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"Don’t cry quickly. Third brother is joking with you." Gu Qian said that he quickly patted Gu Jinxi. "Just received the news that the flood base in Jiangnan area has faded. All the imperial envoys will turn back in these two days, and the eldest brother will definitely come back."

Speaking of which, Gu Qian couldn’t help sighing lightly in his heart. His eyelids drooped and he looked at Gu Jinxi’s swollen eyes and tears-stained face. Eldest brother didn’t think of his eldest brother as a means. His heart was a little nervous. He went to Jiangnan to control floods and provide disaster relief. In just half a year, his family has changed so dramatically. Xiao An was born with his parents and left his sister, and he was engaged to the sick plant report and Xie Jia’s rotten things. Although he didn’t want to or cause these things, he felt headache when he came back.
Gu Jinxi simply nodded and cried, but his eyes were too red and swollen to stare at Gu Qian. "How soon can Big Brother come back?"
"From Jiangnan to Liangdu, it takes ten days to slow down, and then it takes half a month." Gu Qian thoughtfully and then bowed his head. "You don’t have to worry about the eldest brother’s sex with the imperial team. Nothing can go wrong, but look at it. It’s almost skinny to wait for the eldest brother to come back. Third brother will be miserable."
Gu Jinxi’s pout even shrugged his eyebrows. "Where are people?" She bowed her head with a little sob and thought of her eldest brother’s seemingly warm but strict appearance. She couldn’t help shrinking her neck. "Will eldest brother be angry?"
"Even if you are angry with someone, you won’t be angry with our baby sister." Gu Qian patted Gu Jinxi on the back. "Okay, sister, you have a good rest and don’t think too much." She stopped her in her arms.
"Well," lying in Gu Qian’s arms, his nose is full of peace of mind. There are so many things that have happened recently. Gu Jinxi feels physically and mentally tired. At this moment, he relaxed and his eyes closed lightly, but he soon fell asleep.
I feel that the shoulders of the people in my arms are undulating like sniffles. Gu Qian patted the comforting hand and never stopped until I felt that the young people in my arms were breathing smoothly and the mouth was long. I couldn’t help but twitch slightly. This girl! Shook his head in the heart is a handful of Gu Jin sunseeker tasikmalaya picked up when the original expression face frown gently, although said to be twelve years old, but this weight is too light, some hands can feel her bones. It seems that we have to take good care of it in the future.
"Third young master!" Outside the small hall of Pinellia ternata, he quickly ushered in and looked at Gu Qian’s arms. Gu Jinxi looked worried. "This is my lady …"
Gu Qian’s hands are not drooping, his face is serious, and his tone makes people feel "little sister just fell asleep"
"Handmaiden White" Pinellia looked at Gu Qian and prepared to send Gu Jinxi back to the shallow pavilion immediately. "The handmaiden will go back to the room and make the bed first."
"Well" Gu Qian nodded.
After Gu Jin sunseeker was sent back to the house, Gu Qian looked at holding a laundry list and sat outside to prepare for this. Gu Jin sunseeker raised his hand and patted her shoulder and made an expression of eyes at the door of the house. Pinellia immediately put things in his hand up knowingly and closed the door with Gu Qian behind him.
Gu Qian leaned lazily against the red column in the attic and looked at the lake not far away. You can clearly see the comings and goings outside the courtyard wall of Heng Wuyuan, and everything is so clear on the crowded roof in the capital street. But he frowned and looked bad. "What happened in the house today?"
Mrs. Lan of the Seven Emperors’ House has been here’ Pinellia bowed her head and sipped her thin lips slightly’ Mrs. Lan had a little dispute with my lady and was finally taken away by the Seven Emperors. King Rui also chatted with her for about half an hour; Then the family, the old lady Amber Hou and Liu Shigu’s adult came. "
"Huh?" Gu Qian frowned slightly with a puzzled face. If these people had simply been here, he didn’t believe that Gu Jinxi would cry like a newborn baby. What must have happened to Gu Jinlan and the Seven Emperors? Qin Rui … Should it have been without that?
Thinking of this, his face was ugly to the extreme. "What is my father doing here?"
"Gu’s adult came with Gu’s old lady Amber Hou as if she were the missing daughter of Gu’s old lady and Amber Hou’s house." Pinellia shook her head. She was a servant girl and could not hear clearly at a distance.
Gu Qian suddenly looked ugly to the extreme. "He was still confused with the old lady Gu. Don’t you really want to …" He didn’t say that he closed his eyes and took a deep breath toward Pinellia. "Take care of your young lady."
"Handmaiden White" Pinellia bent over and watched Gu Qianli with her hands on her waist.
In front of the gate of Shinohara Pavilion, the former Gu Family Courtyard in the south of Liangdu City, a tall figure rattled the gate.
The people inside were still a little angry when they saw the visitors, but they couldn’t help but give a respectful blessing. "Third Young Master, how did you come? I’ll inform the master that he would be very happy if he knew it."
