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At this moment, Hua Fei looked at the cold side of the emperor and hooked a radian, but she didn’t even have the courage to face it

Just when she was frightened by this sentence, the mocking voice of the emperor sounded again. "Even though you don’t know what he did, he is your slave. Do you think he committed such an absurd crime that he wants to be beheaded? Can you pretend that nothing happened?"
Huafei’s eyes blurred with a slight shock of tears.
Stagnant breath in panic, "the emperor beg you to tell male and female servants what crime he committed and will become a corpse lying here, ok? I really know what he’s doing. Will the emperor tell me first? "
The emperor slightly narrowed his eyes. It seems that Hua Fei is a dubious attitude. If she wants to explain a few more words, she can win the emperor’s sympathy and get rid of this dog slave completely.
"Emperor …" She was messy and raised her voice and cried awkwardly. "Do you believe that even if you really want to let your male and female servants die once, don’t be a male and female servant and be a confused ghost?"
Smell speech emperor suddenly low laugh.
Man is indeed the most complicated creature in this world. At the moment, Huafei’s expression is really fake enough.
"I’ll let you be a Honky."
It’s as cold as the frost in the twelfth month, and the voice falls on the emperor’s thin lips and tightly purses into a straight line. "This dog slave is the one who sent the shallow imperial concubine to Yujiaoge yesterday by false imperial edict! He’s just a slave. Do you think he would be so bold to do such a thing? Hua Fei doesn’t need him. A false imperial edict is enough for you to die a hundred times! "
Huafei looked at him stupefied, dark and deep eyes like deep pools, where it was cold or cold.
There is no emotion in him.
Her heart seemed to jump out of her throat with a shock in her chest. "If the emperor wants male and female servants to make amends, or if the emperor kills male and female servants for offending the shallow imperial concubine, then the emperor just says that there is no need to bother male and female servants like this. One heart will always say to the emperor that male and female servants will die … No words!"
She bet that she is weak and the emperor will understand. Chapter 594 There must be something else to hide.
But she obviously thinks too much, and no one can make him soft-hearted except Feng Shao.
When I heard the words, the emperor sneered coldly. "Since you want to die so badly, I certainly won’t stop you, but don’t attribute the reason to Feng Shao-shen. She has nothing to do with this matter. She loves me. If you really have something to do, take my hand. Don’t think about framing a weak woman all day!"
Huafei’s body was so pale that there was no trace of blood in her lips that she bit it and gradually oozed a bit of purples.
It’s not just that there are concubines in her place, but it’s because of the emperor’s words that she was severely shocked.
Phoenix shallow love is given by the emperor.
They shouldn’t be aiming at that woman, should they?
No, it’s not.
If there were no such women in the world, wouldn’t the emperor look at them more?
When the emperor saw a picture of Hua Fei, it seemed that he couldn’t even say words. The eyebrows were all cold and mans turned to look at Zhang Jin and motioned for him to bring people in.
See the emperor this move huafei will know that big bad.
Waiting for her today seems to be not as simple as that dog slave.
Zhang Jin is a Dali Temple official who is also good at investigating cases. Today, he has been staring at Huafei all the time and wants to distinguish something from her face expression.
So he certainly didn’t miss the look of shock and consternation when Huafei saw the little eunuch.
The first reaction of people’s consciousness is not to say that Huafei has nothing to do with this matter. He doesn’t believe it, but he doesn’t believe it either if it is said that Huafei does everything alone.
In a complicated mood, people brought jade. He saw Hua Fei’s pupil shrink sharply again.
At that moment, he was almost sure that it was not that simple to fake the imperial edict to the little eunuch.
When she saw the little eunuch lying on the ground, Hua Fei’s eyes flashed with extreme fear and shock, as if things had long been out of her control. However, when she saw Jade, she was more afraid but less shocked.
So there must be something else in it.
Emerald was carried in. According to the degree of her punishment at the moment, she has walked by herself. Her face, body and hands are all bruised, and there are traces of being beaten by whips and boards everywhere.
Dragging a room full of blood stabbed everyone’s eyes and shocked everyone’s hearts.
Think of jade just "new testimony" at the moment will be so everyone can’t help but look at the emperor in astonishment.
Did the emperor punish him for saying those words?
If that’s the case, the emperor also asked her to testify?
But it’s not impossible. After all, people have been beaten like this. What’s the point of refusing to talk?
Isn’t there a word called torture?