And everyone else said, no, no,no. Now the point is this bird!

Have you seen this big bird with a body length of six meters before?
Everyone wants to go around, but they are worried about being eaten by this grumpy big bird.
Zhou Xiang’ an wasted the effort to pull the topic back.
"Come on, let me introduce you to Xiaozhuang. This is Lord Wu. Our problem now is this: Barabara …"
"You asked me for this question?" Zhuang is not far from the road. "Overpass, double-decker road and subway connecting Jia Hu can solve the problem."
Jia Shenghui, who stayed by, couldn’t help but pout when he heard that Zhuang was not far away. "It’s easy for you to say that. If it’s so easy to build overpasses, double-decker roads and subways, why don’t you pay it back?"
"Who are you?" Zhuang asked Jia Shenghui not far away.
"My Jia Shenghui"
Zhuang not far wanted to think …
"I don’t know"
Jia Shenghui …
"Xiaozhuang, you said that these are indeed the final solutions to the problem. The problem is …" Zhou Xiangan sighed. "We need short-term feasible solutions to ease the traffic pressure as soon as possible."
Overpasses and double-decker roads can certainly solve the problem. The question is, where is the youth unit that builds roads now?
However, it is more difficult to build a subway in the magic mountain than in the ordinary magic mountain tunnel.
"How long is short?" Zhuang asked not far away
"New Year’s Day is coming soon, and the city requires us to come up with a plan before New Year’s Day, which will be effectively alleviated in the next six months." Zhou Xiangan said.
"You said we would do all these overpasses, double-decker roads, road widening and so on, but I’m afraid the construction will put more pressure on the road when it takes less than two years. Now we have complained …" The traffic department next to it is responsible for humanity.
"Which so long? Leave it to us. It will take you up to three months to get it done. "Zhuang is not far away.
I’ll be modest and not talk for three days.
Next to Jia Shenghui uncomfortable "who’s calling? Ride a big bird and consider yourself a big bird? "
Bragging is tax-free?
"Zhuang is not far"
Chapter 649 Worth unknown
Jia Shenghui wants to say "I don’t know" with a pie pie.
But not far from Zhuang, Jia Shenghui has really heard the name.
This breath was almost suppressed in my heart.
Lost … unexpectedly lost …
I lost when I couldn’t beat Jia Shenghui?
"You will build overpasses besides digging tunnels?" This even shocked Zhou Xiangan.
Zhuang not far grinned and didn’t answer this question.
"Can it really be compressed to three months?" Master Wu asked 1 again
"I this is a conservative estimate" Zhuang not far way.
If someone else said that, I’m afraid everyone would laugh like a pig.
But this is not far from Zhuang.
Zhuang is not far away. On weekdays, he is very low-key. He doesn’t participate in activities and doesn’t appear in the media.
However, his recent appearance to grandpa was to attend the "Magic Mountain Tunnel", "Work Ceremony" and "Completion Ceremony"
Can make people work together with the completion ceremony …
Don’t slap the world. You can’t even count the second person.
Not far from Suozhuang, he disdained to answer. Instead of angering the people, he made them feel suspicious …
A little ignorant
Don’t talk about Zhou Xiangan. Even Jia Shenghui, who is not far from seeing Zhuang, can’t refute it.
He just took the magic mountain tunnel not far from Renjiazhuang as an example to prove that there is nothing impossible in this world, and the blink of an eye is just around the corner.
Master Wu looked at Zhou Xiangan and Zhou Xiangan nodded solemnly.
Since it’s not far from Zhuang, Glory Anxin Zhuang is willing to talk back to him.
Master Wu’s face glowed with excitement. "Then we should make a plan now and report it after New Year’s Day."
"Wu Zhu Wu Zhu!" See Wu Zhu want to go Jia Shenghui hurriedly stopped him "Wu Zhu even three months can be completed in the early stage to discuss the plan, bidding, preparation for construction is not a long time? This pole will last for half a year, and it will not hydrolyze the thirst! Do you consider our little purple bicycle? "
"Let me get this straight." Master Wu is too lazy to wrangle. "With your size and management level in bike-sharing, let’s focus on solving the last mile problem. Unless your bicycle can fly over the mountain, it won’t bring much trouble to solve the problem!"