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Gu Guiling received this magic gas, which made Chen Qi say with smile, "The seal in this pole’s magic banner is the magic banner, which is the magic mantra of King Kong. It is extremely strange to sacrifice and practice, and it can control this magic spirit without being infringed. Although this pole’s ten magic banners are good at unconsciously eroding other people’s mana, they are not suitable for fighting. Therefore, it is easy to refine the magic gas of these military leaders when fighting with the Yuan magic army master."

Chen Qi was slightly surprised and asked Gu Guiling to borrow this ten-off magic banner. After a while, my heart slightly praised, "This magic banner was designed in a kit kat way, creating this method, and the ancestors and the wizards were not my guess." Chen Qi also said that this ten-off magic banner may not refine the magic banner, which is sharper and more mysterious than his own Xuan Huang Qi and Yin Yang Er Qi, but its main function is to isolate all kinds of magic banner erosion of Hinayana magic, but it can control the meaning.
Chen Qi played for a while and returned the ten unique magic banners to Gu Guiling. When he saw this pole, the ten unique magic banners were less, and there were 17 military leaders’ series souls. Now all of them have been polluted by King Kong’s curse, knowing that this senior brother Gu Guiling didn’t kill the inferno characters less, otherwise, this pole’s ten unique magic banners wouldn’t have such mana, and even the magic of the inferno monarch’s series could be refined. He smiled and said to Gu Guiling, "Now that senior brother has got out of trouble, we might as well join hands to find the true nine saints."
Chapter five hundred and sixty-nine Closed in one hundred
Gu Guiling received ten unique magic banners and laughed. "Now I won’t bother them with you. Although I have become a Yuan God, the Taibai sword tactic has never been cultivated. Now I have to go to find people. Maybe I can’t get rid of it because of something bad. It is better to cultivate these things before I can give these people a nest."
Chen Qi, however, smiled. He didn’t go to the joint refining of the giant Yang axe method because his mana couldn’t be quick. These devious ways said, "Wouldn’t it be cheaper for these true gods?" We don’t know how many years it will take when we practice to that level. "
Gu Guiling smiled and said, "The spiritual world is fundamentally about who can live longer than magic. It is better than Shou Yuan."
Chen Qi, however, smiled and knew that he was still difficult to be impatient. After all, Chen Qi calmed down immediately after he left the seven-burning world. Although the mana rise was really fast and many leaps and bounds were shapeless, the root Taoist method grew somewhat. Before meeting the enemy, he didn’t feel anything. When he met the most talented and brilliant generation among the primitive people, such as Rogge San Tai Yuan Magic Army Master, he suddenly realized that it was still too much to rely on, and the dragon tactic and the dragon tiger always controlled all beasts. Even though those who had gone to the heretical means practiced.
Gu Guiling suggested that Chen Qi, a two-person hermit, thought it was the safest idea, so he suggested to Gu Guiling that "when I first came to dazzle and carry Xinghai, I once conquered a sect called the Nine Cave True Sect. Since we want to dive for spells, we might as well go to the Nine Cave True Sect. After all, it is not a day to practice this kind of thing, but it is better to have a safe place than to find one at will."
Gu Guiling knew that Chen Qi always smiled steadily and said, "Just follow teacher younger brother’s instructions and let’s go to the Nine Cave True School."
Chen Qi took Gu Gui’s spirit with him, and then moved to the Yuan capital star occupied by the Nine Cave True Sect.
Since Chen Qi released Yuan Duxing’s large array, it has become a nine-cave. Many people have moved here with Qi Gukou, and now almost 90% of them have moved to Yuan Duxing to make it lively.
The star field where the Nine Cave True Sect is located has been very remote. Since Chen Qi put the magic in the green and the magic in the green two armies as the main attack, the biggest threat encountered by this Sect has disappeared. Plus, there is a large array of innate mixed elements to protect the large array. The Nine Cave True Sect died and felt comfortable in life. It is also quite hard to practice.
