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"You can’t hit me, you …" Jane jade struggled in panic.

"Don’t let her come here after pulling the thirty boards!" Yan Gui heard the noise inside when she took the door. It was as simple as jade and her face turned black.
"It’s a handmaiden who must execute it well!" Aunt Zhang busy way
Jane jade even talked when Aunt Zhang put a hand over her mouth, and soon exquisite came. Three people pulled her out and went outside the garden to play the board.
"How so angry? What did she say? " Yan Gui went in and found Su Mianzheng lucky.
"She said four imperial concubine invited me into the house a Syria! What a fart! When did Liu manage these things? Who has been invited into the house? Besides, what is it that she is a princess to invite and ask a princess to invite me? " Su Mian was furious, and all the dirty words came out.
Yan Gui raised his eyebrows. "Then you don’t have to be so angry with yourself?"
"I am as simple as jade! She knows better than me? How dare you! Isn’t it the Four Emperors who are afraid of raising an event tonight? Hold me so as to threaten you? Who told me that I am a sharp-minded person! She dares to do anything when she visits her Jane’s house! Aren’t you afraid you won’t kill me? Or my cousin! What a bitch! " Su Mian Youzi was very angry.
"Well, you didn’t have a long time ago. You also said that you would not ask you to take risks if you went to the temple." Yan Gui smiled and pulled Su Mian into her arms.
"I’m really wronged. If you don’t spoil me, please spoil me. Someone will calculate that I hate it!" Su mian dislikes Tao
"Good good is the temple is not the cotton want to how to compensate? You said that the temple should be yours. "Yan returned to spoil.
"Hum! I don’t care if I answer! You can do it! I have to eat and drink well, and I don’t worry about being spoiled! That’s all! " Sue cotton eyebrow way
"Don’t say rude words in the temple. If you answer, you will be assured that wherever you go, the temple will take you with you. Don’t worry about spoiling you." Yan Gui pulled Su Mian’s face and kissed her forehead.
"Hum!" Su Mian is still very proud and snorted. What the hell is it?
Jane jade got thirty boards and went to half life. The eunuch was really dying. She struggled to be carried back to her room and fainted.
Zheng Fei didn’t even ask someone to give her some medicine when she learned the ins and outs.
Besides, san huang went to the palace to find Wen Guifei soon after he got the news of inviting the moon.
"Mother princess I’m going to find his adult," he said.
"No, don’t go" Wen Guifei stopped.
"Mother princess! If the fourth brother took control of the capital … that would be … "If you want to make a comeback again, it would be terrible for the aristocratic families to stop supporting him.
"You have to hit seven inches when you hit a snake. If you follow his tail and die, he will bite you later." Wen Guifei smiled and laughed. "Isn’t it just taking the palace? Just ask him to do it. Even if he is full of mouths, he can’t say whether he is a minister of the Qing Dynasty or your weak father. No one will tolerate a rebellion against the emperor! "
"But … what if he succeeds?" Yanning hesitate way
"It’s not up to you? He will kidnap Qi Changshou and you won’t save people? Qi Changshou is a real royalist. If you want to save his son, he will definitely defect. Isn’t Yanchu just drawing water with a bamboo basket? " Wen guifei’s way
"At that time we can take the palace …"
"Stupid!" Yan Ning’s words haven’t finished yet. Wen Guifei changed and interrupted, "What will you do when the time comes when you have the right place and the right time?" At that time, the Four Emperors could never have another chance, even if the old hag of the Queen Mother didn’t like me, I could make you do too much. "
"But … Father is not the only one." Yanning said.
"You are not the only one, but half of your courtiers will support you … and your father will promise not to do that kind of hidden trouble. Don’t forget that there is a prince. If you seize the palace, the prince will take this opportunity to attack you. When the time comes, an unreasonable emperor can punish you every day. That’s the policy." Wen Guifei said earnestly.
"It’s my son who knows that my son is thoughtless and my mother’s mind is no less than that of a man!" Yanning said with a smile
"Well, be careful when you leave the palace." Wen Guifei waved and said, "De Fei should have a result. Chapter 35 Take risks.
This day is not destined to be a calm day.
After a few days, things still haven’t calmed down, and handmaids have been constantly reporting her’ evil deeds’ to the point where she didn’t investigate enough to calm the public’s anger. She has long been grounded by her four emperors, and this is also the reason why the four emperors are getting more and more worried
The queen mother finally couldn’t nod and agreed to search the palace for questioning.
On this day, the queen personally ordered the search of Fangcao Palace for the torture of the handmaiden department. Only four hours later, a handmaiden next to Princess De confessed that Princess De gave Yu Zhaoyi medicine, which led to her premature birth.
"The empress said that a child can live after seven months anyway. Besides, it’s a girl who is dead, so that she can hold and raise a handmaiden and hear it with her own ears." The handmaiden cried and hit the wall and committed suicide.
Of course, there are ghosts in it. How did she commit suicide? Two eunuchs have the final say.
However, many other things have been confessed by the imperial concubines and handmaids, and Wen Guifei is also involved, but there is no evidence at all.
The queen went to Yanling City with the results.
"This must be can’t shield the male and female servants, and I didn’t expect De Fei to do a lot of bad things over the years." The queen said.
"There is no worry queen meaning such as? How to solve it? " Yanling city nu way
"Male and female servants … male and female servants mean to ask the queen mother?" After all, Queen Li hasn’t been in charge for many years, but some dare not say.
"It’s all harem things. You just say it. You don’t have to go back to me. You go to the mother to discuss it." Yanling City is eager.
Queen Li took the result to mothering palace, and the queen mother smashed the cup. I knew that Princess De was not clean, but it was cheap to shake it out at this time! How guilty is it to murder a pregnant concubine? Can it be solved by grounding and copying scriptures?
What if Wen Guifei’s school is also a foreign law?