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How many saints and strong men are there? Chinese blood begonia Qin Huanran Qin Zhen Mo Ying Wushan old man Wang Jia sisters and so on are all honour person levels.

Nan Guang and Fu advocated that Tao was naturally a saint, and then Mo Lengfeng appeared. Everyone didn’t know him. Of course, he was also recognized as a man from Jiu Wen Fu, and there were three peak saints around Zhang Tao. Everyone couldn’t help but gasp.
See mo cold wind appear the biggest reaction is the Wangs sisters this man, but they met again after many years nemesis that stranded in the heart of fear but still mo cold wind seems to feel the Wangs sisters eyes coldly turned to look suddenly let the Wangs sisters charming body trembling.
And Dong Dao and others are smiling when they see Mo Lengfeng. Zhang Tao has been back several times. This is the first time to see Dong Dao and Yu Song Tian Rao, and Mo Lengfeng will gently nod his head to express his respect.
The strength of JIU ge fu has been finished before everyone, and the attitude of Wan Bao Zhai and Bao Qiao Ling to JIU ge fu has also made all families secretly lose heart. This rising star has directly surpassed the whole Dongyue mainland, so there is no family or power outside China that can be compared with JIU ge fu for a long time.
It’s much easier than being satisfied with the shocking effect caused by yourself. Seeing Zhang Tao gently fuels and then devoting himself deeply to pay tribute to the family in the place.
But because of such a small move, all the family heads got up and replied! Almost at the moment, I got up and suddenly caused a loud noise, which also caused it to be obvious that the waves were spectacular, which is why Zhang Tao was respected.
"I, Zhang Taobi, am honored to let all your predecessors come here all the way" is another deep bow.
"Tianwen House will also need your advice and help in the future, but today it is not Zhang Tao Jr. who will hold the conference instead. My purpose this time is to visit the Northeast Grassland Cancer Temple!" After a ceremony, Zhang Tao turned to the topic. When people heard that the temple was mostly clenched.
How much damage did the temple’s soul-controlling spell method cause to the major sects and families when it entered the overseas land? Now in the past few years, everyone still forgets.
Especially those who are controlled by the mind-controlled curse method are gnashing their teeth. When Zhang Tao said the word temple, many people talked about it. Their faces were full of hate expressions. If Zhang Tao hadn’t spoken, they might have been angry.
"The temple, which has been threatening our overseas land for many years, is not only the former soul control curse method to control everyone but also took my woman! It is time for us to unite and eradicate the temple together, but now that our old wounds have healed, "said Zhang Tao."
I didn’t hide the fact that Poison Cloud and Wang Jun were taken away, and I didn’t help everyone in my own way. On the contrary, it was a pleading attitude that needed everyone’s help.
"Little Zhang Tao begged everyone to help me save my confidante and raze the temple in one fell swoop." Zhang Tao looked sincere and bowed deeply. This humble attitude was immediately echoed by everyone.
Although Zhang Tao is kind to everyone, there is no way to ask everyone to repay. This will not make foreigners feel disgusted, but will arouse their hatred and gratitude.
Now Zhang Tao is not the original wooden boy who speaks skillfully and has been able to grasp the hearts of the people. Almost ten * * all owe Zhang Tao human feelings. Now Zhang Tao is so indifferent to this attitude. Since they have come to this grand event, they must be ready to help Zhang Tao.
I was very moved to see that the Ministry of Face-to-Face was in favor of Zhang Tao. Without their help, I only relied on my own heaven and earth to confront the temple, but it was inevitable that the temple would be vulnerable if I wanted to unite with the mainland.
It is the most troublesome thing, not that there is a small deputy temple master left, but that the strength of the temple master is not enough to deal with.
"Lord Zhang, since we are willing to promise to destroy the temple, should we also choose a leader to lead us? Otherwise it will be fragmented "in a family heads suddenly mouth.
Hearing this person’s words, Zhang Tao is slightly one leng. You should know that even if everyone works together with Qi Xin, the patriarch can still get too many benefits if most factions are United. This will inevitably lead to contradictions among all departments. If it is not handled properly, it will inevitably become a great disaster.
Moreover, each family and sect has its own secret power. If it is mobilized by the leader, although it can achieve consistent command and orderly mobilization, it will inevitably expose other people’s secrets. Although it is now United as one, some people do not mean that they can be released.
"This patriarch has a point. If everyone is not opposed to the crusade against the temple, then we will naturally discuss the leader," Zhang Tao said
To take the lead requires not only strength but also qualifications. Zhang Tao knows that he is not qualified, but naturally he can’t expose it at will because of the extinct building of JIU ge Fu or some special forces.
Even if you want to choose an ally, you must solve this personal problem. What Zhang Tao needs at this conference is that everyone agrees with the attitude of destroying the temple and everyone is willing to contribute. Then Zhang Tao’s goal has been achieved
Of course, Zhang Tao should also let everyone know the potential of the JIU ge Fu, which is also to publicize its status. If it has achieved its goal naturally, it needs the assistance of Dongfeng.
"Since you don’t have any opinions, Zhang hopes that you can temporarily live in Tianyue City, and all the patriarchs’ palms can gather in Haoran University, and we will discuss who will take the lead." Zhang Taoda said.
After everyone got together, Zhang Tao confirmed everyone’s thoughts. Finally, we need to decide the position of the leader, and then naturally we can reach a United front
Almost all the inns and courtyards in Tianyue City have been cleared out. Even so, it is necessary for Haoran University to come out of its place of residence, otherwise it will be full of people.
All the brothers of the family sects have become guards, and the whole moon city is absolutely impossible for flies to fly in, so the iron wall is bound to be the last.
Although Tian Wen Fu received a mountain-like gift, it must also be responsible for everyone’s food, accommodation and sales, but with the support of Yunyan Chamber of Commerce, this is just a long history.