Naturally, this is the second thought in his heart. The first thought is naturally that Ye Hanxiu is the lowest and best bully among the four of them. Although he narrowly escaped, his injury is still serious!

He still has enough confidence in dealing with the inflammatory yang, but now both sides are seriously injured and it is more advanced to add the inflammatory yang repair. If he wants to continue bullying the inflammatory yang, he is not sure consciously, but he is willing to believe that he will be bullied by the inflammatory yang in turn!
Seems to understand the meaning of Ye Qiu Ye Han although there are some concerns, but in the end he was completely relieved because he was ready to take out the phlogistic cold jade flute to meet when Yan Yang took the initiative to rob him!
The four elders were hesitant at first, but when they saw that they had fought now, they were no longer hesitant to attack them together in the face of inflammation and yang. Now the most important thing is to protect Ye Qiu, or the battle will be too obvious!
However, just as the four elders were about to rush to help Ye Qiu bully the burning sun, a blue shadow flashed and instantly blocked the way of the four of them, and successfully dragged the four people’s minds away from Ye Qiu to show an unusually fierce battle!
Although Ye Qiu’s inflammation was strong and weak, it didn’t show too fast. There were no signs of victory or defeat in several moves until the four elders, Lao Lengling, had met, and they didn’t have any tendency to win or lose!
Compared with Lengling’s side, it seems that she is not so optimistic. Although she has entered the peak realm of Yuan soul, she is still unable to deal with four masters of Yuan soul realm at the same time!
Lengling is not optimistic all the time. Ye Han naturally knows in his eyes that Lengling is pregnant with a fetus, which has a deep influence on her battle. It is this strong man who knows that he has not intervened in the battle!
"Yu Xiao Han Er, give her Yu Xiao quickly!" When Ye Han is in a hurry, a sweet sound will be appropriate to take out Yan Han Yu Xiao without hesitation and throw it at Lengling!
"Linger quickly catches the jade flute!" Ye Han, who sold the jade flute, was busy shouting at Lengling. Lengling heard that out of the corner of his eye, he accidentally fell on the jade flute that flew at her quickly!
Jade flute is surprisingly fast, but it’s not as fast as the four elders. It seems that he noticed that one of the four elders who are powerful in jade flute suddenly withdrew and rushed in the direction of jade flute!
Lengling looked at him and suddenly wanted to say something, but before the words were exported, he was already entangled by the remaining three elders. Don’t talk, even if there is no breathing space, it is better to swallow the words back!
When the four elders left a cold ling, they suddenly felt relaxed, and a lot of recruits became more comfortable. In this case, she was still very cautious. It doesn’t matter if she was injured, but she can’t bring trouble to her children!
At the same time, Ye Han just noticed that the speaker didn’t look closely, but he already knew that it was Ye Rou who woke up just now. Because he and she also had him again, she didn’t know the secret of jade flute, but she also smoked her mind to give directions!
Secretly blunt leaf soft nodded Ye Han hasn’t come to say some words of thanks, and there appeared a banter in my mind. My eyes couldn’t help but fall to the jade flute not far away from my parents.
The yellow and blue phase of the jade flute is just like the jade flute that was fused together in the oasis at the beginning, but now it is necessary to help him, which makes Ye Han feel a little embarrassed!
However, this is not the main reason for Ye Han’s playful thoughts. What he thinks of is another point. Even Ye Rou may not have known Yu Yuxiao’s secret place!
"ah!" A scream came to Ye Han’s mind, which was just born. When the little distance of Yan’s family elders in Yuxiao was pulled in, the screams of Yan’s family elders were endless!
Seeing this situation, Ye Han chuckled and affirmed his thoughts, so he couldn’t help muttering to himself, "It’s a pity that you have practiced for so many years, and even such a simple truth is not white. It’s a pity to die!"
Ye Han voice just leaves soft and can’t help but smiled and asked "cold son what do you mean by this? Did you know this would happen? "
Noncommittally smiled Ye Han conveniently pointed to the nearby jade flute, which had already fallen on the ground and twitched more than inflammation. Then the parents nodded, "Don’t you forget how Yan Xuan died?"
After Ye Han said this, Ye Rou suddenly lost in thought, and after a while, he suddenly realized, "I understand that it was like this. At the beginning, Yan Yu Xiao killed Yan Xuan, and now the merger of Yan Han and Er Xiao is stronger. It is not impossible to kill a master of Yuan soul realm!"
