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Things are going well. During this period, Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan met Yuan Keding many times. On this day, they were summoned to the mansion by Yuan Keding. Yang Ye guessed that the incident had progressed to the time when he and Nan Rong Huan had to go out separately.

Yuan Keding have answers, excitement and anxiety, rubbing hands, walking back and forth before Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom, said excitedly, "Er Hao! Huan! It went well! Very smooth! I gave the man two thousand dollars, and he said that his father was ambitious, and I had asked Han Cheng, our ancestors’ grave keeper, to come from his hometown to meet his father! He’s more like me than I taught him! "
"oh? What did he say? " Yang night want to make a monkey sample Yuan Keding said gently in the previous step, "I guess this Han Cheng must have said to President Yuan,’ Sir Great-grandfather Yuan Baozhong’s grave has red light from time to time, just like the torch shining in Fiona Fang; A wisteria tree grows near Yuan’s ancestral home, which is more than Zhang Xu, isn’t it? "
Yuan Keding froze for half a day before he came to his senses. He grabbed Yang’s hand at night and shouted excitedly, "Er Hao, Er Hao! Should I call you Lu Banxian later? You guessed it word for word! "
Yang Ye smiled and said softly, "It’s just a coincidence that you and I are connected!" Talking and laughing, Yang looked at Yuan Keding at night and snorted in his heart. Guess what?
I’ve seen all those histories before! That’s all I can remember as it is.
"Awesome!" Yuan Keding excitedly continued, "Then, according to our plan, I asked Han Cheng to bring a piece of mud-mottled stone engraved with the words’ Destiny and Return’ from his hometown to his father, saying that he believed it as soon as he found his father in Yuan’s ancestral home recently!"
How can you lie to your own father? Yang night thinking surface also excited look back at the south glory illusion.
Nan Rong Huan also came over and asked happily, "Is everything going well with the Shuntian Times, young gentleman?"
"Of course of course! I spent more than ten thousand dollars! Hired a writer to find the Dahe printing house! " Yuan Keding kept talking with a red face. "Now I printed it for my father to see that Shuntian Times is exactly the same as the real Shuntian Times! And I personally review all the articles! Every article is to persuade my father to hold a ceremony to congratulate him as soon as possible, and then to hold a ceremony to ascend the throne on an auspicious day to invite a banquet for foreign envoys. My father can’t stand it. I think it will be no problem! "
Yuan Keding walked over a few steps and took a newspaper to Yang Ye Yang Ye Exhibition. It turned out to be a beautifully printed one. The headline theme of Shuntian Times was "Restoring the" Imperial System "is the last word" and the subtitle was "Representatives of provincial governments were interviewed and advocated Yuan Shikai to ascend to the throne". The headlines in the newspaper were all aimed at Yuan Shikai in a shocking way, such as "President Yuan, we expect you to love the people like this-the cadres of the neighborhood committees shed tears". For example, "There is no emperor to go from the Republic of China? -Historian President Hu Dabai Yuan, such as Grandpa Yuan, you are our future star! -The second primary school in the teasing area holds flowers to support President Yuan’s accession to the throne, such as "Yuan Shikai, you are not the emperor, I am not finished with you!" —— The famous "post-4" family of the Republic of China was wrapped in an exclusive interview with the newspaper reporter …
Yang night and Nan Rong looked at the Sunchon Times together and then looked at each other with a smile. Yang night turned to Yuan Keding and said, "Gentleman, do you think it is necessary for us to meet President Yuan? Strengthen some psychological offensives to make President Yuan’s determination to be emperor? "
"No, no,no. Now my father is tempted, but he is afraid that the people of the country will have opinions." Yuan Keding said and turned and took a few steps to sit in the chair and got up. He was a little overwhelmed with excitement. "My father has recently revealed that if the people of heaven must make him emperor, he will do it. Do you think this is promising?"
