Thick, steady and serious, the door of the house slowly hit Xie An, Mrs. Xie and Mrs. Liu helped Mrs. Xie to come out, and the others followed. The whole house was quiet and quiet, and there was no one there.

"thank you?" Lushi looked at one person frowned at the gate, and the fundus seemed to still have doubts; Feeling the heavy and depressing breath, my heart couldn’t help hanging in my throat.
"…" Xie An lowered his head and lowered his eyes and shook his head with a frown. "Didn’t I let him stay here? This Xie is getting more and more amazing! "
Mrs. Xie listened to the face self-effacing and took Lu’s hand and turned to Xie Andao. "It may be that there is something to delay Aner temporarily. Don’t be too harsh on Xie. Is it O Shouer that we owe Xie Gu O Shouer?" She said with a deep sigh, and even with her eyes, she couldn’t help but feel gloomy for a few minutes and then said, "Remember not to be too anxious about things in Hengwu Garden. Now we haven’t handled things well in our own house. Even if Yier comes back, it’s … A-wei.
Geng Shi temperament Although they have known something, they have never known that money has come to such a point. What was the marriage of Xie Jiageng’s family in those days? Even if you look at the Xie Jiaen’s kindness to Geng’s family in those years, you won’t do too much … It’s hard to draw a tiger’s skin and paint a bone.
Xie Wei bowed his head and there were some things that others could blame, but he was not qualified to be a grandchild.
From the courtyard of the house, the whole garden seems to be like a person or far away, and everyone is running away to live. It seems that something terrible has happened. The blue sky and white clouds are hanging high in the autumn sun, and the sun is not burning, which makes people feel warm.
"To greet the old lady, I have met the two young masters, the master and the lady." Suddenly, another servant girl hurried to greet them with a dirty look and planned to leave.
"What the hell happened?" Xie Yi is the load in front of the girl.
The servant girl looked at her young age and looked at several masters’ eyes, but she knew that their minds were not what she could guess at will and bowed her head quickly. "Report to my young master that the ancestral temple has gone astray. Manager Xie asked us all to put out the fire. Handmaiden should hurry up."
After saying his word, the servant girl lowered her head and even her voice trembled.
Next to the old lady Xie and others are all stunned by Xie An’s wide eyes with thick disbelief. Holding the sleeve of the servant girl has a deep voice and deep depression. "What did you say? Is the ancestral hall gone? "
"Yes, yes," the servant girl swallowed hard and couldn’t move.
"Anxious son, help me quickly!" When Mrs. Xie suddenly came to her senses, she suddenly felt that her black body had unconsciously fallen backwards. Mammy finally helped her not to fall down. She tottered and murmured, "How can you walk with water?"
Xie Yi’s face expression didn’t change at all, but it was at the bottom of the eyes that he turned his head toward the flow with condensation and thought. "Let’s go and have a look, too."
"Dad, let’s go and have a look." Xie Zhen suddenly turned to Xie Wei in a hurry. "Eldest brother and sister were also made ancestral halls by their grandfathers. I don’t know what happened to them."
Xie Wei listened to the flash point and nodded "Well, let’s go."
"Then go and go!" Xie An took a deep breath and said that he was not in a hurry. After all, Xie Yu and Xie Qi were made ancestral halls by him. If anything happens to these two children, Xie Wei, the big boy, has already identified with himself. If that is the case, even the father’s mutual affection will be worn away.
Thought of here, Xie Anxin hung fiercely in the ancestral temple, which was served by Xie Jia’s ancestors. Although most of them have been with them for a long time, they are also superficial and have no substance, but the old lady Xie Jia’s memorial tablet is also served there. Xie An and Lu are also in a hurry. Even Mrs. Xie never felt that she could walk so fast, which was half an hour’s journey from the courtyard of the house to the ancestral temple. They just shortened the usual time and mostly trotted over.
When the time comes, they should be solemn and solemn, and the ancestral temple is already in a state of war.
People come and go, both men and women, are busy at the moment with buckets and wooden pots carrying water, and their feet are trotting and splashing pots of water into the house, but the fire is still spreading.
Seeing Xie An and his party trotting over from a distance, Geng Shi trembled and then retreated silently. Xie was greeted early. "Master, old lady, young master, why are you all here? It’s smoky in this place. You’d better go back to the main hospital and rest." He raised his hand and covered his lips and coughed hard. His face had already been smoked into black.
"No, no!" Mrs. Xie looked at the servant girl who kept coming in and out of the ancestral hall with smoke and buckets; What should have been a dry and neat courtyard is already a mess. She swallowed hard and grabbed Xie’s arm with both hands. Tears dropped down the corner of her eyes. She was already stunned. How could the turbid tears be suppressed? "How could this happen? How could this memorial tablet be? What about the memorial tablet inside? Where is the master’s tablet? "
Xie listened, but his face was still ugly with his head down. He gritted his teeth. "I found that the fire was too big to get into the water to rescue the memorial tablet, but don’t worry, old lady. Don’t worry; All memorial tablets are made of iron wood, which is not so easy to burn. "
"You mean those tablets are still inside?" Looking at the people who can occasionally see the fire coming out of the ancestral temple, the fire fighting speed is far less than the fire spreading speed. Mrs. Xie suddenly felt physically black at the moment and finally fainted.
"Old lady, old lady!" They immediately worried about the fire again.
"Empress!" Xie An knelt down to help the old lady Xie and turned to roar at Xie An. "Don’t call someone to send my mother back to Mrs. Fang. You take people to take care of her. I’ll watch here."
Lushi is some worry "but but …"
"What’s to be sleepy now?" Xie An’s tone is not good, but Lu knew that he was in a hurry and nodded at Mammy Cheng next to him. "Then let’s send Mother back to her room first, and you should be careful to watch the fire. Don’t be silly." Others don’t know what Master Xie means to the old lady and Xie An. Xie An’s bedside person has never taken a concubine for many years because of Master Xie’s things, and even the connecting room maids were treated by Master Xie before she was married. It is false to say that it is not moved. Now Master Xie’s memorial tablet ancestral hall is in danger of being burned down at any time. She is equally anxious, but she is more alive than that cold memorial tablet.
Xie An listened to Lu’s long-winded words and stopped. "I know."
"Then let’s go first."