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However, I didn’t expect Yue Danxue to go back. Instead of expressing his meaning clearly, he embellished it and said that he didn’t take Xuan Qigu seriously.

The original Xuan Qigu’s adult may or may not believe Yue Danxue’s story completely, but it really kills people.
The first music is that Xuan Qigu wanted to break his head before he thought of the perfect candidate. The second Yue Danxue turned black and white, and it happened that the people in the morning star pavilion said it to Xuan Qigu’s face, which immediately made Xuan Qigu unable to stand.
How can it be easy to let go of "provocative" Zhang Tao?
Morningstar Pavilion is an elder with the highest strength, Tianshi. He said coldly, "It’s getting more and more outrageous to have scattered repairs now. Although we don’t want to offend people with extraordinary strength, it’s too rampant to ignore Xuanqi Valley."
The Lord of Xuanqi Valley looks gloomy "Yue Danxue"
"Brother!" Seeing the valley owner angry, Yue Danxue is so proud that it can finally be avenged.
The two boys around her are also happy. It is a shame that they were scared away in front of so many villagers. Now it is better for us to help them find their faces.
"You take my cousin to find and bring back this arrogant person who doesn’t look at us in the mysterious gas valley. If you resist, shoot!" Valley master said coldly
It makes no sense! You don’t need to be reasonable, because Xuanqi Valley is powerful, you don’t need to tell you right and wrong, and you need to fight with your fists and kill them. Who dares to make irresponsible remarks?
Others will say that this scattered practice is too arrogant, and they will never blame Xuan Qigu for killing people indiscriminately. This is also the custom of Dongyue mainland. Unless your strength is equal to his, everyone will treat it fairly, otherwise the justice of the law is false.
"Wait" just then the morning star pavilion elders suddenly got up.
"eh? Brother Gu, what do you mean? " The owner of the Xuan gas valley wonders what it is for him to find the morning star pavilion in the Xuan gas valley to stop him.
Valley elders embrace the fuels "Valley Lord’s adult, we Morningstar Pavilion also want to see what the gangster and the like actually dares to offend our two major forces! This time, I came to visit your school and took some law enforcement brothers with me. This time, I just went to see if Dongyue mainland has changed. "
Xuan Gas Valley Master nodded lightly. "It’s very kind of you, Elder Valley. Your law enforcement brothers are congenital and absolutely elite. This madman is bound to suffer."
Yue Danxue’s three people were overjoyed. I didn’t expect to disturb an elder this time. You should know that this elder is also a first-class position when he is at the top of the world. This time, he must be in the bag.
Xiacun, like the past, is due to the addition of a mysterious hidden master. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is more polite to each other. They are afraid that an inadvertent offense will be a mysterious master. It was really unlucky at that time.
The child’s injury soon recovered and his naive romanticism was restored. However, he worships the hidden masters very much. He often tells Zhang Tao that if he can learn from his teacher, he will be able to lead a happy life, so that Xia Village can be protected and rely on to get rid of the situation of fish and meat.
Looking at this child, Zhang Tao couldn’t help thinking that he saw a martial artist who killed the bridled tiger, and he yearned for becoming a martial artist to protect Taixiang Village every day.
I’m afraid my fate would be to stay in Taixiang Village if I hadn’t met him for nine days. "Maybe you can succeed or come true one day." Zhang Tao was ambiguous and said, although Zhang Tao also wants to accept disciples, you can’t do it at will. This was said at the beginning of nine days.
However, if Zhang Tao has the opportunity in the future, he will definitely help children to enter a large school and let him go in to study. "Hey, hey, thank you for your kind words. I know this is unlikely. How can this master accept me?" Although the child is young, he knows a lot. He knows what to look forward to and when not to fantasize.
However, Zhang Tao is slightly sad. This is the different fate of everyone. "Don’t worry, who can tell the future of children?"
"yes! No one can say for sure that I will work hard in the future. "Children’s eyes suddenly filled with perseverance.
Zhang Tao smiled gently, but soon the alarm bell in Xiacun rang again! It’s only been more than a day, and I haven’t relaxed yet, and my mood has been lifted again.
