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"Want a double room?" Before I finished, I felt Xiu Xiu pulling her clothes at the back. Looking back, I knew that Xiu Xiu was red and bogen was shy. I didn’t know that she misunderstood her words. I don’t know that Chai Mi is expensive now. It’s a little bit less. The two rooms are too rough. Then I explained to her that I picked up the key and dragged Xiu Xiu upstairs to stay with the old woman. Another small dark scold was wasted there.

Knocking on the door, Zena walked in and saw that it was not bad. It looked neat. Looking back, I found that Xiu Xiu was still outside and didn’t come in. Zena had no heart. Where did this girl think?
It’s no wonder that there is a bed and a sofa in Xiu Xiu’s room, looking at Xiu Xiu’s nervous sample. "Silly girl, don’t get me wrong. Tonight, you sleep in the bed, I’ll make a floor, and your dad will give us little money. The day of flight has just been saved. You know what? "
Xiu Xiu was very ashamed of where he wanted to go, but he didn’t think it was for the sake of his later life. Anyway, he had already decided that his life was his eldest brother. Even if he wanted to do something, what did he have? Thought of here, his heart was ashamed and lost.
Looking at Xiu Xiu depressed and touching her hair lovingly, Judo "Don’t think too much. Go to bed and sleep. You haven’t had a good rest these two days. You must be very tired."
Looking at Qina’s tender and spoiled face, Xiu Xiu was moved to cry. Is this what I want to spend my whole life with men? Is God too kind to me? At this moment, Xiu Xiu is grateful for that.
Sleeping in a soft bed, listening to Qina’s steady breathing, Xiu Xiu felt that his heart was more bitter and tired than his brother’s at his side, and he was not afraid of bursts of tiredness. After two days of tightening his strings and relaxing, he fell asleep soon.
Looking at the bright moonlight outside the window, listening to a car horn coming from outside, Qi Nan can’t sleep for a long time. My heart is like a raging tide. How to go in the future, how to escape from the Dragon Family or legal pursuit are all issues that I have to consider. According to the current price level, it won’t be long before Uncle Tian gives 2,000 quick money to eat. It seems that it will be a problem to find a job to earn some money and then try to find a way to go to Hangzhou from here. After all, it’s too close to Xiangxi. I definitely have to be caught back carefully, and I can’t do anything but cuju ! Listen to Tian Dashu said that there is a kind of thing called a gun in this world that can kill people hundreds of meters away. I think I don’t have much effort to play cuju! ! Not to mention, the whole of Xiangxi has never heard of or seen a sense of this era rising involuntarily in Jina’s mind.
volume one
Chapter 11 Xiu Xiu is ill.
Jina looked up at the window. It was already bright, and Xiu Xiu was still sleeping.
Strange! ! ! Usually Xiu Xiu doesn’t stay in bed. What happened today? Is it really so tired? JiNa heart is full of doubts, gently walked over and saw it was a splitting heart and gallbladder. Seeing that Xiu Xiu kept blushing in the cold war, she was sick and looked at her forehead.
Damn it! ! ! ! Xiu Xiu is sick! ! !
Zenali shook Xiu Xiu’s thin shoulders and said, "Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu, wake up, wake up! ! 1”
Xiu Xiu heard JiNa cry vigorously to open his eyes to talk, but his teeth rattled and he couldn’t even say a word. Seeing her haggard appearance, JiNa felt like she had been ripped out.
A picked up Xiu Xiu and ran downstairs to see the old woman who kept the hostel still busy and asked, "Excuse me, where can I see a doctor? My wife has typhoid fever?" Bowed her head and looked apologetically at Xiu Xiu, hoping that she wouldn’t mind Xiu Xiu’s haggard and morbid face, but it was shining with happiness, which made JiNa feel even worse.
The old woman watching the shop looked like a crazy tiger. She was so scared that she quickly pointed to the nearby road. "Oh, did you see that place?" That is, the scale of the hospital is not very large, but what should not be a problem in treating colds. "
Qina saw the place and went straight for a kick. There was not a girl wearing a nurse in the glass door clinic. Xiu Xiu rushed over to Qina and asked anxiously, "Girl, where is the doctor? My wife is sick."
