Let’s put aside the tea soup for health, but he still needs to rest and relax, and he can’t rely on these things

Looking at the face Yan Liangwei’s broad eyebrows also twisted into Sichuan words "What did you say? There is a fake king of Weijun? "
"Yes, it has been caught." Yan Liang’s back is quite straight and his tone is very certain.
"The king of Weijun has left the secret. Just after he left his front foot, there was a fake eye on his back foot. It was very poisonous. A few months ago, the five emperors of Qi, Xiaoli body double, made a lot of trouble with the emperor. This collar should have him." Wei Tiankuo clearly knows all kinds of situations. Xiaoli has such a person around him. It is understandable that he made a few himself to avoid assassination, but he actually created Weiyuan, which is worthy of further study.
"Huang Weijun Wang should not go far now, and besides, he is worried that there is an ambush on the road. He wants to catch up. At the very least, he should tell Yiweijun Wang to be careful." Looking at Weitiankuo Yan Liang is a little impatient
WeiTianKuo hesitated a little, then said, "I can send the imperial army to catch up immediately and escort him back to Guzhong" without Yan Liang going in person.
"There are not many people who can tell the truth from the truth." At the very least, she can recognize it
This kind of words is worth pondering. Wei Tiankuo can’t help but squint. "Do you have any disputes with the king of Weijun, Yan Catcher?" Yan Liang never does anything. Wei Tiankuo can still be trusted, but if he meets Wei Yuan, he can’t say for sure that the royal blood has always been excellent. People like Wei Yuan have to be moved even if they have a heart of stone to see Wei Yuan, and Wei Yuan seems to be special to Yan Liang.
There was a long silence for Yan Liangkou. "There is one thing about the emperor that you never knew and never said, but the king of Weijun knew that the master was going to be brought back to the emperor from other places for so many years, and the emperor has been living. It seems that the emperor is a stranger, otherwise it belongs to the family Liucheng. At the very least, it belongs to the family Liucheng, whose original surname is Liang’s family. My parents have never remembered all the memories. It is a dark night with a full face of blood. After being sent out of a big house by a heartbroken woman, it is the mountain where I ran for my life. The young king of Wei County, the two of us fled together, and finally we were separated. The Liang family in Liucheng was killed, and the old king of Wei County was also killed. Liang Jiajin didn’t know that the murderer was a person. The king of Wei County has been investigating this matter, and Liang’s family also wanted to find out what killed Liang’s murderer. "A statement was made. Yan Liang told the truth.
WeiTianKuo looked at her how incredible; Wei Tiankuo knew what Wei Yuan had done for so many years and gave him appropriate help. He was able to enter the punishments because Wei Tiankuo wanted to help him.
But I didn’t expect Yan Liang to be an orphan of Liang’s family.
"So the two of you have a long history. I was wrong. The old king of Wei County died in the mysterious Liang family in Liucheng. This matter has not been told to grandpa Yan. Don’t tell people about the investigation. I have never thought of handing it over to punishments for investigation. After all, this involves some secrets that can’t be made public. Since you are an orphan of Liang’s family, it’s also a good idea to investigate this matter. Well, you should go ahead and chase the king of Wei County as soon as possible. Besides warning him to be careful, you should also shoulder the heavy responsibility of protecting him. Because you can recognize the truth and false
"Yes, thank you, Emperor." On one knee, Yan Liang brought his life.
"Let’s go as soon as possible." Wei Tiankuo is also worried that Weiyuan will be ambushed. If it is really a trick, it will be more than a mess.
The ten cities in Guzhong are the most important grain producing areas of Dayan, and we must not be chaotic.
Yan Liang, who left the palace, returned to punishments and set off directly with a good horse that traveled thousands of miles every day.
The horse galloped across the strip and ran all the way out of the gate.
The road is flat and spacious, and the horses are even more unstoppable when they run. The flying dust is everywhere, and they are slowly falling. The thousands of miles of horses have long since disappeared.
The sun slowly falls to the west, and Yan Liang also finds something unusual in the official road.
There is a horse wheel lying in the ditch beside the official road. The broken part inside is very fresh, which shows that it fell off from the carriage not long ago.
Palace carriage is different from ordinary carriage. You can tell whose carriage it is at a glance through the wheels.
And when Weiyuan left, Yan Liang watched him leave the carriage wheel. She naturally knew that this was the carriage wheel that Weiyuan was riding.
She stared blankly for a moment, then immediately vaulted into the Woods.
There were traces of being trampled in the forest, and Yan Liang followed, and then he saw a broken carriage and a dead horse in a big pit.
This is that Weiyuan’s driving can never be fake. Yan Liang looks up and looks around. It’s getting dark and lush, and the Woods are even more hazy and gloomy. It looks a little gloomy.
Turned to Yan Liang and stared at the ground. Traces of being trampled were traced back to the depths of the forest.
The sky is completely dark, and nothing can be seen in the silence and darkness of the mountains. The temperature is low, and it is even colder in the mountains at night. The cloth is penetrated by cold air.
Follow those traces and you can see the mountain at a glance. Although it should be deliberately hidden, you can still see it here.
She swept down the hill without touching her feet, and she jumped off a tree more than ten meters away.
The commanding source of the fire also entered the fundus, and it was on the back of a small ravine.