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"Well," Feng Yang put the spell back in its place, and it was impossible for a willing heart to see what the clue was. Feng Yang didn’t buy it directly, but turned and walked towards a child.

The child quickly trotted over and called, "What can I do for you, guest officer?"
"I want to sell Wushu," said Feng Yang indifferently.
The child curiously looked at Feng Yang carefully and immediately smiled and said, "This way, my guest."
Children lead the way and go straight to the backyard of Fuji Store.
Walking into a hall in the backyard, the child went straight to an old man and said, "Boss, the guest official said he would sell martial arts."
Feng Yang and the old man see through each other almost at the same time.
Feng Yang found that although the old man was over sixty, he was still full of energy and had no unusual business image. On the contrary, the old man was quite strong and burly, and the faint breath from himself was also quite strong.
"It’s a strong man." Feng Yang came up with this idea for the first time in his heart, but he didn’t detect the yuan soul force at will. If the old man’s yuan soul force is not weak, he will not cause some unnecessary trouble if he senses that he has found out.
"Well, go out and kill God first." The old man waved the child gently with long sleeves and turned back to kill God.
Instead, the old man’s sharp eyes fell into the wind and immediately smiled and said, "Little friends have martial arts for sale?"
"The order is not high, it’s all white, intermediate and advanced, but there are a lot of them." Feng Yang said calmly.
"How many?" The old man still sat calmly and did not show any expression fluctuation.
"Five advanced white steps and ten intermediate white steps" said Feng Yang, reaching into his arms and taking fifteen techniques out of the jade in his arms. The old man’s eyes seemed to be taken out of his arms.
"Oh?" Old man indecision at the wind Yang face is gave me a gherardini expression.
He can fly cloud city to run the Fu Ji store. Naturally, he is not a pedant. He knows clearly in his heart that he can take out fifteen techniques at one time. There are two possibilities: there is a Fu technician behind him or this young man is a Fu technician who writes novels by hand.
Chapter 53 Death Gambling
Welcome you to come.
Operator technician Wu soul mainland has a detached position, its own characteristics and strange and powerful meta soul make operator technicians have a huge network, and meta soul technology is also an awesome thing.
With this guess in the old man’s heart, he suddenly became a little curious about this young man with fine features. If this 16-year-old boy is really a technician, he can engrave the white-order advanced Wushu at this age, and his achievements in the future are naturally limitless.
The old man’s attitude was polite at once. Looking at Feng Yang, he said, "Please sit down and talk."
The wind Yang went straight to sit Fang Fang and sat silently beside the wind Yang.
Feng Yang directly said, "Boss, please ask for a price."
"Brother, I won’t beat around the bush if I’m so frank, just according to the market price, a white-order senior Wushu with 300 gold, a white-order intermediate gold with 100 gold and a white-order primary gold will not be accepted," said the old man.
"Deal" Feng Yang is not a businessman, but he also knows that Baijie Wushu is not too valuable, but he can earn a lot of money if he wins a lot.
Five white-level advanced and ten white-level primary add up to 2,500 gold.
"This is a two thousand five hundred gold and black crystal card." The old man handed a black card to Feng Yang.
If the wind blows, he takes the black crystal card and slips it into his arms. After that, he looks free and easy, which is a noble sentiment that money is like dirt.
However, it is the first time that Fengyang has lived to be so big to see so much money. I can’t help thinking that it is no wonder that those operators are never short of money.
Looking carefully at the still calm and carefree expression changes, the old man’s heart is also slightly dark and praised, and immediately asked with a smile, "I take the liberty to ask that my little brother should be a technician!" Not like asking questions, but like saying things with answers.
Feng Yang smiled noncommittally and didn’t answer. He immediately got up and said, "I want to try some white-level primary techniques. I don’t know how much it costs."
"Since the little brother needs white-level primary Wushu, just pick it!" The old man said generously that he had heard the wind and said that he would try Yuan soul skill, which made him determine that he guessed in his heart that the young man must be a technician or a temporary order, and probably still had a left and right sides.
White-stage junior Wushu roots are not worth much. Those white-stage junior Wushu cabinets are not patronized even if they are not locked. It is absolutely amazing to be a accommodating person and make a good potential benefit for senior operators in the future.
The advantages and disadvantages of the old man’s change of mind can still be weighed. He personally got up and sent the wind to the store, which surprised the children in the store and some frequent customers
Wang Million, the owner of this open operator shop, has reached the level of Wu Zun. Has the strong ever attached so much importance to a teenager?
Feel that strange eyes wind Yang is somewhat unnatural to sit inside the cabinet and put away the shadow of the white-stage primary Wushu broken water flow, and then the wind Yang casually picked a few white-stage primary techniques to hide his eyes and ears.
Send Feng Yang and Fang Fang to the door of the store. Wang Million, the owner of Fuji Store, said with a smile, "Don’t forget my old man if there is better Wushu for sale after my little brother."
"Boss, where is this? You have to rely on the boss to take more photos." Fang Fang turned away when he nodded and smiled at Wang Million.
Feng Yang is not the kind of mediocre person who shows off his arrogance everywhere. He knows in his heart that it is very important for the world to stand on its own strength. Networking is also indispensable. This old man will naturally not be an ordinary person in a big city like Feiyun City.
After leaving the technical store, I plan to find an inn and wait for the Feiyunmen Admissions Conference three days later.
After visiting Feiyun City for most of the day, I asked at least a dozen restaurants and inns, and all of them were told by the shopkeeper that the rooms were full. Only by sighing that this Feiyun Gate Admissions Conference can really drive Feiyun City’s rapid economic development.