"If we had half his fighting capacity, we wouldn’t let the mayor and them end up like this."

A group of spectators are not stunned, their eyes are as bright as cat’s eyes, and they can’t imagine how much power Feng Yang’s leg contains without trying it himself. They can’t help but cry out with indignation that "Feng Yang killed this bastard and killed him" when they think of Sun Xing and others’ cruel killing of the mayor and the old mayor.
"Kill them so that they can be dismembered. These inhuman animals deserve to die."
At this time, the fight over there in Huatian is near the end. The strength of the teenager who impersonated Huatian is not particularly strong. The thunder element attacks the body and is constantly paralyzed. It is quite depressed. Finally, Huatian blows his body with a thunderstorm fist and sprays blood. Huatian does not give his opponent a chance to fight back after winning the battle.
Seeing that the trend is not good, William Sunsing Hidalgo got up and turned around and ran away regardless of his companion’s life and death. Sun Xingyou was confident that it was absolutely impossible to chase him on his own.
The wind Yang in situ corners of the mouth with a sneer at "now want to run late"
For a moment, William Sunsing Hidalgo was almost desperate, and before the degree rose to the extreme, there was already a windy figure in front.
A few feet across the wind suddenly made William Sunsing Hidalgo feel that he had seen a ghost. Looking back at his consciousness, he found that a ghosting shadow slowly dissipated where the wind stood, which made his pupil instantly contract, which was a sign of panic.
William Sunsing Hidalgo suddenly turned back and the wind blew up, instead of giving up this good opportunity, he suddenly smashed William Sunsing Hidalgo’s chest with the gnome fire Ru energy fist.
William Sunsing Hidalgo’s body flew backwards again, and his chest ribs were shattered and spit out one mouthful blood. He got up and struggled for a few times and fell back.
"I’ll kill you, beast." Liang Qiwen saw that Sun Xinggang was seriously injured and just fell on his own foot. I didn’t want to chop it with a long fine steel knife.
Feng Yang’s face changed and he quickly shouted to stop it, but it was too late.
Liang Qiwen and William Sunsing Hidalgo are far away from each other. Even if Feng Ling, the phantom of the intermediate martial arts, can’t keep up with his voice, Liang Qiwen’s long knife has cut off Sun Xing’s head and sprayed blood on him, but it still can’t heal his face.
The remaining people were dumbfounded one by one. In addition to grief and indignation, they could not conceal their admiration and admiration. They easily killed the mayor and the old mayor. Four youths were so dramatic that many people have not reacted yet. They were very surprised. This is the authentic Feiyun disciple and the champion of the martial arts club. It is really strong.
Feng Yang returned to the college and Huatian’s opponent had been killed, but Huatian knew that Feng Yang would kill this man before leaving a survivor, but no one expected that this kind of change would suddenly occur, leading to the death of all people.
Feng Yang and Hua Tian are indecisive when they see their disguised faces. If they are ordinary disguised identities, do they need to be disguised so thoroughly?
However, this seems to be an accident. In this case, everyone will have Liang Qiwen’s eagerness for revenge.
After taking care of a funeral, Feng Yang didn’t forget to take William Sunsing Hidalgo and his three personal things away. The number of beast Yuan Dan in the ring made him participate in the border defense war and ransacked it there. Feng Yang and Hua Tian couldn’t help but be astounded. There are more than a dozen five-level beast Yuan Dan alone, and as many as a hundred compared with these guys, they have looted many villages and towns.
Grieving in his heart that Liang Qiwen is such a pillar left in Fengxian town, he has to calmly say, "Fengyang hopes you can take my lady away from here and don’t let her know about her father and grandfather."
"I’m white or I wouldn’t support her," Feng Yang said.
"Thank you," Liang Qiwen said. "The old mayor and the mayor are dead. She is the only seedling of Hu. I don’t want her to have an accident. As you can see, she is a very simple and innocent child. I hope she will always be happy that these sorrows will crush her."
"How are you, Brother Liang? Since we have to go to a town, we will stay soon." Feng Yang said goodbye to Liang Qiwen and left side by side with Alex and others.
Searching for Feng Yang through Yuan Soul Force has found traces of Liu Dongdong and Hu Linlin. I have to say that fate is really mysterious and illusory, but it is really true.
Take Liu Dongdong and Hu Linlin for example. At this time, they tease Warcraft just like two thieves and rascals tease a good woman. It’s called a joy, and their names are so similar and regular.
"Poke it in the eye … Oh, your eyes. How can you poke it in the ass? It’s really … Hey, hey, don’t be too cruel. Poke it. Why are you still stirring it back and forth? It’s disgusting. Throw away your stick."
Liu Dongdong is fighting the exhibition of Warcraft, and Hu Linlin is fascinated by it, while guiding echo each other from the side to make Feng Yang stunned.
"Saved?" Kill Liu Dongdong of Warcraft, throw it away, burst the small wild flowers of Warcraft, and there are still some blood sticks left. Clap your hands and come over.
"Saved" Feng Yang nodded.
"Where are my father and grandfather?" Hu Linlin looked at the wind.
Feng Yang looked the same and said indifferently, "They are safe and sick, but when they heard that his town was still attacked by Warcraft, they rushed to his town first, so that you could experience it with us for a while."
Fengyang is also a black man with a thick face and a thick heart. Even if he knew the process of the incident, Ling Wei and County Yao almost recognized that it was like this when they saw Fengyang’s face.
"Yeah, it’s great to finally go to experience." Hu Linlin heard that she could go out alone and jump three feet high.
Her thick nerves make her unable to recognize this clumsy lie. If Hu Bing and Hu Xiao really have the strength to help his town resist the attack of Warcraft, they will send someone to escort her away. How can she think of this layer if she is such a nervous girl?