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Xu tui is going to find one or two blue star humans from Yun Ling Center to try to release their control and see what the situation is before deciding what to do.

Just as Xu tui was studying, an alarm sounded at the base, and Xu tui’s eyebrows frowned and rushed to the command center in the shortest time.
Command center silver is a face of nervous staring at the screen "adult base reconnaissance radar found a fleet is toward our flow chardonnay star arrived quickly.
It is expected to arrive at Liuxia Star in six hours. "
Xu nodded and looked at the investigation results. At present, the distance is too far, and there is not much specific information.
But which side will a fleet come at this time?
The blue star Terran exploration team should not be so fast, right?
Of course, it is also possible
Otherwise, it should be impossible for other teams to reach Liuxia Star except for a large number of exploration teams of Bluestar Terran starting from neighboring wood stars.
If the blue star exploration team makes a retreat, it is not afraid at all.
The blue star exploration team is more people and no strength.
I wish this unexpected visitor was not the Eldar reinforcements that LeiQian said.
If Xu tui really has a choice to run away.
"command silver six stepped up to receive the silver star other colonization spirit base, you also go to my direct ultimate limit to cooperate with you.
After five hours, everyone will be married. "
If the enemy is not well, be careful, be cautious and make a big mistake.
After five hours, the fleet is getting closer and closer, and the data scanned by Liuxia Star Radar is becoming more and more detailed.
Xu retreat expression also became serious.
At least three lines of star fluctuations!
Three strong stars!
Which side?
Chapter one hundred and twelve Opportunity and change some kindness to come back
As this unknown fleet approaches Liuxia Star, all kinds of reconnaissance and remote sensing equipment come out together to obtain more and more information, and the detected energy fluctuation is getting stronger and stronger.
At least three planets and five quasi-planets.
This is a very powerful force, and it must be treated with caution.
Xu tui’s current strength is two stars, Silver Six and Silver Fighting Power.
Laves quasi-planetary peak, but with him, he won the Daxi star, and the strong body can carry a star hard.
But it is hard to overcome the possibility.
In fact, although Silver Six and Silver Two are stars, their combat power is considerable, and they can also resist other stars.
Its external forces are five quasi-planets: Yinsanping, Yinwushu, Yinliulong, Anxiaoxue and Yanzi.
If there is no big fallacy in the data obtained by reconnaissance, then the worst case can still be handled, and it is the key to winning to retreat.
There would be no problem if there were no ridiculously strong stars.
Did Xu tui just hesitate to call back the clear autumn?
Step clear autumn is also the peak of quasi-planet, and its combat power is very strong.
However, considering repeatedly returning it is a concession, and staying in Taoyuan Star in the clear autumn.
Taoyuan star is their last retreat at this moment and must be guarded by one person.
If this fleet is an Eldar to help reinforcements, it will choose to retreat to Taoyuan Star at the first time even if the number of forces is equal.
There is still a big gap between the stars and the stars.
"Do adults need to meet?" Looking at the screen is getting closer and closer fleet silver asked.
Xu returned in hesitation.
Because I’m really not sure about the route of this fleet