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Zhang Tao with the wave, "give up these arguments. After the fall of the universe, it will be opened once in a hundred years. Can I understand that I can save my strength in a hundred years to test people? But once it is in a hundred years, everything will change! It will take another hundred years before you can control everything in it. Now you are just wandering in the middle of the universe. "

Hearing Zhang Tao’s words, the virtual shadow was silent. Soon he looked up again and said, "Yes, you are right. I didn’t know if you would stay, but you take all this away and leave here."
The generosity of the virtual shadow did not let Zhang Tao move. Now Zhang Tao is no longer a child. He smiled gently. "You are so anxious to keep me away from what seems to be good in the palace of the universe."
Virtual shadow pupil contraction Zhang Tao can see clearly that "Zhang Tao, if you are too greedy, you will regret it".
"This is not the first time you have said this to me." Zhang Tao is not at all. Even if he has the ability to detonate himself in the temple of the universe, he can enter the Mishu Tower safely.
"Since you are here, I might as well show you." Zhang Tao didn’t wait for the virtual shadow to speak, but waved a huge number of exotic eggs in the temple with one hand and disappeared before him.
"You? If you do it? " Virtual shadow can’t believe his eyes. Can this person do such an incredible thing?
Grinning, Zhang Tao went to his temple despite his surprise. This is the real reason why Zhang Tao took the risk to stay here. It’s a treasure in the world. How could Zhang Tao leave it here to die?
Soon a few temples were looted by Zhang Tao, and there were weapons, minerals and medicinal materials. The Lingshi Department didn’t let go of the virtual shadow, but it was just a shadow. If it was a real person, even his face was darker than the bottom of the pot, right?
"I’m curious about where the treasure is?" Now that the enchantment in the temple of the universe has lost Zhang Tao and the danger, he is not at all concerned
The virtual shadow fluctuates constantly, but the only way to stop it is to constantly abuse Zhang Tao and stroll around the palace with two confidantes.
At this time, the outside world is extremely cold and the people in Wanbaozhai are anxious to wait for the place, especially the extremely cold king is very special for the extremely cold king. It is very special to hear Meng Shuang and others say that they are alive and saved their magic tower hand.
Everyone joined forces to solve the problem of the Holy One of Wanmo Tower, but others also wondered whether Meng Shuang and others had lied. After all, the temple of the universe was sent out without anyone?
After all, this is the first time that people suspect that it is normal for all major factions to guard against Wanbaozhai and the cold palace for fear that they will hurt people.
Zhang Tao and others don’t know what it is that it is snowing outside, but the temple can be called a treasure. Zhang Tao is curious.
Even if I didn’t find myself, I went to trip worthwhile. Although I don’t know how to get out, Zhang Tao believes that if I want to leave the virtual shadow, I will be diligent and send myself out, just like serving my father.
I don’t know how strong the strength of the universe is until I wander around under great pressure. How strong is the strength of Gongshifu? And how strong does the resurrection moon eyebrow need?
"Huh?" Zhang Tao soon found that there was a strange wave ahead, which seemed to be energy and fresh life. Is there anyone inside?
Curiosity drove Zhang Tao through the long passage and saw a huge stone gate! It happened that this is a stone gate instead of white marble, which seems out of place, but it also highlights the special features.
Virtual shadow has been following Zhang from time to time and will also observe his face. Now Zhang Tao knows that he may have found the key. There are two murals carved in Shimen. The male and the virtual shadow are somewhat similar, but the female is Tianxiang Qingcheng. This female left hand gently covers her mouth and chuckles, which is like flirting with another Shimen male. It is lifelike and close to the moon. It is like seeing the past history.
In fact, Zhang Tao was very curious that the world would die. To this extent, the martial artist can be described as immortal and immortal, right? Actually, it will fall. It seems that there are ancient secrets hidden in this temple of the universe.
Going forward to push Shimen, I found that I didn’t move. At this time, it was rare for the virtual shadow eyes to show a trace of confusion. Looking at his legacy seems to be lost in memory.
Chapter 457 Very precious
Zhang Taoyuan wanted to break Shimen with one punch, but he couldn’t bear to destroy Shimen, a man and a woman who interrupted the virtual shadow memory. "I think you should know that it’s like hitting Shimen, right? To tell the truth, I don’t want to destroy Shimen, but I also hope that you can be sensible, otherwise I will have to do it even if I don’t want to [,"
Hearing Zhang Tao’s words, the virtual shadow is very complicated, and I can’t stop it myself, even if I have to be a tiger. This feeling is really humbled to the extreme, but the other party asks him to refuse.
"I hope you don’t play my cards. You don’t know if you want to get rid of me. If you don’t succeed, then I will do something that will make you desperate." Zhang Tao will tell you the truth. After all, this is still the Palace of the Wild, not his own back garden. Be careful.
I didn’t pay attention to Zhang Tao’s threat, but I didn’t know what he had done before I came to Shimen. When I heard the click, I could push it now.
Zhang Tao calmly walked to the door, but consciously let the king and the poisonous cloud guard against the unexpected. Although the poisonous cloud and the king are already first-class masters, they are also willing to let men protect the clever Zhang Tao.
This time, Shimen suddenly hit gently. First, a light flashed through Zhang Tao, only to find that the root inside is not an ordinary hall but a cave.
It seems that Shimen has entered another world. In the distance, rare animals are flying, cranes are singing, and the green grass around the imitation piano is attached like wearing a spring clothes.
There is actually a flying rainbow in the huge thousands of feet Waterfall. It seems that the bridge has been on the other side of the strait
Exotic animals are flying, and the spray next to the Rainbow Bridge is like a hazy dreamland. A stone bridge is only half a meter wide, so it crosses the virtual end.
Zhang Tao three people were attracted by the scene in front of them. It seems that they are not the palace of the universe, but a paradise for hidden treasures. However, even if the world is not a complete world, many of them are dark and unreal.