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However, he was soon disappointed.

"The monitoring in the guest room is actually fake. We are mainly engaged in the hotel industry. If cameras and bugs are installed in the room, guests will complain."
The staff explained that "if it is installed before the event and taken after the event, it is too much trouble. The boss has prepared a batch of fake cameras to deter the contestants."
"…" A group of people listen to ten words.
"But …" The clerk pointed to the corner of the room where a pot of ornamental potted green leaves hung with a strange metallic luster.
"Is this monitoring really installed by the boss for fear that The Scarlet Letter Study will be stolen from the safe?"
Boss Jingu knows very well that all the people who come to the Sherlock Holmes trip are fanatical fans, and he is afraid that if anyone does not take the right path and learns to pick a lock, he will steal this.
When Buping heard this, she immediately asked her to transfer the monitoring.
The monitoring is in boss Jingu’s brain, and there is no password in his brain.
Everything will be easy if there is monitoring in the room
Even if the prisoner kills someone or makes the victim look like a suicide in some strange way, there must be enough clues left in the surveillance.
However, once again, things surprised Conan and Buping.
-There are no precise techniques and no incredible pictures.
It was when Shiyan people quarreled with boss Jingu that a sloppy man suddenly broke in outside the door. The man took a knife and cut down Shiyan people.
This case … is too ordinary. There is nothing to think about after reading it.
The only thing unusual is the identity of the murderer.
Flat time recognized at a glance "Numabuchi Kiichirou! He actually fled here! "
Conan has also seen the news about this fugitive, and it is not surprising that he suddenly kills people because he is mentally ill.
It’s rare to take part in a trip to Sherlock Holmes, surrounded by people who are good at reasoning, but the murder here turned out to be an ordinary intruder’s murder …
I was thinking that Conan caught a glimpse of the next department, Hiraji suddenly approached the screen and seemed to notice any details.
Conan followed and leaned over to see one more person near the dark door in the monitoring picture.
The man watched for a while. Numabuchi Kiichirou raised his hand and threw something. After a few seconds, Numabuchi Kiichirou staggered down.
"This is the man with you, isn’t it?" Hiraji asked Mao Lilan, pointing to the screen and entering the door.
Mao Lilan should be a Conan beside her, and her mood is a little complicated.
Conan saw Baishi throwing and Numabuchi Kiichirou suddenly fell to the ground, and soon realized that Baishi might be the kind of anesthesia ball that black cats often use.
….. Baishi will also carry this stuff with him.
But it’s good to send a show
He continued to look at the monitor and guessed that he didn’t see Numabuchi Kiichirou now. It must be because he was turned over to the police station by Baishi and the black cat overnight.