Ivanova ordered

"It’s the manager"
Ma, a tall girl called Xiaohong, took out a walkie-talkie and asked if there were any VIPs at the front desk.
"Manager Feng Qiuhuang’s box is available now?" Soon this little red clerk replied to Ivano’s Chapter 57, full of amorous feelings.
"Here it is []"
Ivanova answered, then got up and said, "Do you mind changing places? Let’s find a quiet place to drink. There are too many people here. It’s not convenient to talk about personal feelings. "
At this time, Ivanova’s instantaneous expression changed and she was dignified again. The more she looked, the more she felt that this woman was really not as bad as usual. When she was charming, she was charming and dignified, and when she was like a capable working woman, she didn’t know that she was a social butterfly at an early age.
"Of course."
Zhouyi smiled and nodded very gentlemanly. He knew that there must be a reason why this woman approached him, because he didn’t believe that this foreign bitch was a chest and brain. He didn’t believe that this woman was so obsessed with herself that she worshipped herself and invited herself to drink.
The bar is a sprawling place. Managing Linyin Bar well is by no means what the average person believes in. Zhou Yi thinks this woman is not simple.
Zhou Yi was curious that Ivanova was close to what she wanted and was willing to change to a private place to drink. He was vaguely surprised that this foreign bitch would definitely show her intentions.
For Ivanova, a powerful woman, Jing Ge doesn’t want to get close to Li Hao. It’s different for such a beautiful woman. He naturally fantasizes about getting a kiss, but his heart is very uncertain, because he has just seen this woman, and he is a little worried that he is not good enough, and he is not afraid that stealing chickens will not be reversed.
However, Jing Ge, the absolute core of three people’s Zhouyi, now pretends to be the younger brother of Zhouyi. Li Hao’s Zhouyi Ben pretends to be Zhouyi, and Zhou Yi nodded and agreed that Jing Ge and Li Hao, of course, have only followed Zhouyi’s lead.
"Three VIPs on the third floor, please follow me."
Ivanova bent down and got up first.
Zhouyi and Li Hao Jingge followed Ivanova through a side door in the corner of the hall and walked a section of carpeted steps to the third floor of the bar.
Linyin Bar has three floors, the first floor is relatively low, and the grade on the second floor is slightly higher than that on the third floor. The distinguished guests who can enter the third floor are all distinguished guests, either high-ranking government officials or mafia bosses, or lean businessmen and red stars in film and television entertainment circles.
On the third floor, it’s gorgeous and outrageous. The floor is covered with expensive carpets. Even the ceiling of the corridor is equipped with a priceless chandelier, and the warning force here is also very scary. Just by the stairs, there is a big man. These big men are all about one meter tall, black suits and sunglasses, and their cool appearance is comparable to that of bodyguards in the South China Sea. However, Zhouyi still has some problems with these people. Otherwise, because his bodyguards are ace special forces, the retired top players are definitely better than these guys, Li Hao.
However, when Ivanova took Zhou Yi and other three people into the VIP room of Feng Qiuhuang, Zhou Yi and others were still surprised by the snacks. Where is this VIP room for his mother? It is simply a high-grade small bar.
Feng Qiuhuang, this is the name of this VIP reception.
Of course, this VIP reception is not that kind of private box. It has a large area of at least 200 square meters. There is not only a bar with a wine table, but also a small dance floor and perfect audio equipment. Strictly speaking, this is not a VIP reception, but a well-equipped small bar.
It’s obvious that a small bar is important to entertain several guests.
The lights in the small bar are blurred, and elegant music is playing at this time, while the young girls in the bar are tall and beautiful.
Although Zhouyi is not a money-spender, he has seen the world. Although he was a little surprised by the luxury and luxury here, he didn’t feel troubled. Jingge was a poor boy, and Lin Yin came to such a high-end bar for a limited number of times. However, this little adaptability was very strong. After being shocked, he randomly followed Zhouyi into Li Hao. Although he had never been to such a place, he soon liked this magnificent place with blurred lights.
"Three, this place is not bad, is it?"
Ivanova sat at the wine table with Zhouyi three people and asked with a smile, blurred lights. This beautiful Russian girl is even more charming and moving.
But by this time, even Li Hao, a slut, knows that this woman is not simple, and that she is not a minor who can control it for the time being, so she is broken and wants to play her mind.
"It’s not only good, but also unique."
Zhouyi laughed. "I know you want to talk to us about things, but since this is a bar, drink first and then talk about things. In case things can’t be discussed properly, this wine will not be pleasant to drink."
"Zhou Shaoshao, you are not only clever but also very refreshing."
Ivanova praised one and then said, "What do you want to drink? It’s up to the guest to treat you now. I’ll drink whatever you want? "
"Zhouyi and I must be drinking vodka. This wine is exciting."
Jing Ge said that at this time, his heart was a little uncomfortable. Since Zhouyi saved him once, he had decided that Zhouyi would be the eldest brother. Of course, this was not just because Zhouyi saved him, but because Zhouyi showed that he was calm and tough. He believed that following Zhouyi would get ahead in the future.
Today, he just sneaked out of the hospital and wanted to have a good drink with Zhouyi. I didn’t expect to meet Li Hao, a follower, and now Ivanova, a foreign bitch. This is really bad, because it will be fun for him to drink, and Ivanova’s drinking Li Hao will affect his drinking mood and carefree degree. Jing Ge is secretly upset.
Zhouyi nodded his head and didn’t object to Jingge’s vodka. Both of them are massive and fierce people. It’s really not fun to drink low alcohol.
"I’m vodka, too," Li Hao said, trying to pretend to be an adult.
"Kids drink, too?"
Zhouyi took a look at Li Hao and was about to get up and give him a sudden chestnut. Li Hao was so frightened that he quickly changed his mind to "I’ll drink then."
Soon, a tall and beautiful member brought the wine and drinks. Unexpectedly, Ivanova, a foreign bitch, took the lead in raising her glass after pouring the wine and said, "Today, I propose a toast to the three young girls I met for the first time."
With that, the foreign bitch just looked up and drank the wine in the glass.
This book of changes and Jing Ge Li Hao are scratching their eyes at Ivanova. They didn’t expect this delicate woman to drink so tough. You know, this vodka is not a red wine with a high concentration. There are also fierce people like Zhou Yi and Jing Ge who dare to do it glass by glass.
Ivanova is full of amorous feelings for a while and steady. Jing Ge doesn’t like this woman in his heart. He likes Ye Qingcheng’s pure jade girl type, but this foreign girl won him a little favor by drinking hard. He also returned Ivanova a glass with full wine.
Of course, Zhouyi also wants to have a drink with this beautiful Russian girl, and Li Hao also drinks a toast to Ivanova instead of wine.
As a result, although the four people didn’t talk much, the scene was not cold, especially Li Hao. Although he didn’t have the courage to soak up this foreign girl, he couldn’t help talking to Ivanova from time to time. This little girl drank a drink and listened to the music full of ambiguous breath. He felt that it was really a kind of enjoyment. It would be more perfect if there were a few beautiful women dancing in his heart at this time.
It took about half an hour for Zhouyi Jingge and Ivanova to drink three bottles of vodka, which belonged to Ivanova. She drank Zhouyi and Jingge all by herself, and the woman’s capacity for liquor was quite strong.
"Wine also drank beauty, you should also talk about the reason why we should be treated like this, right? You also know that my brother and I are frank people, and you can say that you don’t need to hide anything. "
Put the glass Zhouyi face flushed Ivanova said