Smell out of a 30-year-old doctor in a white coat and wave at Nanzhao: "Oh, see a doctor and take her to the hospital bed!" ! !” Say that finish turned and walked in.
Qina finally put Xiu Xiu in place with the help of the nurse. Seeing that the doctor picked up a strange thing with a glass needle behind him, Xiu Xiu injected an unknown liquid. Although he was very confused, he was not able to ask questions. Fortunately, the effect was not bad. Xiu Xiu gradually calmed down and Qina relaxed the string.
It’s been a long time since the little nurse instructed me to go through all the hospitalization procedures and pay what I need. I still feel scared when I think of what the doctor said to him just now: "Young man, your wife has an acute cold. If she comes a few hours late, she may be in danger. It’s not like this. A few injections and some water can solve the problem."
Sitting beside Xiu Xiu’s bed, watching her sleeping face, pulling a wisp of hair out of her forehead, holding her hanging hand tightly, Qi Na’s heart was filled with emotion. Sometimes what is so fragile? Inadvertently, I almost lost my lovely Xiu Xiu. God! ! Don’t be hard on this kind, pure and clean girl who has never polluted a clear spring! ! I’m willing to give my life for her safety, you know? If I can’t go back, she may be the only reason for me to live in this world. Qina kissed Xiu Xiu’s little hand and let the nurse sister at the door sigh in her heart. If there is such a man, my infatuation will kill my horse, and I am willing to.
In the evening, Xiu Xiu finally woke up and found out that his forehead was not as hot as before. JiNa couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Both hands were holding hands without saying anything. A warm feeling was flowing in this small ward. Is this mutual affection? Xiu Xiu felt a surge of happiness in his heart.
Suddenly, a "grunt" sounded from Qina, and Qina suddenly realized that she had not eaten today. The disturbing head smiled shyly at Xiu Xiu.
Xiu Xiu was moved in his heart and his eyes filled with tears. "Brother Qi, am I dragging you down? I really didn’t."
Jina said with a straight face and a hint of intimidation, "You can’t say such stupid things later. I promised you that Dad would take good care of you in this generation. I’m not afraid of being dragged down by you. I hope you will drag me down in this generation so that we can be a generation of stupid girls."
Listen to Qina’s sincere love words, a layer of water mist quickly rises in Xiu Xiu’s eyes and jumps into Qina’s arms. He will never get up again and hold Xiu Xiu’s silky body like satin. Qina’s worries are even more intense. Today, Xiu Xiu’s disease dropped more than one thousand yuan, thinking that this money will go to Hangzhou by car. Now! ! Food and accommodation are estimated to be a problem. Are you going to live on the streets? Don’t tell Xiu Xiu about this beforehand. She’s worried.
Early the next morning, Qinan asked the little nurse in the hospital to help him take care of his health. Xiu Xiu went out to look for a job alone. Yesterday, while Xiu Xiu was asleep, he carefully asked the little nurse in the hospital where there was a job to find a little nurse. He was very fond of this spoony handsome man and asked him if he knew or not. He gave him a lot of advice.
I found a small barber shop according to the method given to him by the little nurse, and cut off the striking long hair. I went in to apply where I saw the word recruitment posted, but almost all the places in Fiona Fang in the nearest three miles had little effect. Those companies either wanted diplomas or work experience, and almost every place wanted that ID card. Qi Nan had learned what an ID card was from the little nurse yesterday, which was really a headache. After all, no one dared to do things for people who didn’t even know the origin.
Qinan walked past a place where the machine roared with sore feet. This is a main building under construction, and the wall frame of the cement mixer is still being built. The people in the construction site are stirring, and from time to time there are loading and unloading trucks dumping sand and pebbles.
Yeah, I don’t know if people who do manual labor are recruited here. They don’t have the strength, but a lot of Qi Na thought.
This neck is wearing a whistle, a light yellow helmet and no stains. About forty men are constantly patrolling. This should be the head here.
Before Qinan calmly left, he asked honestly and sincerely, "Uncle, do you still need people here?"
This man is indeed the foreman here. He smells alert and suspicious. He looks at this tall and beautiful guy who looks a bit like a woman. He doesn’t look like such a living person! ! Generally speaking, people who come here to work need to be introduced by acquaintances. Generally, don’t raise your hand and refuse. Suddenly, I think that my hometown is so big to come out and find such a thing. It must be that there are some natural and man-made disasters at home, and seeing that his eyes are clear and his face is healthy, he doesn’t look like a traitor. Just give him a hand. There are no three disasters and six disasters. Anyway, there are still few people here.