Xu Yuanfeng and Li Gou-yi, although they communicate privately, still feel that their predecessors’ identity of "Gu Hong" is somewhat questionable, but Chen Qi has brought great benefits to the Nine-Nine-Cave True School, which makes them feel that this problem is not worth exploring. Even if Chen Qi is a fake, it is best never to be exposed.
After Chen Qi left Yuan Duxing, they felt very unaccustomed and looked forward to this "lone Hong" elder coming back early every day.
When Chen Qi brought Gu Gui’s spirit to show up outside Yuan Du’s star, he usually used Daoism to detain and provoked Yuan Du’s star number. The "younger generation" were happy to ride all kinds of dodging light and flew out to welcome Chen Qi, the elder, to return. Chen Qi, however, smiled and let all the gas refiners out of Jin Gangzhuo’s pocket, ignoring that gas refiner was a clear drink and suppressed the scene. He took Gu Gui’s spirit and went straight to the congenital mixed array outside Yuan Du’s star.
After being saved by Chen Qi, those gas refiners have always been confused. I don’t know what Chen Qi is going to do and what arrangements they have. But when they are released by Chen Qi, they see such a magnificent scene. It is also a bit of a shame that they feel that they have taken the initiative to let the gas refiner and his wife bring a mountain to them without any difficulty.
Chen Qi didn’t give much thought to saving people at the beginning, but now he has nothing to do with it. After the little thief released these people, he completely forgot them.
Chen Qi brought Gu Gui Ling to stay in the large array of mixed yuan for a long time. Xu Yuanfeng and Li Gou Yi have already flown out from the eyes of the array to meet them. Chen Qi is not much. He explained that Gu Gui Ling recruited the elders by himself and told his generation to let Xu Yuanfeng and Li Gou come to meet with him.
"Lonely Hong!" Xu Yuanfeng and Li Gou, the three generations of elders who were sent in the Nine Cave, are the five generations of elders. This is also a series of two grandmasters. Although Xu Yuanfeng and Li Gou are unwilling from the bottom of their hearts, they dare not say much. They hurriedly come over and greet the two people. Gu Gui Ling knows that Chen Qi is funny and doesn’t say much, so they show their waistcoats, which is warm and soothing. Then they say that they want to close their dive with Chen Qi and let them go on their own, so they don’t have to worry about them anymore.
Xu Yuanfeng and Li Gou felt relaxed when they heard that Gu Guiling was so accommodating. Many of them retired from Chen Qi and said with a smile, "Brother, do you think this inheritance is good?"
Gu turtle spirit laughed. "You are so funny. How can you rob somebody else’s sect? Are these the only two yuan gods in his family? "
Chen Qi said with a smile, "It wasn’t me. Their sects have long been called barbarians to be destroyed in the Nine-Cave True Sect. There are also five yuan gods and true immortals, two three generations of elders, one surnamed Wang and one surnamed Fang Fang, who have been wandering around and disappeared. The two four generations of elders are all closed for five generations. Just now, you saw those two and another person who has been missing for a long time. I am not afraid of the situation. They may not be able to come back."
Gu Guiling also knows that Yuan God is different from Qi Lian, not only the life form has changed, but also the mentality is different. One is that Shou Yuan creatures have been immortal for hundreds of years, and the other is Shou Yuan. Both of them are aware that it is a hundred times bigger than Qi Lian and ordinary human beings. The pursuit of Yuan God is not mundane, so they are almost attached to the sects and have little affection. Once they leave the sects, it is very unlikely that they will come back.
Gu Guiling ha ha smiled. "Let it be, let it be. You said that in the past, we’ll dive here for hundreds of years and stay here to refine our spells and then find the true heaven and the evil spirit."
Chen Qi heard Gu Guiling say this, but there was no objection. It was more than a hundred years ago that two people practiced a dazzling.
