Someone groaned.

"There’s no such thing, is there?"
The unicorn is a white horse with a one-horned horn, which often symbolizes dignity, holiness and purity.
of course
It usually appears in western mythology.
"It’s not surprising that there are unicorns in this hellhole. We’ve all seen werewolves." There is a population.
"I remember it seems to be harmful?"
"Who knows?"
"Why don’t you try it in the past?"
"I want to try you!"
"You think I’m stupid!"
"Don’t talk!" Han Pangyin looked at a young man in armour as soon as he pinned down the other people’s voices.
"Just shot an arrow?"
For a while, Han Pang’s figure seemed to be bigger, with more scars and more power.
His voice fell and others banned him, obviously in awe of him.
The young man’s body armor is obviously from the wolf’s head monster, with an iron tire bow in his hand and a bow and arrow on his back.
Bow and arrow at the one-horned white horse
"Law …"
The one-horned white horse seemed to notice something and suddenly stopped moving. The side head looked at the crowd in the dense forest and his ears trembled.
The iron arrow is full of strength
This young man is obviously a good bowman, and the strength of the arrow pointing straight at the one-horn can make the arena players feel ashamed.
All but see the ghosting flash across the one-horned white horse has appeared in six or seven meters away.
Arrow falling
"The law … the law …"
Avoiding the arrows, it did not show anger, but was very excited to jump in place, and its eyes were even brighter.
The young man bent his bow and arrow again with a cold hum, and his fingers fired three arrows in a flash to lock the other side’s dodge direction respectively.
The ghosting flash, three arrows fall again.
This time, the young man didn’t continue to start work, but looked at Han Fat with a dignified face and shook his head gently.
"If you break the limit twice, you won’t be your opponent."
Korea fat smell speech frown.