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"This is also can’t ah now is not can’t find such a person, or you give me one? In addition, I said in a broad sense, be careful when you talk to this nv child. I don’t think she is a simple boy. "Song Liangjiu gave young people a wake-up.

"She is not a little fellow, what else can it be? It’s disgusting to see the scar on her face. "Let the young people in the broad sense turn away in disgust."
Song Liangjiu didn’t speak again. He remembered that when this girl named Lin Lin took his business card, her fingers were sticky with flour, slender and tender, and her roots didn’t look like a long-term menial worker. She should have hands.
Enthusiasm for Liu Guangyi, an old friend, is enthusiastic enough, but it is not a good thing to be too ostentatious and violent
Car county busy busy place stop strong and Ye Linlin from the car to look at the front high restaurant, this may be the destination.
Ye Linlin is still not white. What exactly is it that needs to ask her to come out for help?
Won’t be took a fancy to her steamed bread so that she can come to this restaurant as a pastry chef?
Even if you want to invite her, it is not necessary for the boss to come forward in person. Being so secretive will definitely not be a simple corner digging.
"Let’s go inside and talk over dinner." Song Liangjiu politely invited Qiang two to enter the restaurant and come to a luxurious and elegant place.
"You all go out to find a place to eat and remember not to drink." Song Liangjiu sent everyone else out and left Liu Guangyi alone.
See Ye Linlin and strong still busy Song Liangjiu hello way "don’t mention it."
Four people, Song Liangjiu, ordered a dozen dishes, which shows that he attaches great importance to today’s affairs.
"Miss Ye Linlin, we invite you here today because we want you to do us a favor." Song Liangjiu just said the right thing.
Ye Linlin nodded slightly "you said"
Ye Linlin, who has changed her clothes, still can’t hide the dignified beauty yn and a little cold and arrogant despite a big scar on her face.
"Well, we have an ongoing project that needs a strong helper. I’m going to ask Miss Ye for a favor." Song Liangjiu ordered his purpose
"oh? I have no experience in this field. Mr. Song may be barking up the wrong tree. "Ye Linlin really has no research on the project. I don’t know how Song Liangjiu found her.
Song Liangjiu said quickly, "Miss Ye, you misunderstood me. I just said that we are short of a strong helper, which means we are short of a strong helper."
"Mr. Song, you are joking. I’m afraid I can’t compare with construction machinery no matter how strong I am." Yelin Lin Yue listened to it more and more strangely. This Song Liangjiu won’t be nothing to amuse her sister and brother.
"This thing is really hard to say for a while. I asked you if you would help me with this little favor? Pay, of course, you can although we will not mistreat you "Song Liangjiu leaned forward waiting for Ye Linlin reply.
"How long will this work take?" Ye Linlin asked
Song Liangjiu thought for a while and said, "I don’t know, it may be ten minutes or twenty minutes, or it may be three days and five days. If it goes well, I think it should not exceed one day."
Ye Linlin felt that it was not bad, and she was acceptable one day.
"Then I have to ask my brother if he agrees before I can promise you. If he doesn’t agree with you, I can afford it." Ye Linlin said and looked at Qiang 33 and called a word.
33 black calls a word
Strong at this time is looking at the non-stop delicious food root didn’t notice Ye Linlin asked eyes.
"Do you think I should do this?" Ye Linlin is se to ask.
Qiang picked up chopsticks and put a piece of fragrant fresh fish without lifting his head and said, "It’s up to you, sister."
Ye Linlin slapped the chopsticks on the table. "I urge you to have a good look at this matter. Should I take care of it or not?"
"How much is that?" Strong finally looked up from the table and took a glance at Ye Linlin seemingly seriously asked 1.
Ye Linlin at this time also return to absolute being to ask Song Liangjiu "Song Boss, how much do you want to give? I said first that the price is not suitable, but I won’t go. "
Song Liangjiu looked at the strange brothers and sisters. "Miss Ye, I have just said that the price is really hard to say. It is not a problem for you to help."
Strong at this time looked up at Song Liangjiu "that in this case, then five …"
Ye Linlin put a piece of ru with a full mouth on her lips and said, "Boss Song, my brother said that we wouldn’t do it at least 500,000 points less."
Are you crazy, sister? He wanted to ask for 500 yuan. Why would my sister pay 500 thousand?
500 yuan can be worth the hard work of the two brothers and sisters for several days. To say that the price is already very good, but my sister actually paid 500 thousand for it.
This price is obviously trying to get rid of this business, but it’s a waste of hundreds of dollars
Song Liangjiu’s mouth is wide open, too. This Ye Linlin really dares to say this.
To tell the truth, if 500 thousand can do it, the price doesn’t seem too high
When they spent more than four months on this project, they spent 10 million yuan, but they got stuck in the last card. If they could exchange 500 thousand for a clear understanding, these financial resources and manpower would not be white.
But is this 500 thousand really worth it?
For a month, they came to their country to find suitable talents, but hu was huge, but in the end, there was no delay in many seasons and they were extremely dissatisfied.
Will it be the same result this time?
Song Liang sank yn for a long time and finally said, "Can you guarantee success with 500,000 yuan?"
"Success?" Ye Linlin ha ha laugh "I still don’t know what you are going to do! Why should we guarantee your success? If you don’t want to, our horse can leave you and Boss Song won’t lose a penny. "
Song Liangjiu can’t gamble when he doesn’t have a chance.
"Ok, I promise you, but I hope you can participate in this action of our company as soon as possible." Song Liangjiu said yes.
Ye Linlin smiled. "Then I need you to pay half the deposit first."
"Half deposit?" Song, Liang and Jiuma fell into a state of hun chaos.