He paused and added, "What’s more, in many places in your story, you just said it. According to my keen intuition, I think there is something untrue in it."

Rainbow nodded. "This is the story that the master told me. I’m not sure whether it’s right or not."
The monkey nodded and stopped talking.
Ningqing took a step forward. "I’ll tell you."
Xiao gave her a surprised look. "What’s so sad about your pampered family?"
"Of course." Ningqing took a gentle look at it. "Little brother, I said this story is with you."
Xiao Zhang has a big mouth.
"That was when I was very young. I was years old that year." Ning Qing’s tone was very low and slow. "Children born in rich families must be very happy, but they don’t know that children born in rich families can enjoy rich materials that other children can’t imagine, but they often can’t get the most basic affection, such as me."
"When I was a child, my parents were very busy. They had to deal with the company all day, let alone accompany me when I was eating at home. I almost had no memory of my parents in my childhood, and I felt very unhappy and lonely. Then I suddenly had an idea that I wanted to run away from home."
"Of course, there is no shortage of nannies and bodyguards in our Ning family. My parents never thought that the little girl worried in their eyes would have the courage to do such a bold thing. Although I have been with two bodyguards and two nannies for a long time, I succeeded. I ran away from home in a dress I bought the day before in late autumn night."
"I walked in the thin twilight for a long time, and then I felt that my body was freezing, but I didn’t want to go back. I felt that there was no warmth at home until dawn. I found that my stomach was hungry, and I suddenly remembered that I couldn’t find a place to eat. I felt very weak against the wall of the street corner as if I would die at any time, but no one on the street wanted to look at me again. I felt that the world was as cold and full of intrigue as my grandfather described the shopping mall, but at this time I saw a big brother."
Xiaoyue became more and more familiar with this bridge. He had heard Xiao Yun talk about it a long time ago, but later Xiao Yungen lied to him. He never expected Ning Qing to tell the story again at this moment.
Xiaoyin is full of surprises. "Don’t you … you are …"
"It’s my little brother, I’m the little girl." Ning Qing’s eyes are a little moist. "My big brother is very kind to me. He took off his clothes and put it on me. He asked me if I was lost. He also gave me breakfast in his hand, but I dare not say a word. I always remember my grandfather’s words. I don’t believe that there will really be private devotees. Although my big brother has warm eyes, I think he must have an agenda for me."
"Since he wants to plot me, why can’t I cheat him first? If he doesn’t give me clothes and breakfast, I will definitely starve to death and freeze to death. When he asked me to go with him, I immediately went with him and stopped him from asking me some ways to answer questions. I even thought of pretending to be dumb. "
"Big brother lives alone. He has to go to class late every day before he can go home. He buys me breakfast early every day and cooks for me every night. He has to do laundry, clean up the house and clean up. He is busy all day and … he is thin. He has been thinner since I came."
"Big brother is poor because I can skip breakfast every day. He really wants to send me home, but I am dumb and can’t write. He has no choice but to support me. Whenever he wants to send me to the police station, I will hold his hand and never go out. He doesn’t want to force me to live there day by day."
Ning Qing’s face was full of remorse and whispered, "At that time, I always thought he wanted to send me home to ask my family for money. While quietly despising him, I kept making trouble for him. Every day, I made a mess of my home. I often deliberately went to rummage through his bag and tore up his business … I even watered his shoes when he went to bed at night. When I was young, people were always very stubborn. I decided that he was a bad guy. How did he treat me? I thought he had ulterior motives. The better he treated me, the more I thought he was hypocritical until that day …
"I sneer at my heart. I think he finally can’t hold on and wants to showdown with me. He wants to force me to go home and ask my parents for money. I want a lot of money. I can’t give him a chance. I think he is a bad man. I must let him draw water from a bamboo basket." Ning Qing’s tears finally flowed. "So I sneaked away that night. I didn’t go far. I was hiding in the corner, watching my big brother find me all night. The next day, my brother didn’t go to class. I hid outside all night and I caught a cold."
"Actually, I am a very delicate girl. I feel homesick when I catch a cold, so I went home. When I went back, my parents were both at home. It is said that they have been looking for me for a long time. It is said that the newspaper searching for you has been overwhelming, but no one expected that I lived in a small shack not far from them for more than a month."
"I think it’s ironic that when I was at home, my parents never looked at me again, and when I disappeared, they stayed at home every day as if they were so worried. I think this contrast makes me feel that they are really puzzling, and their anxiety and worry these days are all self-inflicted."