Gu Gui Ling has closed the sword box for a hundred years, and there are nine firm but gentle lotus flowers in the preliminary refining. Every lotus flower contains nine levels of firm but gentle, and once it is released, it will cast a powerful force. Even if his mouth is equipped with soldiers, the Dragon Pool Sword is far from being able to resist the imminent death. The Kingdom of God sent several military leaders to offend the Ministry, and all of them were killed by Gu Gui Ling, and they extracted their soul knowledge to sacrifice and refine ten unique magic banners. Gradually, the prestige has exceeded for a long time, and Chen Qi became the most prestigious person in the Nine Cave.
Chen Qi’s cultivation of Taihua Dragon Tactics is also a frequent breakthrough. After consulting with many magic weapons in his hand, the thief cut off the fairy sword in his hand and bought several magic weapons. Zhongyuan Ling took out the king kong worm and forged the flesh for these magic weapons. After those magic weapons were reborn, they were all put into the Nine Cave True School. He himself was too Dragon Tactics. With the help of these magic weapons, refining these magic weapons was banned, so that Xuan Huang Qi, who had not entered the country for a long time, made rapid progress in one day. Several instruments and several ofuda were integrated into Chen Huang Qi. Seven faintly realized that he had refined all the spells evolved from the body to the nine-fold plough to ban Xuan Huang Qi, and it was incredible that this achievement was too difficult. No matter how many times he broke through, Chen Qi was still far from the initial cultivation of Xuan Huang Qi.
Zun Mo Pan Monty Palace Filthy Black Lotus King Kong Chops Love Fairy Sword Ruyi Flying Knife Purple Snack Sword Five Immortals Hammer Six Yang Beads Fire and Water Flower Basket Qingyang Column A dragon lock.
Chen Qi has now become a magic weapon of twelve pieces, and then vaguely gives birth to a kind of highest day to ban the cultivation of Xuan Huang Qi, which really makes Chen Qi unexpected. If he hadn’t used a few ready-made magic weapons, he might not have made such achievements.
In addition, Chen Qi also rewrote the Taiji diagram for nine times. After several combinations and permutations, the spell contained in it has been unrecoverable, and its appearance can evolve into 19 kinds of changes. Seven kinds of magic weapons and 12 kinds of arrays each have a wonderful effect. Yin and Yang enter the country much faster than Xuan and Huang Qi, and Yin and Yang have formed a double heaven. The ability to wipe out everything is more than ten times stronger than before.
The population reproduction of the Nine-Cave True Sect has also exceeded Chen Qi’s expectation of a hundred years’ rest and recuperation. Although it is not enough for a sect to come out, it is enough to increase the population several times, and outstanding brothers are also emerging one after another.
Chapter five hundred and seventy King Kong coloured glaze Buddha
The cultivation of Xuan Huang Qi and Yin Yang Qi is slightly successful. Chen Qi finally slowed down and condensed the second Buddha’s golden body. He has cultivated the golden body of the Oriental glazed Buddha. This time, he wants to condense it, but it is the Buddha of King Kong glazed. He has already cultivated the great magical power of the Buddha’s Buddha, the Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha.
One hundred and fifty million Buddhist soldiers were accommodated in the Seven Days Magic Palace of Chen. These Buddhist soldiers did nothing but practice Buddhism in the seven oriental glazed light worlds. Therefore, each Buddhist soldier has more or less cultivated many small Buddhist magical powers. Although these small magical powers are uneven, they can’t hold up the practice of a large population.
Therefore, when Chen Qi intends to cultivate King Kong to subdue the demons vigorously, he can easily extract seven 72 important evil spirits to ban the complete small magical powers, and the magical powers of King Kong, the dragon elephant and the dragon are vigorously destroyed and overwhelmed by the magic seal, the magic tactic of Lei Yin Town, the magic fist of Brahma and the magic fist of Darani, and the wrath of Wang Jian.
