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Sue cotton gave her a deep look and didn’t speak.

Suddenly the north wind shouted
Yan Gui was dressed in a dark black robe and came with a light breeze at night and moonlight lights. He looked at Su Mian from a distance and didn’t see who else around him would join the war soon.
High winds followed closely by a bunch of guards.
Soon the war situation turned around, and the men in black were losing ground, but they refused to give up. With Yan Gui, it was much easier to bring people the north wind.
Yan Gui killed a black dress person again, which made Su Mian talk.
He came and pulled Su Mian around to see "Are you hurt? Call you frightened. "
"I have nothing to do. I want to catch someone alive. It’s not like a common thief," Su Mian said.
"Well, I’m afraid I’ll close my eyes." Yan Gui smiled and touched her face.
Sue cotton nodded.
Ye Yiwu looked thoughtfully at Yan Gui Song Xinyu, but his nails were broken. Didn’t he see himself?
Most of the men in black have been killed and wounded. Jing Zhaoyin has come with people to join the war.
There are seven men in black who have no intention of surrendering.
Su Mian didn’t think it was right. She realized that these men in black had never spoken from beginning to end, and none of them were killing people.
Seven men in black were cornered, and when they saw that they were defeated, they raised their swords and committed suicide.
No matter how fast the guards did not stop them, they all committed suicide.
One of them didn’t die immediately, but he bit the poison in his mouth and died soon.
Twenty-five bodies were all dead with poison in their mouths and no tongues.
No wonder you can’t talk.
"Let’s go back to the office and don’t be afraid." Yan returned to throw the rotten stall to Jing Zhaoyin and turned to hold Su Mian’s hand.
Su Mian nodded and didn’t want to talk. The smell here is too bad.
The place where Yan Gui saw her was very clean. Her sky-blue embroidered shoes were stained with a little dust without a trace of blood.
Now the whole street is covered with blood, and you have to step on blood no matter how you go.
He frowned and gently picked her up in the "Don’t be afraid" temple, so that you wouldn’t be contaminated with those dirty things.
Sue cotton don’t prevent him so leng smiled with him.
"Jiu Ge, won’t you send us back?" Leaf in accordance with the dance to see him go not only stare big eyes asked
"How to come back" Yan Gui strode forward and ignored the sound behind.
Song Xinyu didn’t speak at last. There is nothing more sad than being treated as angry right in front of her eyes.
What’s the matter with that woman? Why can you make him be so gentle when you are nice?