The waves walked out of the door and sniggered in their hearts. In the first round, he had taken over the wind. He had controlled the blue moon’s emotions and played her in the palm of his hand. If she wanted to be angry, she would be angry and let her go.

The waves just walked out of the house two steps later, and suddenly the blue moon shouted, "The waves come back!" "
The waves turned back and went to Blue Moon’s desk and said, "Is there anything else Miss Blue can do?"
Blue Moon is still sitting on the sofa in that posture, half lifting her face and staring at the waves quietly. Her face is expressionless and says, "Do you know what I want you to come back?"
The waves quickly thought, "The first point is that she wants to see me again and talk to me more. The second point is to try to clean me up. If it is the first reason, her pride will definitely stop her from doing so, so it must be the second point!" Once the principle is established, it’s easier to infer that I went to the waves and continued to think, "Although I angered her just now, I didn’t offend her in my words. At most, I was disrespectful. She knew that I was impatient, but she wanted me to call out when I walked out of the door. Of course, she also wanted to anger me. If I got angry, she would find someone to clean me up, so that she would have an excuse to punish me and explain it to her father."
These analyses infer that the waves pass by in the blink of an eye, and he has his own countermeasures in his heart
The waves bowed respectfully and said with a humble smile, "I don’t know what Miss Lan asked me to come back for, but I know I will do it if Miss Lan tells me to."
It is obvious that the attitude of the sea wave is arrogant, which is beyond the blue moon’s expectation. She deliberately let the sea wave walk out of the door and call him back, in order to provoke the sea wave and make it dare to get angry with her. She has an excuse to punish the sea wave, but she didn’t expect that the attitude of the sea wave became so obedient after coming back.
Blue Moon’s face changed, her mask frosted, her eyebrows raised, and she said coldly, "It’s nothing. Go out!"
This is playing with the waves. If you follow the attitude of the waves just now, you will definitely resist, but the waves have long been psychologically prepared, but instead of being angry, they smiled and said, "Well, I’ll go first."
When the waves finished, they turned around and left. This time, they deliberately put down their footsteps for fear of disturbing the blue moon. When they walked out of the door, they turned around and smiled at the blue moon before turning around.
The waves did Sarah laugh at his door and didn’t immediately go to the door and stop quietly. Sure enough, I heard the blue moon coming out of the room and slamming a glass of sound, so I went back to my room with a satisfied smile.
When the waves came to the door, the strange smile when he left made the blue moon more and more angry. However, he became angry and picked up the table teacup and threw it against the wall. The white porcelain teacup crashed into the wall and smashed the blanket on the floor.
As soon as the teacup was broken, the blue moon’s anger vented a lot less. As soon as her anger disappeared, a sense of vigilance rose and she thought, "What happened to me today?" I’ve never felt this rage before. Why is my mood controlled by the attraction of this wave? " This idea was interrupted by the waves just now, and the light suddenly returned to her mind, which was tightly captured by her brain. "The waves are deliberately so presumptuous to attract my attention and show him different!" As soon as this idea was established, it became clear that everything he did was to attract my eyes, control my emotions, show his intelligence and refinement, and make me have a soft spot for him.
Blue Moon smiled slightly at the thought of here and thought, "What’s the big deal about a small wave? Do you want to play games in front of me with this means? Hum, now that I see through your tricks, I just ignore you, don’t look at you, don’t face up to you and see what tricks you can do! "
Blue Moon thought of here and suddenly thought, "What am I thinking about the waves? Can it be said that his plan has succeeded? He has come into my heart and his unique way has come into my heart? " Blue Moon thought of this and felt a sense of horror, which made her alert. She continued to want to go. "Just say that if I wanted to clean him up just now, I would find some excuse to make me unhappy. I can always let people kill the waves and throw him into Zhuhai. I must want to find a reason to kill him. Is it because I deliberately indulged his licentiousness and courtesy? Why should I deliberately indulge his licentiousness and courtesy? Is it because no man has ever dared to do this to me, and he dares to do it to me? I don’t want to blame him for his attitude? Are you afraid that he will change later? It’s strange that I feel unhappy because of this! Don’t want him to change? Is it because the waves dare to be different from others and dare to be polite to me? I want him to keep this style and uniqueness? Why do I want him to keep his own style? Is it because I am too lonely to find an opponent? Or is it because this wave really touched my heart? "
At this moment, the blue moon has thought a lot, and she unconsciously got up and walked to the window sill, silently and thoughtfully looking out the window and quietly lost in thought for a while.
A beautiful and unknown bird flies from a distance. There are several pots of flowers on the windowsill. The bird pecks at the flowers gently and turns its head from time to time to look at the blue moon with black beans.
The blue moon looked at the bird and suddenly felt a kind of carefree sorrow. Before this kind of carefree sorrow, I can say * * * but now the blue moon dare not think like this. Because she has been calm for more than 20 years, her heart is suddenly disturbed by the shadow of the waves, and ripples are rippling. Every water pattern will spread in the deepest part of the heart lake. The shadow of the waves is looming, and the figure is black and blue, but her eyes are still deep and clear …
It seems that the blue moon suddenly sighed, and she didn’t even know whether she was sighing for her own fate or her own chaotic mood, perhaps both!
