Holy shit!

Feelings just now is his hand!
The silver needle shot surprised Chunyu God bless the horse!
Chunyu, God bless the horse, it’s really manic at the moment!
On how to control his horse, he didn’t make a good envoy. The guard of honor was broken here. Zhou Aotian and Du Ling behind him had to back off and be beaten.
Lin Yugang still thinks it’s life and death for Chunyu Tianyou!
Let him take advantage of her!
Let him deceive her and expose her identity!
Serves you right. Your horse was shocked and fell to death!
But it’s just to think about such a thing. Lin Yu still can’t really let Chunyu Tianyou be trampled to death by horseshoes.
After all, he is a cloud country. What’s the matter with Nantang?
But …
Things seem to be much worse than she wanted!
Izumo is a country on horseback, and the royal family must have grown up riding a horse. At this moment, even if it is surprised by Feng Ling, the horse can’t control it!
Now he is simply riding a horse!
That’s himself, Kyle. He’s talking about how to control the horse. It’s like crazy. He keeps lifting it up and jumping around. He can’t wait to throw it away!
"Ah ah ah!"
"Control the horse!"
"Protection too!"
At that time, all kinds of crying and shouting were mixed together, and the situation was chaotic.
Lin Yu wanted to look before, only to find that the reins were pulled aside and a deep dumb voice came behind her. "Don’t move! Stay where you are! "
Lin Yuyi "Feng Ling?" What happened to the goods today?
How can feelings be so obvious?
But this face is still facial paralysis …
And the silver needle in his hand.
Will Feng Ling make hidden weapons?
"Protection too!" MuJunZe drink a stop panic team and they were all a little stable a mind.
Lin Yu looks bad. Chunyu Tianyou seems to be falling off the horse!
My mom!
How can this come on!
Who are you when you fall dead?
This account out of the cloud country must be South Tang head!
"too careful!" Where did Lin Yu take care of Feng Ling at this time? Is this cargo abnormal? What do you say to her? When your mind gets hot, you fly out and throw yourself down.
Both of them fell to the ground and rolled several times before stopping.
The land is pure, God bless you, and the horse crashes into the east and west streets. In an instant, people are in chaos. Some people call for help, and some people call for caution. Many people have poured into the road and scattered the envoys.
Feng Ling at that time do not pay attention to see Lin Yu fly out to a surname god bless to throw himself down.
Two people are holding the roll into a ball at the moment!
Lin Yu’s brain is dizzy!
I hit a hard place on my forehead. "Ow! It hurts! "