Qianhui was very confused and said
"What? Did you kill me? "
"yes! Sister Qian Hui, don’t you feel that you are very pushy? Although the big guy gave you a foundation, you are full of love disputes between men and women. Where have you practiced? If you go on like this, one day Shou Yuan will run out and be able to re-enter reincarnation. It is hard to say whether the next generation will become a pig or a dog with karmic traction or a reincarnated person who is mentally retarded. "
Be scared out of a goose bumps by Xu Kerr depicting the prospect of terror Yin Qianhui said
"You want me to practice hard?"
Xu keer smile sounds very naive and said
"Yes! Envy mandarin ducks but not immortals. That’s because they can’t become immortals. You already have this opportunity not to envy mandarin ducks, but you don’t know how to cherish them. Isn’t it that you went to Baoshan and returned home? "
Meditation for a long time Yin Qianhui suddenly smiled and said frankly
"I think I understand!"
Xu Chloe didn’t ask Yin Qianhui what she really wanted to understand. Others can guide her to do this. This Xu Chloe also smiled with relief and said
"No matter what you understand, it’s better than the past."
"Miss Yin, what did you say? Are you quitting, too? "
In the words, I heard the bad news. The producer’s pale face is not much better than the dead in the coffin. The popular contestants in the draft actually quit the coastal TV station one after another without being smashed by the furious audience. Even if his ancestor Jide wants to keep this job, it is extremely difficult.
In the face of the producer’s pleading and crying, Yin Qianhui said apologetically, although her tone seemed very guilty, but her attitude showed no signs of softening.
"I know it’s troublesome for you, but I have a reason to quit. I will be responsible for explaining it to the audience or I will wake up in my dream!"
The producer was confused by Yin Qianhui’s last sentence and said
"This? What the hell are you talking about? "