Can oak looks more bitter than bitter.

Although he knew from the time he was captured by ice that he probably wouldn’t have a good game, he still had expectations.
Expect tobacco fields and ice, and they will give Mr. Zhong a multi-person delivery array core and then put it into Mr. Zhong’s suggestion, and he will have a chance to solve it peacefully by ice.
But I didn’t expect Iced to want to escape.
"In fact, Sir Zhong this person is still relatively heavy, promised you benefits will not be less.
Besides, you can’t escape the smoke, and the old smoke posture can’t escape. "Can Oak also said."
The communication of conscious sound is extremely fast.
"Yanzi Yanlao has gone. You still have one second."
The news made Can Oak stunned again. He never thought that the smoke field could escape quietly in the breath.
This is simply …
But it just confirms his doubts.
It seems that the newly-built No.1 delivery channel is different, and now it seems that there is indeed a problem.
"I … cooperate"
Almost at the same time, Chen Oak made a big hand and put it on his forehead. When he squeezed Chen Oak’s head gently, Chen Oak’s mental body suddenly emerged.
A piece of white soul crystal appeared in Xu tui’s palm, which was directly sealed into the soul crystal because of the obedience of Quercus canker to the spiritual body of Quercus canker.
"I will keep your body and clone a new body for you as perfectly as possible in the future."
When you talk back, you throw the mental body and physical body of Quercus canker into the dimension company at the same time. The whole process takes only one second because of the cooperation of Quercus canker.
Can Oak is also a core refiner. He took part in the test these days, and because Mr. Cheng asked him to induce and participate in the multi-person delivery array core in the tobacco field.
Although it is said that we have not mastered the core technology, who knows about engaging in technology?
With the inspiration now, perhaps many years later, Quercus canescens has developed the multi-person delivery array core itself.
The oak must be treated.
Either he’s mentally and physically obedient, or the horse will be completely destroyed.
This is inevitable and necessary.
Then can oak this person is very knowledgeable.
Similarly, it is not only the oak tree, but also the oak tree, and it is also a candidate who must be destroyed.
The core refining ability of Yan Jiu You is stronger than that of Can Oak, and it must be destroyed.
In addition, Xu retired and killed nine deep and remote places, and also prepared to give a gift to the tobacco-growing area, and completely cut off the posterior road of the tobacco-growing area.
Just as the oak was allowed to retreat and burst its head, it was banned. The spiritual body noticed here in an instant.
These two movements are bound to have spiritual fluctuations.
Normally, who will move his mind if he urinates?
Something is wrong!
At the same moment when the spirit fluctuations are sensed, the two nine-guard star spirits will pounce on this temporary hand washing in an instant.
But just as their spirit is mighty, Xu retreat has turned into a blue streamer and fled to the distance from the temporary washing hands.
"He wants to escape!"
Tu Ning and Tu Rusong were frightened instantly and lurked in the dark. Tu Rusong was almost a conditioned reflex and chased after him.
Soil rather than soil such as loose slow moment.
What is slow is that Tuning reached the order first.
Stay at the nine satellites around the canyon. There will be nineteen others, one of whom was taken to the test planet by the smoke field.
Previously, four-star scenes such as ice-cooling (Xu tui) and one-person frozen soil shadow shocked Tuning today.