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When the time comes, once you are trapped, you can’t even withdraw if you want to.

It will definitely lose a lot!
Before and after 30 seconds, however, Daxi and Eldar forces quickly retreated from Shui Yuan Palace.
Go as fast as you can when you come!
It is this advance and retreat that will inevitably lead to confusion.
In less than a minute, the Daxi Eldar threw up to six bodies, and one star from each side was killed!
Cai Shaochu also reached the pursuit order and went out with the elite!
Chapter one hundred and one Fight for Tuyuan Palace
After taking people out of Shui Yuan Palace in panic, they glanced at the blazing scene, and some of their staff were flustered.
The original dominant battle was suddenly retreated by the Daxi ethnic group and four people were killed.
In this battle, the Eldar killed one planet and three quasi-planets.
Huge losses
For a family, the loss of a star is huge.
Especially for the expeditionary force.
Chi Jing depressed method shape first step out to gold has been killed with people to the original palace.
They are expected to return to Tuhara Palace in about three minutes.
Cai Shaochu took one look at the retreat direction of Eldar Daxi clan from Shui Yuan Palace, but it was a pause.
Eldar and Daxi retreated in different directions.
However, just now, Gold showed that Xu retired with the mythical Lord Ula and should have been killed in the Tuyuan Palace.
It’s definitely not possible for the army to press on Tuyuan Palace. Some forces must be left behind to guard against this old thing Chijing and kill a comeback.
Thirty seconds later, Cai Shaochu made a little arrangement to leave Erila and then took a total of six strong stars to personally lead the team to the original palace.
Cai Shaochu has an idea about Tuyuan Palace.
If we can let Bluestar Terran completely control the chess game of Ceres in Tuhara Palace, we will live.
According to his research, the four original palaces of Ceres are completely controlled, and the force field of the four original palaces is very strong.
Can leapfrog to mobilize strength!
What is leapfrog mobilization?
For example, Cai Shaochu was a five-guard star-rated strong man. After he thoroughly refined and controlled Muhara Palace, he could mobilize the strength of Muhara Palace to give play to the power of the six-guard star-rated strong man.
This is very strong!
And the strength is almost exhausted, which can be ignored.
Now, after Cai Shaochu broke through to the six-star satellite, Cai Shaochu will be able to mobilize the force field of Muhara Palace to exert the strength of the seven-star satellite in Muhara Palace!
This kind of rise is very scary.