Thought of here clap JiNa shoulder way "so try first two days ago should not have done such a job? If you don’t have the skills of bricklaying, you can do rough work and small work, and you will be paid 31 days for food, shelter and accommodation. How about you work for two days and see if it is suitable, and then I will talk to you? Work at noon! !”
JiNa ecstatic, grateful to the uncle in my heart, and worried about his livelihood. Although I am not sure to stay, this kind of manual labor should be a cinch for me.
Qinan’s work is very simple, that is, helping to load and unload the goods and put away the red brick, cement and precast slabs according to the requirements. This is heavy physical work. Where did you do such heavy work before Qinan? Although I also helped Tian Dashu to do farm work in Niujiao Village, where is the pace faster than here? It’s a little overwhelming for such a good person to come to Qinan in one afternoon, but the thought that Xiu Xiu still needs money after being hospitalized broke out all over Qinan. Uncle Qinan, the contractor, looked at Qinan so hard and nodded.
volume one
Chapter 12 Finding a Job
Dragging his tired body, Qinan went back to the hospital and rubbed his face at the door, trying to look energetic.
Xiao Ni looks much better when she walks into the ward. Looking at Qi Na coming back with a face of excitement and wearing a sick patient, she flew over one day. I didn’t see her. Qi Na also wanted to panic in her heart and told her that she had found fortifications. Xiao Ni was so excited when she heard it. She asked what she was doing. She told Xiu Xiu truthfully that she didn’t notice that Qi Na was tired and dirty, and her hands were worn out. Her long hair was gone. She grabbed Qi Na’s hand and gently blew it to the surface. Her face was more painful than her heart. "Does it still hurt?" Don’t go if you are tired, okay? "
Looking at Xiu Xiu’s childish face and raising her hand to scrape her beautiful nose, Joan said, "Silly girl, if we don’t go to work, where can we have money to live? You have already spent more than 1000 yuan on this disease." Now that you have found a profitable job, there is no need to hide Xiu Xiu.
Xiu Xiu alignment south suddenly intimacy is not very adapt to the face is hongyun all over the sky to think about it is white, there is no way to do things yourself is to find a job! ! How can Brother Qi do it alone? Xiu Xiu is determined not to drag Brother Qi down again.
Qina got up early the next morning and let Xiu Xiu stay in the hospital for one more day, please. Really, that is, the little nurse pays more attention to some little nurses named Tong Zhenren, whose personality is a little naive. Renshi has been very familiar with Qinan for two days, and Xiu Xiu and her are even more familiar with each other. When they leave, they also see two little girls chattering there.
After adapting to Qinan at noon yesterday, I feel less tired today. Stay in this place well. He never shouts bitterness and tiredness at work. Everything is done in a hurry, and he soon wins the respect of the workers around him. After all, there are not many young people who are willing to work hard now. Liu Shu, who let him in yesterday, is also praised by the foreman.
Come back, Lu Qinan, think about how to arrange Xiu Xiu. You can live in the construction site yourself, but Xiu Xiu can’t.
Now there are more than three hundred dollars left in my pocket. I don’t know if I can rent a place to live. Oh, please. Jina shook her head and strode into the hospital ward. When she opened the door, she was surprised that Xiu Xiu had disappeared. She was about to turn around and go out to look for a pair of soft hands, Monta’s eyes and Xiu Xiu’s familiar body fragrance.
This little girl actually learned to play with this JiNa wry smile in her heart, suddenly turned around and hugged Xiu Xiu, and found that Zhenzhen was also behind, and then quickly smiled at her embarrassedly.
"His eldest brother know where we went today? Guess "Xiu Xiu tone is full of credit means JiNa shook his head doubtfully said I don’t know.
"I went out to look for a job. Sister Zhen helped me to be a shopping guide in a supermarket. The boss asked me to go to work tomorrow. Hehehe, I’m awesome." Xiu Xiu giggled and said that her face was full of pride. "Besides, Sister Zhen, we found a rental house for more than 200 yuan a month. Today we also went to see it, although it was not big, but the environment was not bad."