"Everyone will come out soon, and God will come." When you meet God before going different, everyone is in awe, and it is a kind of reverence for Gao Gao Wu Shi, but now? It’s panic, like seeing the end, nai and despair
Zhang Tao’s heart sank and he didn’t want to know what was going on. It seems that he can’t be good. "I think you’d better stay out of the way and don’t rashly appear overseas. The land water is too deep. Your reality is not your opponent." Nanguang certainly knows that Zhang Tao is facing a crisis
"So summer village? What about Scorpio? " Zhang Tao asked if he retreated at this time, then they would be hurt. Can he do this to escape from cowards?
"But your strength can’t protect them. Even if you go to gladiator’s arms as a vehicle, their fate will not reach the level of saints in the end. You can’t fight such a monster," Nan Guang said
Zhang Tao thoughtfully for a moment but was interrupted by a child. "Let’s go and see these gods again, Xiao Guai."
Zhang Tao was held by a child and ran forward, but his heart kept weighing the pros and cons. Suddenly, the other hand was pulled, which made him feel so soft and soft. Zhang Tao knew that this was a female hand "Scorpio?"
"Child, you go first. I have something to say to him." Teana said.
Although the child doesn’t understand her sister’s words, he still wants to listen to "then hurry up". After that, the child walked first.
"Is there anything that can’t be said later?" Zhang Tao asked now what time is this?
Teana suddenly looked at Zhang Tao very seriously until Zhang Tao’s eyes dodged. I didn’t expect that I would be defeated by a woman in the eye.
"You are very grateful to me for your kindness to us in Xiacun Teana, and now they have come to seek revenge again. It must be menacing. It’s too dangerous for good people to stay here. You’d better go. No one will find you." Teana said very seriously.
"Teana I" Zhang Tao also wants to explain that he still wants to struggle for a moment, but Teana interrupted Zhang Tao’s words very seriously. "Gong Teana knows that although you don’t know who you really are, Teana knows that you are a good person and still a very powerful person."
The heavenly words finally silenced Zhang Tao. He didn’t continue to refute, "What if I leave Xiacun now?" This sentence has already admitted his identity.
I didn’t know that Teana was very moved. "Gong Teana didn’t think wrong, so it was you."
Zhang Taoyu said that Teana didn’t finish the confirmation, but tested herself. "Don’t worry, Teana will agree to their requirements and naturally nothing will happen. The summer village will be intact and damage Teana will be fine."
Zhang Tao shook his head. "You must not choose Teana like this until the last moment. You have to believe me and I will take care of it."
Teana looked at Zhang Tao with a firm look and nodded her head. She knew that this was the world of martial arts, and many things were not something she could interfere with or control.
Zhang Tao walked past holding the hand of nature. There were three people coming from Yue Danxue, and two people behind her seemed to be innate masters. "That friend is lurking in Xiacun, please come out and meet us. We are from Xuanqi Valley."
"Hum, it seems that you didn’t get my words out very well." Zhang Tao snorted that one or two innate masters were all slightly changed. "Is the pavilion a master who hides his head and shows his tail? Don’t you dare to meet people? "
"Teana is the lifeblood of Xiacun. If you take the villagers away, will they live? Is Xuanqi Valley so overbearing? " Zhang Taoyin came out again.
"It’s demeanour for Ge to bully the young players. Now we come here on behalf of Xuanqi Valley, and you refuse to show up. It’s contempt for Xuanqi Valley. If you don’t come out again, don’t blame us for making extreme measure." The two innate masters are unpreparedness to Zhang Tao dialect, but they say something.
Zhang Tao’s face changed slightly. It seems that deep down in their hearts, these big brothers don’t treat civilians as people. They may be polite on weekdays, but they want to kill them at all times.
Teana looked at Zhang Tao Zhang Tao’s expression "Trust me", and then Zhang Tao divided the crowd and went out!
Zhang Tao went out to the instant summer village and boiled "Xiao Guai?" It’s a little monster. This is because they didn’t expect a foreigner who wrapped himself up to be a mysterious master in Xiacun.
Children stare big eyes and look at this story that they tell themselves every day. If they are sexual, they will wrap themselves up. He can’t believe that his worship is actually the people around him. At this moment, Zhang Tao has become more strange to children.