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"Well, your brother Zhuo is not very powerful. Your brother Zhuo loves to play small games. This time we attacked Portsmouth Naval Base of the British Empire. Well, you should go back to your room to rest." Zhuo Qiang said that LaChristie would go back to her room to rest.

"British Empire, you mean you attacked Portsmouth naval base." Liu Yaqi was scared by Zhuo Qiang’s words.
ZhuoJiang shook his head before didn’t find out how this little girl nerve is so easy to be stimulated? He always looks scared to death.
Liu Yaqi doesn’t know much, but she doesn’t know that the British Empire is still extremely powerful. At least their navy is first-class.
In addition, one of her rich classmates is studying in England, and it happened to be this Portsmouth University.
When they chatted online for a while before the Spring Festival, her classmate told her that she had a naval base where there were many soldiers and even soldiers in a naval base expressed their love for her.
Her classmate also said that this naval base is the largest naval base in the British Empire, and there are many warships.
Is Zhuo Qiang telling the truth? Did he really attack the world power-the largest naval base of the British Empire?
"Is it true that Chu Chujie Zhuo Dage said?" Liu Yaqi had to ask Ye Chuchu for proof.
Ye Chuchu nodded and confirmed what ZhuoJiang said was true.
Liu Yaqi is completely dizzy. She froze for a long time and suddenly murmured, "Is it really Portsmouth? My classmate is reading here. "
She looked back to see ZhuoJiang with Christie has come to the door busy chasing out.
"Zhuo eldest brother let’s not go tonight? Little word "Liu Yaqi seems to have something to say.
ZhuoJiang curiously ask "what do you care about this? I shouldn’t leave. I have to stay here and see what happens before I decide when to leave. "
Naturally, the Long Yun can’t leave Zhuoqiang immediately. We need to wait until the day to see if the British Empire will release people. Besides, if the British Empire doesn’t release the detained merchant ships in Daxia, he will give them another one.
Liu Yaqi wriggled and said, "If we really don’t leave, can we go to Portsmouth for a day?"
Zhuo Qiang got a fright. I just attacked someone here and went to play there. Isn’t this asking for trouble?
"No, you don’t know that we just attacked them? What for? Let them catch me? "
Liu Yaqi is very clever. She hurriedly said, "They haven’t seen us before. How do you know that we attacked them?"
"What are you doing? What’s so important? " Zhuo Qiang feels strange.
"Well, one of my classmates learns from me here. I want to meet her. I haven’t seen her for a long time. I miss her." Liu Yaqi may feel that this reason is a bit unreliable, and she is a little embarrassed.
Zhuo Qiang also thinks that this reason is too weak. It is a little crazy to say anything.
How much energy does Long Yun need to stay here for one day? Plus Zhuo Qiang is very busy. Where can I have time to accompany her here and find her classmates to play?
Liu Yaqi was busy when he saw Zhuo Qiang, and then said, "Brother Zhuo, I think it’s really a little unreasonable for us to come all the way to the British Empire to visit. See if this is good. I’ll go to my classmates to play. You can go to London to play such places as Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and the big clock."
Liu Yaqi told La Zhuo Qiang Shui that her classmates had told her that London was more interesting and famous.
"British Museum?" Zhuojiang suddenly hesitated a.
"Yes, yes, the British Museum. People with such culture and culture as Brother Zhuo have to visit a British Museum with a long history and rich collections when they come here." Liu Yaqi saw that Zhuo Qiang was interested in the British Museum, and Ma Shungan climbed to add fuel to Zhuo Qiang’s fire.
"Well, I’ll think about it." Zhuo Qiang said and took Christie back to his suite.
"The British Museum? You wouldn’t say you were interested in this? Little word "Christie asked a little puzzled.
"What’s my interest in this? Then say "ZhuoJiang shook his head.
He seems to be really interested in the British Museum.
The world’s most famous museum, the British Museum, has a large collection, which is rich and precious.
Most of the treasures in this museum are taken by force, and the treasures of almost all countries are included.
There are not a few cultural relics in the Middle and Great Xia countries, and many world-famous precious treasures are collected in this British Museum.
Zhuo Qiang thinks that since I’m here, I can’t come back with my hand.
Tang Jinguang let himself come to fight, but he didn’t give any practical benefits. So this time, he took something good by himself.
After making up your mind, Zhuo Qiang went to sleep peacefully.
After getting up the next day, Zhuo Qiang first browsed a network news to see if the British Empire had released the merchant ships detained in Daxia.
Due to the time difference, Zhuo Qiang got up earlier. If it is only six o’clock according to London time, the news media of all parties have not released the news of the merchant ship in Daxia.
However, the news of the attack on Portsmouth base has overwhelmingly occupied the headlines of news media all over the world.
It’s no wonder that although the British empire is gradually declining, it can’t compare with emerging powers such as America, but the rich resources of this country are still not available to anyone who wants to move.
In addition, in recent years, the British Empire has not been too ostentatious and has not established too many enemies except running errands behind America’s ass and being a minion.
But even so, the British Empire was attacked.