The master who came was the only one Gu Huai brought out from Gu Guogong’s house. He was close to him when it rained.
Gu Qian let out a light hum from his nose and looked coldly at Shi Yu’s brow and raised "Hum!"
Soon Gu Huai, the original office, received the news and sent away the front yard for cleaning. Few people saw Gu Qian look excited and his thin lips moved slightly, but he didn’t say a word for a long time.
"How do you know that the young master is coming and can’t even speak?" Gu Qian looks ugly, and his brother and sister have always respected Gu Huai, the father. In the past, only their baby sister would talk like this when she was not sensible, but now he can’t help it.
Gu Huaiwen’s face suddenly disappeared with excitement, and the whole drawing room was so angry and depressed that people felt it was extremely difficult to breathe. He bowed his head and sipped his thin lips slightly.
"How to say a word? Still don’t know what to say? " Gu Qian coldly setting his mouth slightly raised.
"Do you have to talk like this?" Gu Huai bowed his head and was arrogant in the past, because he was used to those people’s faces recently, and he was almost silent about Gu Qian’s cynicism.
Gu Qian looked at him like this, and his heart was angry, but now it’s almost gone. It’s condensed with Gu Huai’s ugly face. "If you can’t feel bad, please don’t bother your sister again."
"I …" Gu Huai bowed his head and his body trembled. "Sunseeker, is she … ok?"
Gu Qian coldly looking at Gu Huai "sister is good with you? You’re not the wife who is pregnant with her daughter now, where will you think of us? "She said, bowing her head and laughing, appearing low and gloomy, as if she were full of self-mockery." You and your mother have left us … and we will be fine. "
"Aunt Qiu and Aunt Meng, I have already sent them away." Gu Huaiyuan opened his mouth to say anything, but he swallowed it in his throat. He could sigh and explain, "In the past, her and Xianger were always your daughters. Even if I draw a line with them, I always have to ensure their later life. I really didn’t …"
"That’s enough. I don’t want to hear it!" Gu Qian closed his eyes and took a deep breath and turned to look at Gu Huai. "Don’t bother with your family’s salty things later, otherwise …" He bowed his head. "I dared to break Amber Houfu’s food now, and now I dare to break all of you." These people dare to make their baby sisters uncomfortable, so they will never be able to be comfortable.
The roots of Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce are far stronger than what they see now; The Chamber of Commerce of Situ Jia and Nangong Jia Heng Wu has three pillars; But if it’s a tripartite confrontation, why should they help Gu Qian resist the Hengwu Chamber of Commerce in Amber Houfu? The real power has already penetrated into Liangdu … It’s not to earn the most basic level of business in Western Chu, but it can be said that at least five Hengwu Chambers of Commerce in ten stores will be sent by the Hengwu Chamber of Commerce to walk merchants and wander vendors. Scholars, peasants, industry and commerce, nobles, princes and nobles have always looked down on businessmen, even though they never thought that once the Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce went on strike completely, the whole western Chu would be paralyzed, which was several times weaker than it is now.
Gu Huai bowed his head and pursed his thin lips.
"Hum!" Gu Qian grunted coldly. When the rain just touched the tea and tasted it, it was a shallow brow lift and a deep setting of Gu Huai’s eyes darkened. He would even touch this inferior tea if he didn’t drink it before Longjing.
"I know that you are the master behind the Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce, but … some things are not as simple as you think." Gu Huai bowed his head to this son because the eldest son and the second son went into politics and joined the army. Since he came, he had no requirement to know that he was in business, but everyone recognized him as depraved, but he didn’t; Su Yi and two people who once suffered supported each other in life. In those days, no one was whiter than him. The importance of a businessman is now that he didn’t notice the strength of a businessman. Once he noticed it, he would be in danger. "You can do it before you hide your strength, but you should also be white. If you are noticed by a businessman …"
"…" Gu Qian was silent. When he first founded the Hengwu Chamber of Commerce, he unconsciously moved most of them to the ground. Now it seems that it is really wise. He is naturally more white than anyone. He is not moved by Gu Huai’s awakening, but he still sneers at the thought of Gu Jinxi crying out of breath on his chest. "How can the Hengwu Chamber of Commerce last forever? What should you do?"
Gu Huai said that he could sigh deeply and pout his lips in his heart. "I know you blame me for sunseeker and blame me." He bowed his head and looked a little self-effacing. "You all blame me."
That self-effacing tone, that sad look, that seems to have been abandoned by everyone …
"…" Gu Qian bit his lip tightly and frowned slightly.
"But I have my difficulties." Gu Huai closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "People can’t help themselves if they want to live. Sunseeker doesn’t want me to get in touch with my family again. I don’t want to get involved with them for a little while. She … has adopted me for more than 30 years. Without her, there would be no me today. How proud she is? You are all so proud. Her daughter knelt before me and begged me …"
Gu Qian bowed their heads and frowned. "Even so, are you fair to Sunseeker? Or do you think it’s right for Sunseeker to expose this matter, and it’s right for her to force her mother to make peace with you? "