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Ink Lin nodded slightly and felt that the cervical vertebra pain was going to break.

Moon Star Evil and Yang Li hold Mo Lin’s legs, Luo Sandy and Ling Hu Zi hold Mo Lin’s arm, and the four of them work together to lift Mo Lin and put him firmly on the "big foot board" of the bicycle into a stretcher.
Mo Lin has no wound in his physical appearance, but he feels that all his bones are broken and his muscles are torn. Although he has rested for a while, Yue Xing Xie also fed him a pill, but he still can’t move everyone. He made a stretcher and carried him to the bicycle.
Three self-propelled vehicles are still in the same place, except for one that was damaged by Bibi, the other two remain the same, and there is no loss of goods.
Ling Huzi found Xue Mu’s body and dug a hole for burial. She lost two companions all the way and went through a narrow escape test. Everyone felt a little heavy.
"I hope the road ahead will be smoother." Linghu Zi sighed in a low voice after a moment of silence.
"Bang!" As soon as her voice fell, they heard a muffled sound behind her. They looked back in astonishment but saw nothing strange.
"bang!" Once again, this time, listen carefully. The sound comes from the bicycle.
"Is there a monster beast?" Los Sandy holding just back black double eyes combative.
"It seems to be a sound coming from a wooden box." Linghu Zi walked towards the bicycle and saw the car shaking from box to box, and then a "bang" came out.
"Someone inside" Ling Huzi jumped out of the car and untied the rope of the wooden box.
I don’t know how to cram my fat body into a small wooden box. I looked up and saw that it was Linghu purple. He took a long breath and said with a Kuqiang tone, "Help me …"
I didn’t know until I asked everyone to rescue Nanhengfei that when everyone was fighting fiercely with Snake Sanqing and others in the depths of the swamp that day, he was knocked unconscious by someone. When he woke up, he found himself in a wooden box.
"It’s all that Ah Huan who plays tricks," Mo Lin said. "It has the ability to become human. We must be careful."
They listened to all some lose looking at other people’s hearts uneasy.
Mo Lin smiled and laughed. "Don’t worry, the otter raccoon dog just escaped and probably won’t come back."
Linghuzi also smiled. "Everyone is still alive, which is worth being happy. This is not a long-term place. Let’s hurry up and start."
The damaged self-propelled goods were transferred to the other two cars, and the Molin resettlement team started again.
Although everyone is still very confused about a series of strange events that happened last night, no one wants to stay here.
The Everglades, which represents death, will soon be left behind, and the team will go all the way along the road to the east, and then it will take about ten days to enter the military territory.
The seven families of military strategists are famous for making weapons, and their close combat ability is also the strongest among the seven families.
According to Ling Huzi, a hundred soldiers arrived in the south of Qinling Mountains to the east, and the sea, mountains and seascapes complement each other. Molin has never seen what the sea is like, and he is very longing for the tour of Hundred Soldiers City all the way.
Since the road team has never encountered any danger again, Moon Star Evil has specially prepared some herbs from Molin when the villages along the road are replenished.
In three or four days, Molin still has to endure the severe pain test, and there is no moment to be stable. Anyway, lying on a stretcher can’t move Molin. Just count the places that hurt, and count them for a hundred.
In the midst of severe pain, Molin tried to go into silence to drive away the pain, which was actually very effective. After four or five days of hard work, he actually succeeded in forgetting the physical torture and entering a state of silence several times.
There is one thing that makes Mo Lin wonder. Not long ago, he felt that the true qi near the root wheel was loose, but since he woke up, his true qi there seems to have become a pot of porridge. If the former root wheel is floating in a mass of true qi, now it is soaked in sticky liquid. Mo Lin doesn’t know what will happen. I can wait until I get back to Mo Zhe Village to ask Zhu about it.
However, this new feeling is very comfortable, which makes Mo Lin more aware of the essence of qi. Lying on a stretcher, he keeps trying to light up his body with qi. Although it will make his body more painful every time, he enjoys it.
In this way, after seven days, the physical pain gradually eased, and Molin was able to walk by himself. After ten days, his body was back to normal. Is it occasional strenuous activity or will it hurt?
As the team has been moving eastward, the scenery has changed greatly with Mozi Village in the southwest of the mainland. Near Mozi Village, there are sunsets, hills and mountains, and the best scenery is mountains. The farther eastward, the more rivers there are.
If the scenery of sunset mountains is heavy ink, then the scenery of oriental lakes and mountains is an understatement. The colorful ink forest feels the charm of different regions and has a clearer understanding of life.
"I caught it!" Molin excitedly shook his fish in the barefoot stream.
There are many river fish in the clear stream. When you shake the rocks in the stream, the fish will rush out clumsily. Mo Lin’s hand quickly caught the two biggest ones in one hand.
Molin handed the fish to Luo Sandy and Ling Huzi, and carefully scraped the scales and cut the belly of the fish. After the fish was cleaned up, the branches were put on and the bonfire was baked for a while, and the aroma of grilled fish entered the nose.
"It’s delicious, Sandy. Your craft is almost catching Aunt Luo." Molin ate grilled fish and praised Luo Sandy’s craft.
"I baked that one," Linghu Zi said angrily.