Yang Ye’s eyes also lit up, but he didn’t expect it to be so smooth, just like his own director, so he quickly said to Yuan Keding, "Gentleman, it’s urgent now that you must … immediately organize a security meeting" to promote constitutional monarchy and instigate a petition group of people from all walks of life and bureaucrats to let President Yuan know that all people are supporting him! "
"Yes, yes, yes!" Yuan Keding leng hit his palm shouted "and I want to! I’ll arrange someone to do it! " Said turned to go and suddenly turned back.
"That you …"
"Master, we two will not be idle!" Yang Ye smiled and turned to Nan Rong Huan and said, "Huan, you are going to Lianjie Beggars at once to form a Beggars’ Petition Group!" "
"Beggar?" South glory magic leng Yuan Keding also live to Yang night watching.
"Yes! Let President Yuan know! Not only bureaucrats and nobles, but also ordinary people support the lowest people in other countries, and they all support it with both hands! " Yang Ye shouted excitedly.
"Yeah! Er Hao wants to be thoughtful! " Yuan Keding side also clapped his hands "huan that this thing you do! I am rewarded for doing it well! "
"Why should I organize beggars?" South glory magic back to Yuan Keding smiled and nodded and turned back to cold face stare low ask Yang night.
"Suitable for! I’ve watched your beggars for so many days, and I think highly of them. You used to give alms to beggars before Huan! " Yang night said at south glory illusion wink.
Nan Rong was a little confused and still reluctant to ask, "Naerhao, why are you going?"
"Me?" Yang Ye smiled. "Of course I went to organize a prostitute petition group!"
"Prostitute petition group?" South glory magic one leng Ma Bai come over "you mean …"
"Yes, yes," Yang night nodded at Nanrong Magic. "You haven’t seen Ruyan, have you? Wait a minute. I’ll take you to meet her, but we have to be careful. You are married now. Hey hey. "
Nanrong Phantom stared at Yang Ye gloomily. "I’ll tell you what you told her again!"
Yuan Keding came a few steps with both hands patted Yang night and south glory illusion "Er Haohuan is really thanks to you! I’m going to make a call now! Let’s act separately! "
Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic Horse nodded "Goodbye, Gentleman"
Yuan Keding walked outside and chatted with Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom. Yang Ye said with a low smile, "I didn’t expect that I was the worst."
"You come to the worst! Li people are like Yan Yan! " Nan Rong Huan Yang Ye teased him and felt annoyed.
"No, I mean that history is true, but I didn’t expect that I was the one who helped Yuan Keding advise Yuan Shikai. This is really an infinite loop."
Yang Ye smiled and shook his head. "I really don’t know how all this happened in real history if we didn’t come back."
Yang night out a face of depressed bowed their heads and not language secretly looked back at the south glory illusion, south glory illusion got up and said, "gentleman, I have an idea. If President Yuan reads this newspaper, we will prepare a special newspaper for him and get a copy of Shuntian Times for President Yuan to read alone."
Yang Ye hurriedly turned around and threw his fist at Nan Rong. "What a good way!" Then he turned to Yuan Keding. "Gentleman, we will print a palace of Shuntian Times in conjunction with the printing house!"
Yuan Keding bowed their heads and thought about it, and soon suddenly realized that he was excited and clapped his hands. "Wonderful! Wonderful! It’s a piece of cake that I have a good personal relationship with the owner of Dahe Printing Factory! "
Yang night and south glory illusion followed Michael Qi up and secretly blinked at each other.
"But public opinion as reflected? If you ask the people of heaven to agree? " Yuan Keding laughed and doubted again.
"Money makes the mare go!" Yang night walked to the front of Yuan Keding narrowing her eyes.
"Do you want a gentleman to do something so that the princes, government bureaucrats, drivers, vagrants, beggars and prostitutes are willing to agree with this? Will President Yuan refuse? By then, the gentleman will be too much! "
Said while Yuan Keding still stupidly Yang night and close to some hand a palm low mercilessly said "for those who eventually oppose us … hmm!" Said the palm into a knife to press a.