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Although there are two people around him, Zi Xiao and Zi Jun, they are surrounded by sixteen realms.

"Zi Jia Lao Er, Zi Jia Zi Yanbo killed our family Zhao Mei and secretly tortured my younger generation Zhao Tan’s soul and will destroy you. Do you want to fight with our Zhao family?"
An elder of the Zhao family righteously shouted, "If we can give this pair of bones to our Zhao family, we will not pursue this matter and guarantee to advance and retreat together with the Zi family."
These powerful people at the peak of the mainland would say such shameless things. If Lin Yu listened, he would definitely spit on them.
In fact, these old guys are no different from ordinary people. They are equally greedy and shameless, but they are more greedy and shameless.
Zi Shan sneer at a way "you still dare to say? Let a Zhao Mei bitch harm our purple family. Now I have the face to bite back. I have never seen such a shameless face! "
The affair between Zhao Tan and Zhao Mei was quietly suppressed because the two families knew each other well, because it was a shameful thing to tell anyone, and I was even more afraid that picking this matter would make the two families have to fight.
But on this occasion, both sides have already torn their faces, which is called him.
A few red-haired old men next to them said to the elders of the Zhao family, "We Yan family and your Zhao family alliance have got half the ancient gods?"
These red-haired old men are inflammatory families. If they really join hands with the purple family, these three people will fail.
At this moment, I gave Lin Yu a treasure bowl, Purple Shaw, and hurriedly said to several elders on the other side, "The Wangs see that we are all Lin Yu’s little fate to join hands with the enemy, for example? I swear by Zi Xiaoyuan’s soul name that if you can help our purple family through this difficulty, I promise to give up half the bones to you. "
Obviously, for the Wangs, the purple promise is more real than Zhao Jiahe’s promise.
After all, the two families still have to snatch it from Zi Shan, and the Wangs will certainly be willing to help the Purple family escape and get benefits.
Now there are still home, Luo home and Ouyang home, and the strong ones are not significantly out of which side.
Los home several old man stuffy hum a way "Lin Yu? This little guy and our Luo family will never die. Zhao family is willing to help you. "
Purple Xiao hurriedly focused on Ouyang Guhe’s strong family, but the two strong people actually smiled casually. "Today, it seems that we can’t grab this skeleton. If we quit, we will suffer."
All the strong people can see that the old guys in these two families are not afraid of suffering from the fish in the pool, but just want to reap the benefits of the fishermen.
However, even if both sides know that these two old families can be as good as they are now, if they have offended these two old families, if they join each other in anger, it will be absolutely doomed.
The purple family and the Zhao family didn’t dare to say anything on both sides, letting the two old family guys "get away"
Even if the two heaven and earth strong withdrew from the competition, the three people still felt great pressure in the purple house.
The number of people on our side is six and the number of people on the other side is six!
It doesn’t matter much which side has one or two more people to play against the Yuan Spirit Division. One or two treasures or powerful skills can bridge the gap.
However, the gap between the top strong players like them and each other is two more than themselves is very deadly.
In the sight of this situation, it is impossible for the purple family to fight hard. The only chance is for others to pin down each other and let Zi Shan, who is holding the ancient gods, escape.
No, except Zi Shan, five people swooped down at each other, while Zi Shan took this rare opportunity to find an instant teleport!
"Ha ha, that’s interesting." Hiding in another place, the independent ox horn demon grinned. "Chixiao demon, you really managed to attract all these Terran strong people and let them fight to the death so that we can enjoy the benefits of the fishermen."
Wearing a strange mask, the demon Chixiao said lukewarm, "If Terran could unite with the demon race and our inferno, they would have been eliminated long ago. They are hypocritical and vicious, and letting them fight is the best way to destroy them."
Tong monty is very satisfied with the present situation. "This 200 million spar is well spent, so we will wait and see the drama!"
On this day, from Dusk City all the way along the direction to Zijia, we can see extremely strong and large-scale destruction everywhere.
Some small villages disappeared, and those villagers didn’t even know how they died.
Big cities are better, because most cities are protected by protective arrays and have not been devastated.
However, the fierce attack on the powerful array has also made the city rickety and scared many ordinary people of what natural disasters have happened.
Lin Yuke didn’t pay attention to these things. What he wants to do most now is to practice with peace of mind.
Although the real strength has been improving, the surface of Lin Yu is still full of vitality, which makes Lin Yu depressed to death.
Back to college, Lin Yu met Yue Qiuling, third brother Lin Zi and younger sister Xiaoxue, and gave them what he had bought from Xinghai Chamber of Commerce in Dusk City. After that, Lin Yu joined Yang Luoyun to guide his younger brother to practice.
At this time, Lin Yu and his classmates have been gearing up and eager to wait for the annual college assessment
And Lin Yu Yang Luoyun finally returned to the college, and the students are now well taught by Yang Luoyun.
"Lin Yu, which level do you practice?" After asking this sentence, Yang Luoyun found that he really knew little about this student and felt a little embarrassed.