It’s another spring breeze to wrinkle a pool of spring water in Blue Moon Heart Lake!
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one The secret passage in the presidential suite
The key to the waves hit the door 61 and walked into the presidential suite.
The presidential suite consists of three parts: living room, office and bedroom. The living room is luxuriously decorated and comfortable. There is also an office desk with a telephone carved from ivory natural jade.
There is a bedroom in the office. There is a bathroom in the bedroom. There is a complete set of drying and washing facilities in the bathroom.
The waves were a little drunk, too. He took off his clothes and went into the bathroom naked.
The vertical shower in the bathroom is imported from abroad and you can listen to music while taking a shower.
The waves played music and laughed and scolded, "Rich people really enjoy it!" Soft and sweet mezzo-soprano echoes in the bathroom
The waves were not busy taking a bath first. He carefully observed the bathroom and found a floor mirror opposite the vertical shower.
The waves frowned and walked over and gently pushed the floor-to-ceiling mirror. It turned out that the floor-to-ceiling mirror was standing against the wall and a small door was revealed when it was pushed.
The wave hand turned the small door handle and gently moved the small door to answer.
Outside the small door of this wall is the fire staircase.
The waves revealed the secret of the president’s room-no wonder the entrance to the Red Chamber was watched by some government officials who had been reported to have problems, but they didn’t find them entering the original machine here.
This is a secret passage, and those guests can come in along the fire stairs. Before the dignitaries come to this presidential suite, they will come in through this secret door, and even the door of the Red Chamber is not small. Of course, we can’t observe that those people have been to the Red Chamber.
The waves laughed coldly. "It’s really hard for Blue Sky Star to create conditions for these government officials!"
The waves see that every presidential room goes to the fire stairs through this secret passage, which means that every presidential room on the sixth floor has a secret door.
The waves see these things and don’t move. Since Lan Tianxing let him stay in the presidential room, of course, he didn’t intend to hide the secret from him. He didn’t make a fuss at all because he knew that this was the tip of the iceberg, and the bigger secret was yet to come. However, this discovery is still rare, which can make Xiao turn his attention and enter those officials through the gate, but only small fish were caught and no big sharks came in through this secret passage!
After the waves took a bath, they fell asleep in a comfortable bed. He knew that he could find several young ladies at any time if he wanted, but he didn’t want them now. He wanted to have a good sleep and stay awake to meet the new challenges in the evening.
When the waves woke up, it was just dark, and he lay in bed quietly thinking about his next plan.
His original plan was an outline with no details. The problems he encountered can be flexibly transported by improvisation. Even if he succeeded, 30% of Lan Tianxing believed in him and it was successful. 20% of them came from him and 50% came from him.
Now there is a small monitor at the gate of the Red Chamber, and there are also brothers lurking in the Blue Star bodyguards in the Red Chamber. Although there is no connection yet, this is not urgent, but it can slowly come too early and expose its identity.
The biggest headache for the waves is to arrange the chapter according to the chapter, which has now entered the subsidiary company "Mei Hotel" of Tianxing Gang. Now the waves have different identities. If you ask him to select a lady in the Red Chamber, Mommy will give him a face. If you want to recruit the chapter according to the identity of the lady, you will get twice the result with half the effort. You will definitely get some first-hand information. According to your beauty and temperament, you will definitely get some big shots. You can get these people’s evidence by recruiting them.
But are the waves really willing to let Zhang Yi sleep with those big shots?
The waves felt a dull pain in his heart. He thought of Xiao He and Zhang Yi again. He came out of the small room that day. There were Xiao He and Zhang Yi in the small room. Something must have happened to them. When Zhang Yi happened to them, the waves lost their important position because she slept with someone else. He no longer cherished her.
Think of Xiao He Zhang as if there were a scene in front of the waves. Xiao Zheng’s face was covered with a smirk. Zhang Yi’s white body galloped freely. Zhang Yi’s face was flushed, his eyes were half closed and his lips were red. Zhang Zheng gave a groan and a gasp. Zhang Yi also clung to his small back, legs and waist.
This illusion made the waves feel a little painful and closed his eyes. As soon as he closed his eyes, the scenery became clearer and clearer. Every expression appeared in Zhang Yi’s face. Zhang Yi frowned and closed his eyes, and his red lips enjoyed the expressions. The waves were burning like fire. Jealousy stung the nerves of the waves.
This illusion made the waves more jealous. His eyebrows were tightly intertwined, his eyes were closed and his eyes were slightly beating, showing his irritability.
The waves decided to let Zhang Yi come to the Red Chamber as a young lady!
Anyway, this is Zhang Yi’s job. An agent has to accept sacrifices at any time and contribute his body at any time. If she doesn’t do it, there must be other female agents to make temporary substitutions. It’s even worse to let Zhang Yi do it. Anyway, she has already taken a nap. I don’t need to give up her and treat her like a baby. Don’t let other men touch her.
Thought of here, the waves suddenly got up, dressed quickly and walked out of the presidential room.