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And in the Milky Way, the Amyan people are sworn enemies. What will the Eldar choose?

Kill the blue star Terran with the Hmong?
Or follow the blue star terran to kill the Maya?
Or sit quietly and watch the tigers fight?
But how to choose blue star human beings at this moment must be very dangerous!
Judging from the traces, it should be a little long since the Muyamen killed Ceres.
"Xiao Liu, if things are not right, there should be no obstacles for us to come out of this public passage, right?" Xu retired and confirmed again!
"Don’t worry, this kind of public passage in the universe can be fortified outside or in the department. Only those who want to hinder it must have this ability," said Xiao Liu
Thirty seconds later, Xu retired and the party carefully passed through the vortex light gate and entered the public channel of Ceres universe.
However, it is not the same after entering the public channel of Ceres and before passing through Taoyuan.
Before the horse, it passed through, just like passing through a film, and directly entered Taoyuan Star from the cosmic channel.
But it will feel like going through a gate and still seems to be in the cosmic passage.
And in front of us, there are four forks in the cosmic passage with different directions.
"Small six what is this?"
"Ceres is the hub of the solar cosmic channel, which represents four starting points! To ceres four original palace "small six said.
Small six Xu seconds to understand this.
The four original palaces of Ceres are the four remaining palaces of Ceres, including land, water, wind and fire, in the information of former Cai Shaochu.
These four forks in the road are still valid.
Soon I found the residual breath of the Muyan people in a fork in the road. After walking along this residual breath, I saw a rather small whirlpool light and shadow in a minute.
"From here, it used to be Shui Yuan Palace. When they passed through it, there was a breath that fluctuated and there was a residue. I can tell."
Shui Yuan Palace in Xiaoliu is the Pingshui Heritage Palace named by Cai Shaochu.
So, the Yamen have come to seize the Shui Yuan Palace of Ceres.
In the former intelligence, the Shui Yuan Palace, namely the Pingshui Heritage Palace, is currently occupied by the Midian District, the Indian District and the European Union District of the Blue Star Terran.
One of the other three original palaces is occupied by Huaxia District and Russian Federation District, and the other two are occupied by Daxi Elves respectively.
Xu tui suddenly had some ideas. Is there any other factor in the direct attack on Pingshui Heritage Palace in the case of one of the four choices of the Umya people?
Is there any connection between the Muya Eldar and the Daxi?
It’s a pity that Cai Shaochu got the contact here, or he could contact one.
"Small six, can you find a way to occupy the intersection of Gumuyuan Palace in Huaxia District?" Xu asked back.
The idea of Xu tui’s meeting is to meet Cai Shaochu at Gumuyuan Palace through the intersection of Gumuyuan Palace to find out the situation before discussing other things.
第百六十章 谷神对峙局