"Ha ha, Rou Er, you think too simply. Although this jade flute is powerful, it will be greatly reduced if you use that power from my hand. Look, he is not dead yet!" Ye Hannai shook his head wry smile way
Hearing Ye Han’s words, Ye Rou couldn’t help blushing. Once upon a time, Ye Han always called him Rou Sister. Although all this had already been broken, she was still embarrassed about this sudden Rou Er!
But at the same time, she is also a little white. Although she defeated a master of Yuan soul realm, Ye Han threw it out at will and it won’t cause life-threatening to her parents!
"But he doesn’t seem to live long!" Just as the leaves are soft and connected to all this, Ye Han is resistant to a wry smile and immediately denies her idea, which makes her have to give Ye Han a hard white look!
Ye Han smiled without saying much, and set his eyes on the nearby Lengling body Lengling. Now the burden is greatly reduced, and it is not natural to have a cold jade flute, Naiye Han, so he can take back the jade flute and hold his own hands!
The 61st world Ye Rou was injured.
Although Ye Rou is protected by him now, he knows that it is still difficult for Ye Rou to protect himself, let alone protect others. He can always be ready to protect himself from the cold jade flute and maybe help Ye Rou!
It seems that Bai Yehan thinks that Ye Rou is busy with a charming smile. "Han Er, do you want to kill someone? Why don’t Rou Er help you? Do you think it’s feasible?"
Hearing Ye Rou’s words, Ye Han suddenly felt embarrassed and smiled naively. "This is naturally good, but you have to Rou Er to let me be a man!"
Ye Han’s words are very obvious. Now he can’t rely on the women around him for help, but he seems to forget that he is relying on his own woman now and that person is his wife Lengling!
It’s not possible that you don’t want to rely on your own woman, but Ye Rou is very white. If you violate Ye Han’s meaning at the moment, it will inevitably cause his dissatisfaction, so she didn’t stop you!
And Ye Han naturally thought that his actions would not be blocked by the words sound just fell and he was already rushing towards the discussion hall and some people who were still shallow were fighting!
Ye Han’s goal is obviously to sit back and watch the field change, but he really wants to rush to help his grandfather Ye Ran. He doesn’t say he doesn’t like this person very much, but he is full of hostilities!
And leaf soft heart also white Ye Han idea know that he is bent on defeating what killed Ye Ran at that time but also dare not stop good will mind pour out Ye Han body ready to help when lost!
Holding phlogistic cold jade flute Ye Han is a great strength increase, but no matter how the magic weapon is repaired by hand, it is of no help. That is to say, although Ye Han holds phlogistic cold jade flute, it is still very difficult to deal with Ye Ran, who is two classes higher than the repair!
This leaf is soft and has to be vigilant at all times, but his vigilance didn’t last long before she managed to converge. It’s not that he no longer worries about Ye Han, but another enemy has appeared in front of her!
Position She is facing an enemy, but from another point of view, he is facing his own grandfather, who is standing at attention in front of her, Ye Qiu’s second brother and Ye Di, Ye Han’s second grandfather!
Ye Di’s appearance didn’t arouse Ye Rou’s good, not because she had already seen Ye Di’s plan, but she just stopped Ye Di from joining Ye Qiu!
From a certain point of view, in addition to preventing her grandfather from helping the place, she wants to keep her family away from this war of right and wrong. After all, the Yan family is not so easy to bully. If you want to bully this family, it is likely that the final result will be bullied!
Besides, the battle is not as simple as the family of Yan’s, but the powerful families of the three empires in mainland China, including Ye’s family and the cold family, are already strong enough. Now, adding these two families, the situation can be imagined!
Leaf is soft, but Ye Di doesn’t seem to have thought of it. What he wants to do most in his heart now is to help Ye Qiu cut out the inflammation. After all, the current situation is about to enter the tail and it has already fallen!
However, he didn’t think that when he was ready to make moves, he set his eyes on Ye Rou’s body, not because she was surprised, but because he wanted to persuade Ye Rou to join his ranks to fight against the anti-inflammatory family!
"Rou Er, listen to grandpa and kill Ye Han!" Ye Di soon exposed his thoughts. Seeing Ye Rou looking at himself, he couldn’t help but pour out his desire to slay Ye Han!