Yang night just entered the room when she heard the door crash behind her, which startled him. Looking back, Cheng Bo didn’t follow, and she was more nervous. She looked around at him quickly.

This, this, this place is called a room? Is the Great Britain Library as big as here? Yang night exclaimed.
Although I didn’t learn much since I was a child, Mrs. Yang has died. Before her death, she forced Yang to study in various places every night. Although Yang didn’t seem to graduate from high school, she knew a lot of knowledge. It’s a pity that seeing the world is too little and she feels inferior since she was a child. She was shocked by the present situation.
This room is so big that it is almost ten meters from the ground to the ceiling! Besides Yang Ye just came in this direction, its three walls are upright from the ground to the ceiling, and several rows of shelves are full of various colors. When you look at them, it looks like it is in front of you. In the east, there is a giant display table on one side of a wheeled ladder. This is brain control.
There is a big table in the middle of the whole room, and there are three small tables next to it. Every table has a chair covered with hides. Yang Zhenkui sits next to the big table. He has already seen Yang Ye come in. Although he is excited, he continues to pretend to read in his hand.
On the other two tables, a man and a woman sat in an armchair. This man and a woman were impatient to see that Yang Zhenkui didn’t respond. Both of them jumped up and ran towards Yang Night.
Clutter footsteps echoed throughout the room-the room was big-two young people ran to Yang Ye’s side and were panting slightly.
First, the girl dressed in casual clothes threw herself into Yang Ye’s arms and hugged Yang Ye’s neck and shouted, "Eldest brother! I miss you so much! "
Another boy also put his hands across the girl and tried to hug Yang Ye’s shoulder and said, "Brother, you are back!" "
Yang night leng guessed in his heart that according to what these two people called him, it should be his brother and sister in this dream, which is Cheng Bo’s mouth, Er Gong and Da Xiao.
"Ah, ah, I’m back. Hey, hey." Yang night’s surprised expression slowly put on a smile to cope with the two strange brothers and sisters in front of him.
"Eldest brother, you can come back! Before, you accompanied dad to read your departure. He insisted on dragging me and my second brother to accompany him at this time! I am so angry! " The girl hug Yang night neck dia gas said.
"Yang Shan you little point! Don’t let dad hear you! You want to strangle me! Loose! " The boy next to him tugged at the girl’s arm and shouted
Yang night held her neck and glanced at the girl in her arms and thought, this is my sister? His name is Yang Shan. He’s really beautiful. I remember * * *! I hate talking girls! What a dream! I’ll do it
"Yang Xu! Don’t be a big brother. You’ve been bothering me for a few days! You and I are afraid of you! " Yang Shansong hug Yang night arm to Yang Xu shout.
"You smelly wenches! ….. "Yang Xu made a gesture of beating Yang Shan arm in arm.
Oh, this is my brother named Yang Xuyang. I really laughed when I thought about my face at night. This dream is really perfect. Brothers and sisters have many names. I don’t want to wake up. It’s so interesting!
In the distance, Yang Zhenkui was also worried, but he had to pretend to be calm, so he coughed heavily.
"hmm ~ hum!"
Yang Xu and Yang Shan Ma Shan looked nervous and looked at Yang Ye together.
Yang Ye realized in his heart that the old man who made the sound must be his father. He hasn’t called anyone his father in his life. He was also nervous, but he thought that he didn’t have so much burden in his dreams. He turned to learn the tone and address just now and asked Yang Xu and Yang Shan, "What happened to dad?"
"What’s the matter? Big brother! You’ve run too long this time. It’s almost a month! Dad is so angry! " Yang Shan’s novels are full of expressions and exaggerated eyes to gloat.
"Elder brother, it’s okay. Dad always hurts you in the past." Yang Xu patted his shoulder and smiled all night.
Yang night after a pause to Yang Zhenkui.
"Dad, I’m back." Yang called a night before Yang Ben.
Yang Zhen-kui glanced at Yang Ye with a slightly oblique eye, and his lips moved slightly to say "Oh".
Yang night felt that the old man in front of him was too awesome. Is it like this when you are a father in your dreams? So he came closer and said, "Dad, I’m back."
Yang Yegang said that Yang Xu was holding back his smile and muttering, "Don’t hit my mother like this again. Will you listen to me when I talk?" Don’t hit my mother like this again. Won’t your hand hurt … "
Yang night is coming. He is also a fan in Jay Chou. Listening to Yang Xu’s lyrics next to him, he is in a Malay mood. He thinks about what he is afraid of dreaming anyway. So the horse also follows little R&B. "I heard that usually after the war, peace will come back. Why can he take it out on my mother because he is drunk when he sees my father beating my mother? I really can’t stand it when I am a thinner man! ……”
When Yang Xu saw eldest brother dare to engage in R&B in front of his father, his heart became bigger. His mouth sang along with Yang Ye’s tone. "13456781345678 I told your father that you hit my mother like this, right? Why do you do this? You will let the wine lead you by the nose and talk nonsense, saying that it hurts us not to listen …"
Yang Shan cocked his head aside and thought for half a day. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he reached out and patted his head and shouted, "Oh! It is Jay Chou! "
"Nonsense! Still fooling around! " Yang Zhen-kui was angry, and slapped the table so hard that Yang Xuma shut up. Yang Shan didn’t dare to speak. Yang Ye looked around and thought, this dream is really rare. Let’s see how to play. So he smiled and bowed to his father and said, "Dad, I’m back."
"Know come back? Where have you been? " Yang Zhen’s deep voice made Yang night a little creepy, and I thought to myself, this dad must be very fierce. It seems that this is not a dream.
"Dad, I … I don’t even know where I’ve been." Yang Ye told the truth. He didn’t even know who this dad was. How could he know where he had gone before?
"Motherfucker! !” Yang Zhenkui felt that he had to pretend to be strict or these children would get into trouble, so he slapped the table and shouted "kneel!"
Yang Yeshen shivered and felt that there was no shame in kneeling on his father, and seeing his father so angry, he should kneel with his legs bent.