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Yu Ting was silent for nearly three seconds and nodded resolutely, saying that no matter who his friend was, she didn’t want to know whether Cha Tian-fu looked at him. She was willing to take risks, even if she was caught by Zhou Tian-fu and died.

If that’s the case, please take care of her mother when she dies. Her mother is disabled and can barely take care of herself, but she is unable to make money. After her father died, she supported the family. She has no other worries except her mother.
Platinum feels that her throat is blocked by something, and her breathing is a little short. She swallowed hard and said that he would find another way. She is the only one her mother can rely on in case something happens to her. Who does her mother rely on?
Yu Ting insisted on accepting this challenge. One is that she really succeeded and had a considerable income. The other is that she really wanted to help him with her mother. She believed in others. She really had an accident because of this. He would take care of her mother, but she didn’t know anything. What if?
Platinum felt that she was stuck in a panic and regretted it. She said that he would find a professional to teach her basic skills and be careful with her beauty and figure. She already has the greatest advantage, that is, she knows how to grasp a man’s heart as well as fascinate a man.
If Zhou Tianfu really finds out, he can never admit that he is undercover and wants to investigate. He said that she wants to get rich and defraud his property. do miss’s greed is reasonable and reasonable. Plus the actual situation in her family, I believe Zhou Tianfu will not doubt it.
If something really goes wrong, you must be calm on the surface, but pretend to be very scared. He and his friends will try their best to save her. For example, in case of urgent situation, his friends will teach her one by one.
Yu Ting tentatively asked who taught her? Platinum is Monta, and I don’t know who to look for. This matter has been handed over to Yang Qinghua. Who did she send to teach Yu Ting? He doesn’t know. He said vaguely that he would know then.
Yu Ting stopped asking about this aspect and talked about her anecdotes and anecdotes after the sea. Many things were really funny and hilarious. I was so happy that I laughed at Platinum. The atmosphere was different from the previous one. Yu Ting also threw away her thoughts, talked more and more, and men and women loved each other. I was afraid to tell him everything, including her first sex with a man.
Chapter 55 Both young women’s doors
Platinum returned to the clinic and received an ice beauty saying that his information was quite good. She easily completed the action tonight, which I believe will be very smooth, indicating that she was passionate and invited him to dinner tonight.
Bai Jinlie said that he couldn’t spare a lot of things at night. When the case was over and there was no critical pressure on each other, he would have a few drinks again. Now don’t try to concentrate on completely destroying Liu Da’s will and making him famous. It was really scary to see her shadow or hear her voice.
Anyway, it’s too late to be careful. After all, Liu Da is not an ordinary person. No one knows if he has any secret tricks. It is often said that caution will make the ship more prepared and safer.
The ice beauty was silent for nearly a second, and he seemed to be very concerned about her. This distraction is definitely beyond the consideration of others. She really can’t understand that a man is so concerned about a girl but not pursuing each other. What is this?
Platinum also wants to tell her the truth, but he can’t pierce this paper now. He promised her that after finding "angel tears", she might be able to tell her nothing. The ice beauty hung up the line after a while.
Platinum has never made it clear that a veterinary clinic is about to close. Is it so good? Although it was not like a cloud, it never stopped. Zhang Sangang left and Li Si came again.
He sent off the last guest, Lan Xiu Coco and Lan Lin, who came hand in hand. Their faces were filled with happy smiles, as if they had something on their mind. Platinum glanced at them and asked them if they couldn’t bear the loneliness and went out to soak up a gigolo last night.
Lan Xiu gave him a bashful laugh and said that she was going to do business together once she succeeded. There is no denying that life is relaxed and comfortable, and the material is very satisfying.
However, there is no spiritual sustenance, such as living like a walking corpse, and you can persist in living like this for a generation for a few days or a while. No one can stand being prepared for danger in times of peace, and you must have a long-term plan.
Besides, they are similar to models. They eat a meal of youth. Youth is no longer gone. Who wants to support them? Unless there is something wrong with the brain, there is something wrong with the brain in this society. Not many people are as fine as monkeys. Who wants to spend money?
It’s not easy to retreat from the torrent, but they want to try it once, but they don’t know much about the market and don’t know what business to do, so they made a special trip to visit and hope he can give them some advice
Platinum is very difficult to look at Lan Xiu and ask them what they are good at. What do you like to do? Is there a general direction for business, such as running cosmetics or grocery stores, or doing cosmetics business? At least there should be a more accurate direction.
At present, the competition in all walks of life is fierce, and it must be measured according to their economic strength. This is secondary. If it is ideal, they can accept this lifestyle and operate on a large scale.
It’s really promising, and it can also form a chain store form. This is the inevitable trend in the future. Formalization, scale, alliance and conglomeration are relatively long-term goals. Now, let’s say that they list the industries they want to belong to and he will receive some information for three days to give them a satisfactory answer.
Lan Xiu twisted her round ass and walked over to her desk and stared at his eyes. "Is it true that Ah Kin heard that you want to pay attention to the medical clinic?"
Platinum shrugged her nose and felt that her scent was too strong. A little scent into her nose made people dream. "Sister Lan, you smell too strong in sa. Don’t seduce me."
"Little rascal! What’s the smell of sa? This is the smell of perfume. "Lan Xiu giggled and stretched her neck and forced her past." What do you think of your clinic and our pharmacy? "
"This ….." Platinum head is big. I feel that Lan Xiu is trying to talk to him. Lan Xiu is in good condition except that she is not a virgin. Her figure is bumpy, her curves are exquisite, her face is not bad, and she is passionate.
It’s more interesting to say goodbye to such women than to play with virgins. They know how to serve men with more passion. At present, he hasn’t thought about whether he can accept a woman like Lan Xiu. He wants to do a good job in the clinic
Lan Lin giggled and shook her two big babies. She went over to lie on the edge of her desk and smiled at him. She said that he is an expert in this field. They had better be able to talk to him about business. If there is anything in the future, he can help solve it. If it is a thousand miles away, there is no reason to look for him.
In fact, it is difficult for him to help, which is the reason one or two. They have received some information. Although there are many private pharmacies in Linhai, the scale is not large, and some pharmacies have been acquired by the company.