Chen Qi didn’t refine all the collected magic soldiers into the Ten-headed Devil’s Companion and the Book of Yin and Yang, because the income of these magic soldiers into the Monty Palace can be continuously cultivated into an important foundation for his practice of Buddhism and magic, but refining them into the Ten-headed Devil’s Companion and the Book of Yin and Yang will become dead goods, which can no longer increase in value.
King Kong, the real dragon elephant, vigorously destroyed all the magic seals by Dawei Tianlong method, and the magic tactic of Lei Yin Town, the magic fist of Brahma, and the anger of Darani, who cut the heart. After these seven kinds of small magical powers were extracted by Chen Qi, they prompted the magic of Monty Palace to condense the seven kinds of small gods, Tonghua, the seven regiments of Buddha’s light, and some mysterious law coiled and rotated to form its own array.
Chen Qi’s mana is now comparable to that of the Seven Burning Realms, so it’s much easier to concise this great magical power than the original one. When the thief saw that the Buddha’s light of the seven little magical powers was gradually in harmony, he put his hand on it like a sun wheel, and the axe light suddenly flew down and smashed the seven little magical powers into a ball.
Chen Qi, these ten axe lights are all 15 times forbidden by the highest heaven, and three of them are ten times forbidden by the highest heaven. The Buddha’s light transformed by these seven little magical powers is only 72 times forbidden by evil spirits. If you can be a blow of these ten axe lights? When Chen Qi saw the seven broken Buddha’s rays, he drank them all at once. There were several Sanskrit chants in the Monty Palace, and I don’t know how many verses were read and read, which gathered in the seven broken Buddha’s rays.
Chen Qi turned Tai Chi into a big hand and greeted it with a gentle pinch and shouted, "The Buddhist demon king Kong vigorously ward off evil spirits and eliminate filth and fierce enemies."
These seven buddhas died in a quiver and quickly blended together. Chen Qifa’s suppression gradually formed a new kind of ofuda. It was the Buddhist who was the first to combine King Kong’s true body, dragon elephant, great power, great power, great dragon method, great magic tricks in Lei Yin town, great magic tricks in Brahma, great magic fists in Darani, great anger in Wang Jian and other seven small magical powers.
This great magical power was transformed into the Buddha’s body in the Third World War. At the same time, he became an oriental glazed Buddha, and the Buddha’s master also bloomed with poor Buddha’s light to inspire his great power. Before Chen Qi became the Buddha’s great destruction in the Fourth World War, the Buddha’s fire in the Rein War was samadhi, and the Buddha’s body in the Third World War was destroyed. Although his power was earth, he could not cross the threshold of Buddhism and Golden Body, which was still not considered as the power of Yuan God series.
However, when Chen Qi reduced King Kong’s evil spirit and made great efforts to refine it, the Buddha of the Third World War turned into the Buddha of the King Kong Glazed Buddha. It seems that the Buddha of the East Glazed Buddha is more powerful than the Buddha of the East Glazed Buddha. It is not surprising that the Buddha of the East Glazed Buddha is the Lord of the World’s Life-changing Buddha, and the Lord of the King Kong Glazed Buddha is the Lord of the Fighting Buddha. Therefore, it is indeed the Lord of the King Kong Glazed Buddha in terms of mana.
Ten percent of the Buddha’s power in the King Kong Glazed Buddha has penetrated the entire Monty Palace. Speaking of it, the quality of the Monty Palace is not bad, and there is the main spirit of the Oriental Glazed Buddha. Now there is more King Kong Glazed Buddha, and there is a great annihilation Buddha. Rein fights Buddha’s fire, Samadhi fights Buddha’s muddy monty, a thousand-handed troll and other incarnations. The vast mana is not lost to the magic disk, but the inferno monarch’s bones are refined, and then it has swallowed up the Yin and Yang book and the nine-pole ten-headed devil’s banner. This