King Dalin has been in power for a long time

The Zhao family is just like God helps generations. Even with Xuantianmeng, the military royal family is still big enough.
And people don’t understand that Zhao often works wonders.
Can be rich and enjoy family happiness, but there are some people in the Zhao family from generation to generation who are fickle and practice children’s skills.
Xiaolangdi created a man like this.
Zhao painstakingly did so.
Even the Hongzeyu first silver strong!
"So …" White-haired man slow down.
"It’s not the landlord of the blood vine building that led us here, but the pavilion or the pavilion is the so-called landlord of the blood vine building?"
"I’m the one who drew you to the blood rattan building, but I don’t know the landlord." Zhao painstakingly stretched out his hand with yellow hair and cold eyes.
"Hand over the relic and I’ll let you go."
"talk big!" The secret spell of Mengnan White Elephant was broken and seriously injured, which still could not help but nu way
"Zhao, you were not our boss’s opponent decades ago, and you are still not because you still want to blackmail us?"
The man in white looks indifferent.
What he hasn’t shown up all the time is to ask a few people in Mengnan to lead out the real culprits behind the scenes to achieve the goal of only surprising each other’s identity.
the other/opposite side
Should be dead.
It seems that there are still many unsolved mysteries in those days.
"That thing you want" Zhao painstakingly looked the same.
"You can also go to a lot of trouble if you hand it over. Isn’t that why bandits have been afraid to show up for so many years?"
"You don’t understand," sighed the man in white.
"We don’t want to hold those two things if we can."
"But …"
He looked at Zhao painstaking eyes gradually cold.
"Ge killed so many of us in those days and was so provocative this time. If I don’t kill you, Zhang will explain to my brother."
After saying his word, his figure has disappeared in the same place.
Cloud flying sleeves!
Long-sleeved shaking like the horizon clouds gently drifting, beautiful, hidden in the poor and murderous, gently shaking the volume to Zhao painstaking.
Drop the clutches-King Kong subdues the demon!
Zhao painstakingly opened his eyes and his flesh instantly turned golden, and a solid, immortal and pure meaning came out of his body.
Palm out across the clouds and go straight to the long-sleeved core
Hands intersect and two people retreat at the same time.
Zhao painstaking mouth stuffy hum body flashing almost blink of an eye disappeared with white hair man frowned.
Mengnan walked close to the body.
"How about it?"
"King Kong Tong Gong really gets Zhao’s painstaking efforts to be over 70 years old, but he can still lock the essence and keep his strength stronger than in those years." The white-haired man shook his hand slowly.
"But there is a way to find him now that he has appeared."