"I have a cold, but I can go home. My big brother has a cold, but he can hold on by himself. It’s already two days later when I think of my big brother again. When I think of my big brother, I suddenly have a strong desire to see how he is. Is he still in bed? Are his parents back? Does he remember me? This desire is so strong that I can’t go out at once, but my parents just got me back. How can they let me sneak out again? I can tell them the truth that my big brother took me in for a month. "
"People’s hearts are fickle. I think my big brother is a bad person, but at this moment I suddenly miss his breakfast. He smiles, his warm eyes and his shoulders are not wide. I think I have no complaints even if he extorts more money from my parents."
"Of course, my parents don’t want me to go out. They want me to tell you the specific address and then ask the driver to pick someone up." Ning Qing’s face turned a little pale and her voice trembled. The expression of guilt and regret has reached the extreme. "But I never thought that my whim had caused the biggest tragedy in the world!"
She quietly put her nails into the meat, but she didn’t realize it. She whispered, "I remember very clearly that it was November 5, ten years ago …"
Small fist Mo clenches the veins stood out in an instant and clearly stands out. He took a long breath and whispered, "November 5th …… that’s …"
Ningqing suddenly grabbed Xiao Yi’s arm and threw herself into Xiao Yi’s arms. Tears immediately began to sweat, but in a blink of an eye, she wet her little clothes and cried, "Little brother, I’m sorry I was wrong. I really didn’t mean to. You must forgive me."
Laughing and laughing at ordinary times has always been a sunny teenager who doesn’t seem to know anything about sorrow, but his expression at the moment can’t say that his face is cold and gloomy, and his face is uncertain, and he has a terrible blue color. Even the veins standing out near his temples are jumping, and his eyes are shining with fierce light, staring straight at Ning Qing’s body, which is slightly undulating because of sobs. His eyes are beating like ink, and the fragrance is limited to the beautiful scenery. But he is staring at it like staring at mud and stones. How can there be any warmth in his eyes?
It lasted for a few minutes. Xiaocai slowly raised his hand and touched Ningqing’s back. "Don’t cry. It’s not your fault."
Light rainbow looked frightened and curious. "What’s going on, little brother?"
Small teeth. "I remember very clearly that my parents had an accident and the driver was surnamed Ning!" " He spat out his breath and added, "And this driver has drunk."
The driver surnamed Ning naturally was ordered to pick up the driver, but Ning Qing’s parents never thought that the day was the day when their parents came back, and they even thought that they would send the driver to meet someone at the gate and kill them on the spot!
It can even be said that all the orphans are thanks to Ning Qing. If he had not kindly brought Ning Qing back, nothing would have happened.
But it’s not over yet. It’s really ironic.
Because the car accident was caused by the driver’s drunk driving, the circumstances of the car accident were more serious. It happened that the driver was still a blood relative of Ning’s family. After the car accident, Ning’s family tried every means to help the driver get rid of the crime. On the one hand, they hired top lawyers at a high price, on the other hand, they also sent lobbyists to find the families of the deceased, that is, they wanted to give up and pursue the matter. Of course, they were willing to pay a large sum of money or promised to work after graduation.
It seems that they are sure to deal with a mere child in such a three-pronged way.
However, a lot of their behind-the-scenes work didn’t come, so xiao qing easily agreed to their demands, not only agreeing to their demands, but also giving up the so-called "a lot of money" and "work promise". He took the compensation he deserved and turned around with a cool look. When he left, he left a message, "Please tell the driver to be careful when he got back from the car, so as not to bring harm to others."
For Ning’s family, this sentence is naturally the so-called ability to highlight the child’s stupidity. After returning home, the driver is very vivid and imitates the small accent to tease and have fun. This scene falls into Ning Qing’s eyes, but he can’t say his heartache.
Without shedding a tear, she clenched her fist in her room and quietly told herself, "Big brother is the best boy in the world. He is kind, brave, generous, hardworking and strong, but I accidentally hurt him severely. Now that it has happened, the only thing I can do is to marry my big brother when I grow up and make up for the trauma I have given him all my life!"
This sentence reflected Ningqing’s heart and spent a long time with her for ten years until she found the whereabouts of "Big Brother" again.
Six months after this incident, Ning Qing’s parents were in a car accident on the way to the airport in a driver’s car, and three people were seriously injured and died on the spot. Perhaps this is also an act of God. When the news of her parents’ death came, Ning Qing was smiling and watching cartoons in the living room. When she heard the news from her grandfather’s mouth, she was very surprised and could not feel the pain in her heart, but she was late for half a year and suddenly burst into tears!
Xiaoli shook her head and threw away her past memories and patted Ningqing on the shoulder. "Forget it and let it go."