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At first, a strange wave of evil wind rushed to all directions.

Magic from the Mu world
As soon as Zhou Jiajue’s consciousness sinks and he is in a daze, he will reach out to the door, and his mind will be steep and starlight will flash to make him come to his senses.
Aside from Dai Lei, I don’t know that staying in wait for a while will move the door.
Zhou Jia quickly held her down with five fingers, and the pain also brought Dai Lei back to consciousness.
Two people glances to see each other’s eyes to dying.
Going out at this time is doubtful!
"Hey …"
There was a noise at the door, and the two men called it bad and looked out hastily.
Not far away, Lena came out with a dull face on the door of the tree house, and a struggling figure could be seen vaguely in the room.
It’s not just Lena
And Xiaoyu and Cheng Qi …
People in the neighborhood were attracted out for a while if they didn’t have enough willpower.
Cheng Qi stepped forward with crutches, and the moving speed was not slow. He kept screaming at the sky, and more than the rider approached.
Seeing this, Dai Lei’s charming body trembled, and her eyes were full of horror. She clung to Zhou Jia’s sleeve but dared not make the slightest noise.
The rider stopped calling the white-maned horse to rush forward suddenly and came to Lena with a pike and a spike that had pierced her body.
Strange fog emerged from the pike and swept away the essence of Lena’s flesh.
Visible to the naked eye Lena body trembling straight.
At the moment when the rider stopped calling, others were awake and shouted and ran in all directions.
The silent night was suddenly broken by screams.
"Law law …"
The horse’s corpse lifted its hoof and roared into the crowd. The rider waved a pike and kept running through the figure while devouring the flesh and blood essence.
One by one, one by one.
"Help!" Cheng Qi shouted and ran wildly. His running direction was that the place where he lived the most in the west was safer for him.
Maybe he is too weak and the rider is not very interested, but he is allowed to live near there on crutches.
"Don’t fucking come here!"
Someone shouted in the dark.
Someone shot a rocket directly from a tree house and went straight into Cheng Qi’s chest, and the flame wrapped him instantly.
Cheng Qi screamed and threw himself on the ground, rolling in the mud, trying to throw himself into the flame, but the arrow plunged deeper and deeper.
"What’s the matter?"
"What’s going on!"
The chaos here finally attracted the attention of the patrol, and a group of cavalry approached rapidly to see that everything in the field changed greatly.
"Mutant corpse!"
"Tell the captain!"
In the noise, the mutant rider yanked the reins and rushed towards the patrol with more blood and blood.
The collision sounded, and the patrol team retreated rapidly, leading the mutant bodies towards the city. From time to time, people will die. It seems that ordinary patrol personnel are no match for this monster.