"Ha ha ha ha ha this time I can really be a warrior. With so many abilities, I can contribute to world peace." Yang Ye stretched out his arm and "Be a modern swordsman who helps the weak in addition to the strong …" Yang Ye was stretching out his arm and suddenly felt something was missing and suddenly woke up. "Holy shit! Where’s my sword? -it’s over! It must have just fallen over there … "

Mrs. Yang Lao looked at Yang Ye and came over and patted Huaner on the head. "There are two things you should remember. First, you are not allowed to mess around. If anything happens to your ability, I will take it back!" Mrs. Yang Lao said that Yang Ye was absent-minded and gave him another "listen up!" Every time I return to my own place, there will be a period of true ability, which means that if I don’t take back your ability, so will you. For a while, it will be no different from those ordinary humans. Do you remember? "
"Can’t you? How long will it take? " Yang night hear Mrs Yang Lao words surprised and angry.
"This depends on the length of completion. I can’t help it." Mrs. Yang became serious. "Remember that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility."
"Know the old lady! But I finally ask you one thing, "Yang Ye promised with an anxious face." Can you send me back for a few minutes so that I can get my sword back? I like it very much! "
"You hurry to go for me!" Mrs. Yang Lao heard that she was so angry that she lifted her foot and kicked Yang Ye into the crossing door.
Yang Ye dragged Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to the old lady Yang at the last moment and shouted, "Old lady, how dare you play the leading role! Chapter won’t let you play ~ ~ ~ ~ "
The update was a little late, and finally I pushed it. I like my friends to collect it quickly, otherwise it’s hard to find such a smelly fart …
◎ Yang fought in the night to pursue troops across the country.
◎ The pursuers of the State of Yue are all former guards and brothers.
◎ A fight scene, guards lead self-mutilation.
Fearing that the pursuers from the state of Yue would come, and fearing that the words of crossing the foreign gate in front of these guards and brothers would frighten them, Yang Ye made sure that the guards and brothers were not seriously injured, then shed tears and bid farewell to the guards and brothers with many injuries, and took Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to run to the distance.
Before he left, the guard commander had been able to stand up with the help of hands. Yang Ye was the guard commander respectively, and several guards and brothers nearby hugged him tightly. He was a very emotional person, and he was very moved by these good brothers who interpreted friendship with flesh and blood although they didn’t know each other for a long time.
"What will you tell the King when you go back?" Yang night asked 1.
"Be sure to tell us that we all hurt ourselves a little bit, just say that we are not the opponents of the fugitive Fan Li." The guard commander smiled slightly and covered his abdominal wound with one hand. "Besides, the king has listened to the undercover of the State of Wu, Fan Xiong. Don’t worry, everything is not difficult to explain."
"This ….." Yang Yehuan looked around for a week and saw that there were blood hanging around him. The nose of the guard brothers was a little sour again. "Thank you very much for this matter!"
"Don’t say much about brothers!" Around more than one hundred guards brothers shouted 1.
"good! Brothers, I will definitely come back for you! Let’s drink and eat meat together again! " Yang night fuels eyes fever quickly turn over the horse with Xi Shi and Zheng Dan galloping away.
Behind him, more than 100 guards and brothers looked far away. Yang Ye waved his hands and sang "Love and righteousness are worth a thousand dollars ~ ~ ~" …
After riding a horse for a long time, I can’t see the guards and brothers. Yang Ye bridled the reins and turned over the horse, and gently pulled Xi Shi and Zheng Dan to horses respectively.
"Brother, I can’t believe that you and the palace guards also get along like brothers." Zheng Dan looked at Yang night with flashing eyes, and his eyes were more amorous.
"I don’t like to distinguish the high and the low so clearly, because I am a person who has mixed up from the poor." Yang Ye took the reins.
"Brother, I don’t know why the King of Yue has let us go, but why do you go back on your word and send someone to kill us?" Xi Shi looked at Yang’s body spattered with blood at night, and he was still in shock.
"Ha ha, I guess he won’t let us go so easily. At that time, he let us go because there were so many ministers and soldiers around him. He wanted to show his king’s mind and verve in front of those people to tell you that the language won’t live long." Yang Ye smiled and put away the reins, patted his horse’s ass and ran out.
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan nodded thoughtfully and suddenly saw that Yang Ye was shocked by this move. Xi Shi quickly asked, "Brother! Why did you drive the horse away? Are we going to your house on foot? "
"On foot? What are you going to do? Here it is! " Yang night with a smile
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Here?" Xi Shi and Zheng Dan stare big eyes and look around. Where is the house? How do you say this is the senior brother’s house?
Yang Ye smiled and followed Mrs. Yang Lao’s instructions. Her right hand held her left wrist secretly, but she didn’t lift her sleeve. Yang Ye also felt that the red mark on her left wrist had spread. In an instant, a piece of land flashed out in front of Yang Ye, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, like clear water and Bai Bing. frontispiece came and looked like a mirror, but there was no figure in the mirror. The mirror was slightly turbulent like water waves.
"Brother!" Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were shocked and fled to Yang night, pointing to the micro-swinging mirror door and shivering behind them.